Wedding Hair & Makeup Planners (Books)

Essential for every wedding hair stylist and bridal makeup artist.
Make sure you can re-create the look exactly on the big day with our detailed records sheets.
Taking photos of your hair and make up will only show you the end result – you need to know how you got there!
  • Take step by step notes
  • Work out the timetable – to make sure everyone is ready on time 
  • Keep it all on one handy sheet.
Fail-safe guarantee – don’t worry about loss or damage
Each plan has a carbon-less copy sheet below – which can be given to you client.
With 50 sheets in each book – there’s more than enough to keep all your brides happy.

Hair Planner Book

£12.50 (incl. UK P&P)
50 Sheets per booket

Top tip!
Try to arrange your trial runs in the quieter winter months – Jan, Feb & March so you can save you summer weekends for weddings!

Your brides will thank you for it – it’s one more thing to tick off their ‘to-do’ list

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Makeup Planner Book

£12.50  (incl. UK P&P)
50 Sheets per booket

Top tip!
You need natural light to do a beautiful wedding makeup.
Lighting in most homes is ‘yellow’ and will affect the way the makeup looks.
Don’t make it hard for yourself – arrange the trial run for during the day.

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Joint Hair & Makeup Planner Sheets

£29 (incl. UK P&P)

Individual Planner sheets are invaluable If you do both hair and makeup

A bit too long to be kept in a book – we recommend you keep them in an A5 folder.

50 individual Hair & Makeup sheets

Top tip!
Keep to your timetable – If you have a difficult bridesmaid and time is slipping away – promise her you’ll be back to help her once the bride is ready – and move her out of the chair!!

Remember the bride is the most important person on the big day.

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