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Online Bridal & Hair-up Course


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Online Bridal & Hair up Training

150+ bridal hairstyles & blow dry tutorials, over 2000 minutes video footage, life-time access, learn everything from bridal hair prep, blow drying, bridal hair styling, braiding, Afro & curly girl techniques to how to run a bridal hairstyling business.


Learn with Pam Wrigley UK Best Wedding Hair Stylist & Best Wedding Hair Specialist 2020, over 25 years bridal hair styling experience.

Hair up & Bridal Hair Styling Course

Life time membership

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Complete the in-depth online bridal hair course work, sit your exams and get your certificate.

Graduate with our online hair up & blow dry course, get discounted insurance and start your bridal hair career.

Life-time video access**, 2000+ minutes teaching material, 1-2-1 advice.

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150+ blow dry & bridal hair style tutorials, in-depth coursework and Habia endorsed CPD certification.


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I strongly recommend anyone with an interest in hair to do this course

It gave me so much more confidence with hair . . . somebody recently

commented that they thought I had previously been a professional hairdresser!



Hair up & Bridal Hair Styling Videos

Monthly Video Membership

Subscribe today & access 150+ hairstyle videos.

Learn hair up, bridal hairstyling, blow dry & curly girl techniques.

Hairstyle tutorials include: hair prep, blow drying, working with different hair types, textures and lengths.

Find out how to create the latest hair up and bridal hairstyles, what products to use, how to work with padding and hair extensions.

No coursework, no certification, no contract!

Cancel at any time, unlimited views

Hairstyle tutorials ONLY £9.99 per month


I used to watch YouTube & hope for the best

I had a bridal hair trial today gave the bride the most beautiful style because of this course. so thank you xx



Bridal Hair Webinars

Bridal Hairstyling Live – Online

Join Pam in her online classroom as she creates fabulous wedding hair styles LIVE, online with our regular hair-up webinars, streamed live to your front room.

Students can send photos of hairstyles they’d like to learn, ask questions and get answers there and then.

Don’t worry if you miss any live bridal hair lessons – they’re all available on catch-up, any time.

Available to all bridal hair online students.


CBH is the best hair training I have ever had

I completed the home learn course, I loved and learnt so much from it, that I extended the training


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I’ve been shortlisted for The Wedding Industry Awards Best Newcomer

I wouldn’t have had the confidence or knowledge if it wasn’t for you and your course!!! Thankyou
Lisa xx

Become a Bridal Hairstylist

Save 50% learn at home

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150+ hair up, bridal hairstyle, curly girl & blow dry tutorials

Live online hairstyling sessions.

Over 2000 minutes of teaching material.

Over 300 video tips with answers to your hair styling dilemmas.

Wide selection hair styles for brides, MOB, bridesmaids & prom.

Bridal hairstyle kit list

Full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* if you are not 100% happy

Money back guarantee not applicable to life time bridal hair online training course membership when purchased using HOMESTUDY discount code.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for Braids Bridal hairstyle & hair up course online

If you are not 100% satisfied with our online course, we’ll give you a 100% refund within 30 days of your order.

*Money back guarantee applies to online bridal hair course students only, this does not apply to students paying monthly T&C’s .  Money back guarantee not applicable to life time bridal hair online training course membership when purchased using HOMESTYUDY discount code)

** Life-time membership shall only apply as long as the specified online bridal hair training services are being provided by Create Beautiful Hair Ltd. T&C’s

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Learn hairstyle prep, hair up styles, blow-dry techniques & become a Bridal Hair Stylist 150+ hairstyle tutorials to watch at home.

Still have questions?

Check out our full FAQ page and ask a specific question…

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to complete the course?

Get everything you need here

  • Model or practice head
  • Set of heated rollers x 2
  • Straighteners / curling tongs / wand optional
  • Hair spray
  • Bristle brush, tail comb, back-combing comb
  • Hair pin and grip selection

What is the schedule for the course?

Unit 1

  • Health & safety
  • Client consultation
  • Kit essentials
  • Hair Analysis

Unit 2

  • Hair preparation & styling products
  • Working with Heated Rollers
  • Setting the hair and correct sectioning
  • Working with tongs
  • straighteners and wands

Unit 3

  • Smooth Sleek Styles
  • for short long and medium length hair
  • Correct backcombing techniques
  • Learn how to secure the hair properly

Unit 4

  • Soft relaxed styles
  • for short long and medium length hair
  • find out how to create effortless
  • looking styles that stay up!

Unit 5

  • Plaits & Braids
  • Wide selection of in-depth tutorials
  • including fishtail, waterfall, french, dutch
  • ladder, 5 strand, knots, rope twists & game of thrones styles

Unit 6

  • Quick styles
  • In depth trial run tutorial
  • Learn how to create 10 different looks in under 2 hrs
  • Full length tutorial on working with natural curls
  • working with long thick heavy hair

Unit 7

  • working with extensions
  • donuts & padding
  • hair accessories
  • how to secure veils, tiaras & fresh flowers

Unit 8

  • vintage styling
  • Finger waves
  • victory rolls
  • Hollywood waves
  • Audrey Hepburn

Unit 9

  • extra help
  • do’s & don’t for a successful trial run
  • Wedding day tips
  • record Keeping

Unit 10

  • certification
  • business & marketing advice
  • professional insurance

How long will it take to complete the online training course?

You will need approximately 80hours to complete the online bridal hair training course. This includes approx. 40hrs of course work with the additional time needed to complete the exam questions.

How many exams do I need to take

There are 6 modules in total.

Do I need any previous experience with hair?

No, you can be a complete beginner – this course is suitable for all levels of experience, we how you how to create beautiful hair style step by step – you just need to love working with hair – we’ll help you with the rest.

I’m a qualified hair dresser - is this the right course for me?

Yes, we have people how have been hairdressing for 20years who join us on online training courses – you’ll learn lots of new tips and techniques  – and your confidence in putting hair up will go through the roof.

Can I watch the tutorials as many times as I like?

Yes, you can watch the tutorials at any time, stop and start, rewind or fast forward!

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes! You can now pay for our online course using PayPal Credit – all you need is a PayPal account. Find out more here.

Can I submit my completed exam modules before the end of my membership?

Yes you can submit your completed exam papers at any time.

Does the online training course take a year?

No, the online training course takes approximately 80 hours to complete.
We offer the longer memberships so students can take advantage of continuing ongoing support whilst they establish themselves in their new career.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still take the online training course?

There are no boundaries – you can live any where in the world. Please note- all the lessons are in English.

What do I do if I get stuck?

You can email Pam and the CBH team at any time throughout the length of your membership.

How many styles will I learn?

We have over 50 tutorials – with new styles added each month. However, the aim of the ours is actually to teach you how to create the right foundation s and how to secure the hair properly – so you will be able to create any bridal hair style.

Do I need a fast broadband connection?

Our videos are shot in HD so that you can clearly see all the fine details that go into our styles. We recommend a reliable broadband connection, at least 16mb download speed. If you have problems streaming other online videos you might have problems with ours too. You should contact your broadband provide and ask them to fix it or upgrade your connection.

How do you mark my work?

We have detailed exam papers and we ask you to send images of your work via, showing the before and after photos of each style.

Can I get insurance once I have graduated from the online training course?

Yes, you can! Create Beautiful Hair & Makeup Training is part of a discounted Insurance Scheme – A pioneering UK based insurance package specifically designed for our students.

Can I work on practice heads or do I need live models?

Yes you can work on either practice heads or live models, however, for the best results practice heads should be 100% human hair.