Hair up & Bridal Hair Styling Courses

We’ll teach you how to create beautiful hairstyles.

Build your confidence & find out how to work with hair.

Just join Pam on our hair-up & bridal hairstyling courses &

find out how to work with different hair lengths. Plus

learn how to create hair-up & bridal hairstyles for ALL hair types.

Bridal hairstyling & hair-up courses

ALL our hair-up & bridal hairstyle courses are now available for you to join ONLINE right now.

We also have a brand new AFRO hair section, so now you can

find out how to create hair-up, bridal and wedding hair styles for all hair types.

Learn prom hair, braids, blow-dry & party up-do’s
on our Habia endorsed hair-up & bridal hairstyling courses.

Hair style & hair up training online, endorsed by Habia, the hair & beauty industry authority.

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Learn hair up, bridal hairstyles, braids & blow dry

The same great bridal hairstyle training – at home.

Start learning a new skill at home today

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Learn hairstyling: Online, London, Manchester & Birmingham

Hair up & bridal hair styling courses with Pam Wrigley,

Winner UK Best Wedding Hairstylist &

 Best Wedding Hair specialist 2020

All our hairstyle courses are now Online – JOIN HERE

Online Hair up & Bridal Hairstyling Course

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Habia endorsed training

Hair-up & bridal hairstyling courses

Create Beautiful Hair courses teach hair-up & bridal hairstyling and you’ll learn how to work with ALL hair types, we’ll show you how to work with long, short and medium length hair so you’ll be able to find out to create beautiful hair-up & bridal hairstyles at home.

Learn hair styling online

The online hair-up and bridal hairstyle course incorporates all elements of learning how to become a bridal hairstylist. when you join our online bridal hair styling course you’ll get lifetime access & over 2000 minutes video footage, so  you’ll  be able to learn hair prep, hairstyling, blow dry & braids, curly girl & Afro hairstyles, plus to how to run a bridal hair styling business.

Drop in and join Pam on our live online tutorials via our live hair-up and bridal hair style webinars, ask questions and get answers there and then.

I’ve been shortlisted for The Wedding Industry Awards Best Newcomer

I wouldn’t have had the confidence or knowledge if it wasn’t for you and your course!!! Thankyou xx


blow-dry Course

Learn how to Blow Dry 


Blow drying hairstyle courses

Teaching you how to blow dry like a pro is our remit, you’ll find out about correct sectioning & learn different techniques so you can give your clients a fabulous end result every time.

Learn different blow-dry techniques

Watch & learn as our professional tutors show you blowdrying on long, short and medium length hair with tutorials covering a wide variety of blow dry techniques, including curly blow-dry, Victoria Secrets blow-dry, short bob blow-dry and textured blow-dries for very short hair.

All blow-dry tutorials are included in our Online Hair-up & Bridal Hairstyling Courses

I was really impressed with the course. . .

There was a lot of individual help and attention.


Braiding Course

brAIDS & Braided hairstyles

Plaits & braids are definitely not going out of fashion, so join us and build your confidence with braids so you’l be able to show off your skills creating beautiful hairstyles.

Braiding practice

Braiding takes practice, with clear step by step hairstyle tutorials we’ll show how to start at the beginning, learning the basics: French, Dutch, Crown & Fishtail braids before moving on to cover more complex techniques such as feathering, lacing, waterfall braids and pancaking.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about  – you need this braiding course!

All braiding tutorials are included in our Online Hair-up & Bridal Hairstyling Courses

Chloe & Natalie explained in detail & were right there if we got stuck & needed a bit of help.

They have helped me improve on my braiding skills & I feel a lot more confident.


SAVE 50% Learn at home

150+ tutorials plus lots of help & advice

LIFE-TIME ACCESS, help & advice

hair up / bridal hair, blow-dry & braiding tutorials

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Habia endorsed hairstyle course

T&C’s apply

4 day hair up & bridal hair course

Kickstart your hair-up & bridal hair style career

All our our hair-up & bridal hairstyle courses online shave now been moved online so you can get the same great hair-up and wedding hair style training at home.

Sorry – we are unable to offer you a place on our 4 day London hair-up & bridal hairstyling courses at the moment. However, you can join us & learn hairstyling online!

Hairstyling on live models

Work on live models and find out what it is really like to work on different hair types and different hair lengths.

On the final day work with our professional photographer, live models and makeup artist. Get some great images for your portfolio!

Learn from Pam’s 25yrs in the wedding industry and find out how to create ANY bridal hair style.

Do not hesitate to book you won’t regret it!!

I’ve just finished the 4 day bridal hair course

I can’t quite believe that I didn’t have a clue how to style hair this time last week but now have so much knowledge.


2 day hair up & bridal hairstyling courses

Hair-up & bridal hairstyle courses online

Unprecedented times.

Students can normally join us on one of our hair-up & bridal hairstyling, blow-dry courses & braiding courses in London Birmingham & Manchester. However, at the moment we have moved all our hair-up & bridal hairstyle courses online.

Distance learning for wedding hairstyles

Get the same great teaching and 1-2-1 help from Pam and learn a wide variety of bridal hair styles – find out how to secure the hair properly and create ANY bridal hair style.

Practice working with hair extensions and padding to create a wide range of hair styles and build your confidence creating beautful hair.

You will be truly amazed at what you learn in just a matter of days!

I have been on other courses & without a doubt this was the best.

Very in-depth, well structured, professional & the most helpful!


Hair up & bridal hair style courses for colleges

Habia endorsed training

Hair up and bridal hair styling is big business

We’ll teach your students how to put hair up and how to create beautiful wedding & bridal hairstyles.

With the growth in Social Media everyone wants to look good. Clients want their hair putting up for nights out – not just for weddings and special occasions.

Hairstyling as a profitable add-on

Hair-up is a profitable add-on sales option that can be offered to your existing customers, whilst bringing all important new business through your door.

Your staff will earn valuable Habia approved CPD points,

With Online Bridal & Hairup Membership,students will be able to consolidate their learning and keep up with changing hair up and bridal hairstyling trends.

Great course!

I’ve been hairdressing for a number of years & felt I needed to update my skills.

I now have more to offer my clients & feel much more confident.


The best hair-up bridal hair style blow dry & braiding courses!

Keep up to date with the latest hair up & bridal hair styles

Invest in yourself whether you’re a freelance hair and makeup artist or working as part of a team in a hair salon, we’ll help you keep on top of current trends with our Habia endorsed bridal hairstyling courses.

Bridal hair & hair-up courses & training for salons & colleges

Hair up & bridal hairstyling for all hair lengths, quick hairstyles – designed with hairdressers in mind. Hair training when it suits your business, we travel to you.

Training with Pam Wrigley

CBH Director

Winner UK Best Wedding Hairstylist &

Winner of Wedding Hair Specialist of the Year 2020

Makeup Specialist of the year 2019 & 2017

Bridal hairstyle, Blowdry & Braiding Courses

The best start to your Bridal Hair Career.