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The whole world has changed in what seems like the blink of an eye, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be heading back into the world of work and training as we knew it any time soon.

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To help you navigate your way through this changing landscape we’ve put our bridalblow-drybraiding & hair up training online.

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You’ll learn about hair prep – all important if you’re going to create beautiful bridal, party, wedding and special occasion hairstyles, with tutorials on working with tongs, heated rollers, texturising the hair – indispensable if you want to create gorgeous, soft, relaxed looking wedding hairstyles & textured bridal hairstyles.

Learn how to curl the hair with tongs, and how to create beautiful soft curls, Hollywood waves and beachy waves.

Working with heated rollers is the set staple of the bridal hairstylist, great for hairstyles with root lift and volume, and essential if you want to create classic wedding hairstyles a la Audrey Hepburn!


Learn blow drying online: long, short & medium length hair.

Blow-drying is big business, and it’s a must-have skill for all bridal hair stylists.
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The best start to your Bridal Hair Career.

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Online Bridal Hair Course: 5 Invaluable Benefits of Training from Home with Create Beautiful Hair

If you’re considering signing up to our online course but you’ve been umming and ahhing about whether it’s right for you, read on for all the ways in which the Create Beautiful Hair Online Bridal Hair Course stands out from the crowd and the incredible benefits of being one of our much-loved virtual students…

online bridal hair course

Beat The Price Increase!

Friday 13th April

online bridal hair course

A classroom environment is great for learning and naturally, we always love to meet our students face to face but because we feel so passionately about taking the time to get to know everyone who trains with Create Beautiful Hair and providing the individual care and attention required to produce really exceptional bridal hairstylists, we have implemented many ways for our Online Bridal Hair Course to be just as effective, just as personal and just as confidence-boosting as our 2 day and 4 day courses.

We know that there are many would-be bridal hairstylists out there with amazing potential who aren’t able to make it to LondonManchester or Birmingham to train with us. Whether you’re already working and wanting to take the life-changing steps towards becoming a professional bridal hairstylist, you’re a busy mum with sporadic pockets of time to spare or you’re in another country – whatever the reason you can’t make it along to one of our face to face courses, you need not worry.


You really can gain all the skills and accreditation you need to become the bridal hairstylist you’ve always dreamed of being from the comfort of your own home, whatever your experience level. And guess what? You’ll feel just as much a part of the team as everyone else.

Learn Everything You Need


With over 60 full-length HD tutorials covering essential hair prep, bridal hair styles, blow-drying and braiding; 100s of quick tips and all the expert bits and pieces you need to really wow your clients, you won’t be left short by choosing to take our Online Bridal Hair Course.

In fact, there is so much available for you to learn from that most of our face to face students choose to sign up online too, to continue practicing and progressing at home.

online bridal hair course

Take Your Time

Although we have designed a structured course for you to take, there is no set time limit for you to complete it in. You have the entire length of your membership to do the work provided and even then, if you haven’t quite had the time to get it done, you can always extend your membership at the end.

This means that you are able to work to your own schedule and at your own pace. Got an hour in the evening? Try out a new skill. Found yourself with a day free? Go at it all day! The time you spend training and how you choose to do it is entirely up to you. Our tutorials are there for you to view anytime, day or night.

online bridal hair course

Join Our Online Classroom

Sometimes it’s nice to work with others and it’s always a pleasure to meet our online students, so Pam holds regular live webinars for online students to participate in, which also gives you the chance to ask questions there and then as you’re learning.

Better yet, Pam welcomes images of styles you’d love to learn, so you can send those through and find out how to create them with Pam, just as you would if you were right there with her!

Online Bridal Hair Course

Make it Personal

Along with the chance to send in your favourite styles to learn with Pam via a live webinar, you can also contact Pam with your questions and preferred styles at any time using the ‘Ask Pam’ tab. This means that as well as having access to all the videos, you’ll also have the opportunity to really make the course you learn and focus on all the things you feel you need to focus on.

Pam regularly gets back to her online student’s questions with step by step guidance and her advice is always completely personal and 1-2-1 to suit your needs.

Online Bridal Hair Course

Keep Pam in Your Pocket

Our Online Bridal Hair Course is a fantastic tool to have access to when you start working with clients too.

As the site is fully responsive, you can view the tutorials on your phone and i-pad wherever you are, so if you get stuck on a particularly tricky bit of styling whilst with a client, you’ll have Pam in your pocket to help!

Online Bridal Hair Course

Five Simple Steps to The Best Blow Dry Ever

Achieving that dream blow dry is something that all bridal hairstylists absolutely must know how to do. It might not be something you do a lot, but when you get a client that simply wants their hair blow dried to perfection for their big day, you’d better know how to do and it do it well.

There are different levels of greatness to a blow dry: some hairstylists feel it’s enough to end up with the hair dry and not a total mess; others like to use a particular hairdryer as their tool of choice to create a sleek style but hairstylists who train with create beautiful hair know that blow-drying can be used for so much more.

On our Online Bow dry & hair up course, and our 1 day intensive blow drying course, you’ll learn not only how to blow dry hair to perfection.

You’ll discover amazing pro techniques on how to style your client’s hair big and bouncy, smooth and straight, enviably curly and of course, all with gorgeous volume and movement.

There is no better way to learn than by watching the best in the industry and then going for it with loads of hands-on practice, which is what we offer on our 1 day blow drying course and virtually, on our online blow dry/bridal hair course too. But the next best thing is to get a few great tips that you can then work on at home. In today’s blog, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.


Here are five simple steps to the best blow dry ever!

blow dry

Avoid Friction

When the hair is still wet and you’re preparing to blow dry, the first thing you’ll need to do is remove around 70% of that moisture. We all know that heat-styling is not brilliant for hair health, so reducing the time that you need to keep those locks under hot air is a must is you want your client to have glossy tresses with minimal frizz.

To do this, you should squeeze the hair in a microfibre towel – never rub, as this friction leaves the hair dry and brittle. Apply a light leave-in conditioner as a moisturiser and detangler and then remove tangles using a tangle teezer.

Prep with Products

Once you have let the hair dry off a bit, it’s time to prep with excellent products! A volumizer spray either just at the roots or throughout the hair for plumper strands all over can really make all the difference to both fine hair that needs a bit of extra filling out and heavy hair that struggles to hold that bounce.

We love the Kerastase Volumifique spray which is milky and lightweight enough to not weigh down the hair, conditioning and a texturizer too which will help to hold the finished style in place for longer.

blow dry

Rough Dry

You won’t have the time to allow the hair to air dry to the point where it needs to be, so flip your client’s head upside-down and rough dry, using your fingers to tousle through, until you reach that 70% point.

Always keep moving the heat around the scalp to lift the roots all over and maximise the effectiveness of your chosen products, applied in the previous step.

Train With Us

blow dry


Sectioning is a MUST for blow drying hair – you simply can’t achieve any look worth having without it. Follow a basic roller setting pattern for your sections and then begin to blow dry using a mixed boar bristle round brush lifting the section up and away from the face, with the nozzle and air-flow pointing up the hair, from the root to tip.

Once you have dried a section, roll it in on the brush and then clip into a vertical pin-curl on the scalp. Once you’ve made your way around the whole head, your pin-curls will have had at least 5 minutes to cool, so you can go ahead and take those out one by one.

Choose Your Look!

Now that the blow drying is done, you can choose to leave the hair untouched for a neat look and finish with a light hold hairspray, or give the hair a good shake through with your fingers for a more natural, loose style.

Adjust the parting to suit and complete with a spritz of TIGI Full Of It finishing spray (holding the can 10 inches away) for maximum but flexible hold.

Wedding Hairstylist Must-Haves: Tools & Products You NEED in Your Kit!

wedding hairstylist can only do so much without an amazing kit to help create those gorgeous styles, but with so many choices of products and tools out there it can be hard to know where to begin. Messing up on buying those all-important essentials can be a costly and time-consuming error, so aside from your pins, grips, tail comb and padding, we thought that we’d share a few of Pam’s absolute must-have items to set you on the right track.

Wedding Hairstylist Products

TIGI Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier

For curls that rock, look no further than this incredible product – a firm favourite of Pam’s for smooth, frizz-free curls with perfect definition that lasts.


Boots Essentials Curl Cream

Price isn’t always everything: This product has been around for ages and for a bargainous £1.99, you really can’t go wrong – so stock up! This curl crème is ideal for smoothing out curls that are a bit more stubborn than your average.

Dust It by Schwarzkopf

Dry shampoo isn’t just for bad hair days, it’s also brilliant for creating beautiful volume at the roots and great texture throughout. If you’re struggling to get a grip to stay put on extra silky hair, a quick dusting of this should sort you out. Although this is an awesome product, it’s not so brilliant on dark hair as it can show up in an ashy tone. Label.M Brunette Resurrection Style Dust is Pam’s go-to alternative for brunettes and raven haired beauties.

wedding hairstylist

Elnett Professional Hair Spray

Note the ‘professional’ here – you are a wedding hairstylist after all! This is not your standard Elnett hairspray that you can pick up from chemists and supermarkets. Unlike the highstreet product, which has a tendency to be a bit too wet and crispy for flawless styling, this pro version is available at most beauty wholesalers. Go for regular for a natural looking hold.

Wedding Hairstylist Tools

Babyliss Pro Heated Rollers (x2!)

Pam always uses Babyliss Pro heated rollers on the Create Beautiful Hair Bridal Hair Courses to create the dream foundation for any style. They’re easy to use, quick to heat up and cool down and they will give every style the perfect volume and root lift from the get-go.

Buy two kits and always bring both with you – this way you’ll never not have enough rollers and you can be heating more up as you work. If you need extra, individual rollers, you can buy those too.

Diva Wands

Creating all sorts of different curls and waves is a cinch with your trusty tongs and wands, but which size should you get? Pam always recommends that her students invest in 19mm & 25mm tongs and 25mm-13mm wand. Diva wands are an excellent brand and as an added bonus, they all come with heat proof gloves which is an invaluable bit of kit for a wedding hairstylist.

GHDs or Coroliss Straightening Iron

Quick and easy ringlets for flower girls or the tool of choice for smooth and sleek styles, there’s a reason that GHDs are so popular – they really are fantastic! Coroliss is another, lesser known brand that makes superb straighteners and these are actually Pam’s number one choice and what she uses on her own brides.


Boar Bristle & Nylon Hair Brush

A regular, plastic brush won’t cut it if you want to keep your styles perfect and free from flyaways. Whether you go for a classic Mason Pearson or a budget (but almost as good!) version by Sonia Kashuk or Denman, make sure that it’s aa boar bristle and nylon mix, for the smoothing and detangling action in one.

wedding hairstylist

Fishing Tackle Box

Not strictly a tool but definitely something worth a mention – where are you supposed to keep all of your black, brown and blonde pins and grips? In a fishing tackle box of course!

This is one of Pam’s top tips of the trade and how she keeps all of her bits and bobs really organised – a must when you’re keeping to a strict wedding timetable.

Pam Wrigley’s Tips on How to Stay Busy During the Off-Season

It’s part and parcel with being a bridal hair and makeup artist that there will be, more often than not, an off-season at some point during the year. For most of us, and many other businesses out there, this is during that lull after Christmas and New Year when suddenly all of the excitement of Party Season calms down and there’s not an awful lot going on.

For newbies in the business, this can be catastrophic. Having just got off the ground as a bridal hair and makeup artist only to be plunged back into the land of no-work is not something that anyone wants and understandably, this is one of the biggest fears we hear about when our lovely students are thinking of taking the leap and going pro.

Over time, as you become more established within the industry, you’ll find that off season isn’t so terrible (there are weddings and many other events on all year round, after all!) but for those of you a little afraid of what off-season might bring (or rather, might not bring) we’re got some expert tips for you from the Create Beautiful Hair founder, award-winning bridal hair and makeup artist Pam Wrigley…

How to stay busy during Off-Season:


Manage Your Diary

It might be a little late for this one now, but for 2018 make it a New Years Resolution to plan ahead and manage your diary with the Off-Season in mind.

Although you might not have many brides getting married in the early months of the year, springtime is very popular for weddings so book in loads of trial days for the time you know things are going to be quiet.

By doing this, you’ll not only keep a semi-steady flow of income and stay limber with those hair and makeup skills, but you’ll also be less likely to have a trial day clash with a day that you could be earning bigger bucks for on an actual wedding day or other job which are more likely to come about in summer.

Don’t be shy about suggested dates for the trial to your clients – they need to have it at some time, so why not when it benefits you?


Shop the Sales

Now here’s something we can ALL enjoy! Make the most of the amazing deals you see popping up post-Christmas and stock up on all the supplies you know you’re going to need for the rest of the year.

Yes, this can be expensive but it’s worth it in the long run if you can make a saving – and usually you can make a BIG saving!

Start coming up with a list now of all the bits and pieces you could do with so you’re ready to pounce as soon as the sales start.

Check Out Our Christmas Wish-List…

Take a Course

As a bridal hair and makeup artist, you’re only ever as good as the amount of time and effort you put into honing your skill, so use the quiet time of year to get your techniques up to scratch and learn all of the hottest new looks for the year ahead.

With all of the CBH courses now Habia endorsed, joining us on any of our 1 day, 2 day, 4 day or online courses will gain you invaluable CPD points, making you all the more qualified and desirable to higher end clients and amazing jobs.

Find out more about how earning Continuing Professional Development points can benefit you here.


Stay in Touch

Don’t allow a lull in work to equal a lull in communication with other suppliers and professionals in the industry. Having great contacts really can make an enormous difference to a burgeoning career, so make an effort to keep in touch with any photographers, wedding venues, other hair and makeup artists, event planners and whoever else you meet on your travels.

If you’re worried about pestering, get in touch with something they’ll want to hear about! A blog can be a great tool, not only for boosting your online presence and reaching your relevant target audience, but also for talking about and linking to other suppliers in the industry and having them do the same in return.

Want a blog but don’t have time to write it? Get help from an SEO blogger who’s an expert in the wedding industry!

Mastered Bridal Hair? Time to Get paid! Our Top Tips on Going Pro…

So you’ve completed one of our Bridal Hair Courses – now what?


With all of our courses being Habia endorsed and AQA accredited, once you’ve trained with us you’re officially a pro Bridal Hair Stylist and you’re ready to start working with clients or to kick-start your existing hair stylist career to a whole new level!


It’s all very well and good having all the right skills and feeling confident enough to take on the wedding hair and makeup industry but how do you turn your new-found talent into loads of clients and a full-time job?


You’ll have been over some fantastic business tips with Pam already at the end of your course, but there’s always more to learn!

bridal hair

Not quite ready to go pro?

Join us on one of our 2 or 4 day Bridal Hair Courses or sign up online for all the skills and qualifications you need!

Here are our top tips on how to start getting paid…

Pro Photo-shoots

It all starts with a professional portfolio…

There’s a lot of competition out there in the Bridal Hair industry, so you’ve got to stand out from the crowd! The best way to do this is to make sure that you have really amazing photos of your work online, available for everyone to see.


Join us on our 4 Day Bridal Hair Course for a professional portfolio photoshoot on the final day!


Arranging regular pro photoshoots is a must for all bridal hair stylists and they don’t have to cost a penny! Offer your services on a TFP (time for print) basis and team up with excellent photographers, stunning models and even wedding suppliers for dresses and accessories to make your photos even better.

Everyone needs beautiful images of what they have to offer, so you can put together incredible Bridal Hair shoots that benefit everyone involved. Model Mayhem can be a brilliant resource for scouting talent and willing participants.

Top Tip: Don’t wing it on photoshoot! Always do a plan beforehand where you think about the model’s hair and pick your styles carefully to showcase your work in the best way possible.

Create a Web Presence

It’s 2017 – if you don’t have a web presence, you don’t have a business!

Now you’ve got those images sorted, you need somewhere to put them! Almost all of your prospective clients are going to be looking for the services you offer online. Even if the quality of your work gets out through word of mouth, they’re going to want to look at your portfolio, so when you’re thinking about how to kick-start your hairstylist career getting your work and contact details online should be your number 1 priority.

Having a really gorgeous website with galleries full of fantastic images, a bit about you, prices and how to contact you is an easy way to make yourself look professional from the get go and over time, if used right, can get you noticed on search engines too.

Many people expect that having a website that looks great to be out of their budget but that’s not so…

Need a Website?

We’ve teamed up with Ruby at to offer you a special CBH discount on all of her services, including beautiful websites and SEO blogs, starting at just £200!

Social Media

The more presence you have the better, so it’s also a good idea to set yourself up business pages on social media, particularly Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, to show off your great work.

Top Tip:

Don’t overwhelm yourself! Doing social media right can be very time consuming, so master one or two channels first rather than trying them all at once.

Make sure that the pages you set up are business pages, not personal pages and design them to really look like business accounts too, with sleek banner designs and clear, well lit images. You want the photos you upload to look so fab that people love them enough to share with their friends! If you’re taking photos with your phone, always edit them first. Snapseed is an amazing, free app that can transform images easily.

Having lots of 5 star reviews on your business facebook page is very important, as the more you have the easier it will be for people to find you! Ask everyone that you work with to give you a nice review. You could even do hair for some friends and family and ask them to give you a 5 start review too to give you a bump!

Make Contacts

The more contacts in the industry the better!

Master your social media channels; be pro-active in sending out emails & press releases to introduce yourself and collaborate with others; attend wedding fairs to meet potential clients and suppliers.

Having a blog is a great way to get attention on other wedding service websites as you can link and image swap on your blog with others in the industry and ask them to return the favour. As an added bonus, blogs are also an excellent way to keep your website content relevant and refreshed which is a must for website SEO.


Once you’re all set up online, you might start thinking about advertising to gain more interest and followers.

Google advertising and boosting Facebook posts can be really effective if done right. If you’re based in a big city, you may find that your boosts don’t get you very far as you’re up against a lot of big players, but you will have more luck if you’re in a smaller area. Always boost your post in the area you’re based in otherwise you’ll be reaching the wrong audience!

Work Breeds Work

The more you work the more you’ll get!

It’s so important to always be working, whether that’s on TFP shoots or real jobs. This isn’t only a great way to keep your styles and skills fresh, but it will also give you the chance to snap away on your phone and upload your busy working life onto your social media channels to show how in demand you are, as well as getting more great images for your portfolio.

Once you’ve got all the images you need, don’t under-charge or work for free anymore! If you’re wondering how much you should charge, just take a look at competitive pricing in your area.

Top Tip:

If you’re working with a bride, make sure to ask permission from the photographer and the bride herself before you use their images.

Join our student Facebook page to stay up to date with job offers and opportunities to assist Pam.

Bridal Hairstylist Tips: How to Work with Thick, Heavy Hair

Each hair type has pros and cons and whilst thick hair has the potential for you to create some really fabulous styles, it can also be quite a challenge to work with if you’re unsure of the best techniques to use. Don’t be fooled into thinking the more hair the better: thick hair can yield fantastic results, but it absolutely must be handled right to avoid styles falling out or worse yet, not working at all!


To help you be the best bridal hair stylist you can be, we’re always sure to cover all the best tips and tricks on our face to face and online course so that you’ll have the confidence to tackle any style on any hair type (and pull it off too).

bridal hairstylist

Learn how to Style Thick Hair


In addition to the 100s of wedding hair styling videos that we have available to view as part of our online bridal hair course, we now also offer live and recorded webinars with Pam Wrigley to all Create Beautiful Hair students.

Log in now to view full length tutorials on quick hairstyles for long, thick hair and much, much more! Don’t forget to get in touch with Pam directly with all of your hair styling questions for 1-2-1 support and advice.

Secure Correctly


Securing the foundations of your style correctly is paramount to create gorgeous styles that last and it’s particularly important when working with thick hair.

As a bridal hairstylist, your brides are counting on you to put together a style that not only looks amazing before she leaves to walk down the aisle, but that lasts right up until the end of the night (through going crazy on the dance floor and everything!). Failing to secure the hair correctly is a big no-no, so you need to use an extremely strong but comfortable pinning technique that will keep even the heaviest of hair in place.

One of our signature tricks is the ‘up and over’ grip placement, which works wonders to make a hairstyle stay put: rather than just sliding the grip in (which is where many a bridal hairstylist goes wrong), poke the pin through the hair picking up the strands on the outer section of where you’re securing, pull it over the section and slide it in. This makes a far superior hold.

Be Brave with Volume


When it comes to adding volume into thick hair, you might feel like this is going to make matters worse, but in actual fact volume at the root is a must to give heavy hair beautiful movement and to avoid it looking weighed down.

Backcombing is a fab way to add a little padding into the sections that you feel need a boost but if you’re going to do this, don’t be shy! You should backcomb the hair more than you think is needed as this will be somewhat flattened by thick hair once the style is finished, not to mention later on in the evening.


Always Section


Sectioning is another pointer that is key when styling thick hair, as the heavy weight of those impressive locks won’t manage to stay up otherwise.

Sectioning hair allows for some really lovely, creative styling especially when it comes to buns, as you can use this to create some beautiful twists and turns within the style that are easy to do but look very complicated! When doing this, the trick to have it turn out looking excellent is to go with the natural direction of the hair – just give it a gentle push and feel where it wants to go before securing it with the ‘up and over’ technique covered above.

When creating high up-dos, such as a high ponytail, sectioning thick hair into two or three parts will make this style look considerably bouncier and will be a lot more comfortable for your client to wear too.

Wedding Hairstylist Tips: How to Work with Thin, Fine Hair

As a wedding hairstylist, you’re going to come across all sorts of hair types and each and every one has certain ways in which in needs to be worked with, for best results.

Many wedding hairstylists learn one way of doing things and then attempt to apply this to all hair types, but this is a straight path to making hairstyling mistakes that are easy to avoid. If you want to be at the top of your game for all clients, it’s important to learn how to work with all hair from thin and fine to big bouncy curls. Equip yourself with fantastic hairstyling knowledge and you’ll never be caught out!

On our wedding hairstylist courses, we always make sure to cover all aspects of styling and give you all the best tips for creating gorgeous styles for a wide variety of hair types so that you go away feeling confident that you can handle whatever your client presents you with.

Remember: if you’re feeling nervous about venturing out into the world of bridal hairstyling and feel as though you could do with some extra help on the go, you can sign up to our online wedding hairstylist course for access to hundreds of quick tips and a direct line of communication with Pam for 1-2-1 help and advice, whenever you need it.

This month on our blog, we’re going to cover some top tips on how to work with different hair types for the very best finish. Today is how to work with thin, fine hair – keep checking back for more!

wedding hairstylist

Don’t Fear Backcombing


Backcombing looks scarier than it actually is – honest! If you do it right, you’re not going to ruin your client’s hair and it can make all the difference to a finished style.

One of the main things that you want to think about with fine hair is how to add in that extra volume without going crazy on the products and backcombing is a great way to do this. Just a little bit of teasing at the roots can go a long way in really plumping up a style and it will help your grips to stay put too!

Go Easy on the Product


It’s way too easy to overdo it with product on fine hair, leaving it looking limp and greasy, which is the last thing your client is going to want on her wedding day! You’re going to want to use some products such as hairspray and perhaps a dry shampoo or texturizer but steer clear of anything too heavy and instruct your client to not use any product on their hair before coming to you.

Do Use Hairspray


Just because you need to use products with caution doesn’t mean that fine hair doesn’t need it. If you’re curling very thin, fine hair using a great hairspray is essential, or those curls will be dropping out in five minutes!

Regular hairspray can be a bit too heavy to use in the amounts you’ll need for a good curl, even on thicker hair, but we love Elnett Professional hairspray which has a much finer mist. You can’t buy this from high-street shops so make sure that you stock up from hairstylist wholesalers.

Embrace Rollers


We’re big fans of heated rollers and on our wedding hairstylist course, we’ll teach you how to set them perfectly to create an ideal base for every style. Using heated rollers to prep the hair is a must, particularly for fine hair, as this will add much-needed volume that looks really lovely and natural before you even begin creating your style.

wedding hairstylist

Switch the Parting


If you’re really struggling to get the lift you want in your client’s thin hair, one thing you can try is switching their parting up for one they wouldn’t normally wear. This is a sneaky trick can can instantly give roots a boost away from the scalp for a thicker appearance.


Use Extensions


As a wedding hairstylist, you’ve got to be able to give your client exactly what they want for their big day, so if they’ve got their heart set on a style that is better suited to longer, thicker hair don’t be afraid to use those hair extensions.

Not sure how to work with hair extensions? Check out our recent blog telling you how!

Great Business Practice Tips for Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists

Following on from our last blog ‘The Trial Run: Make Sure Your Bride is Happy with Her Hair & Makeup’ where we gave you our top tips on how to have fantastic trial runs and secure those jobs, today we’re going to be covering great business practice that will really benefit you before even meeting your clients.

With so much competition out there, it’s more important than ever to be at the top of your game from the word go. Whether you’re constantly practicing new bridal styles to better yourself or getting back to emails faster and more efficiently than anyone else, there are always ways to make sure that you’re the bridal hair stylist and/or makeup artist that your client chooses.

Be Keen!

Always try to get back to emails and phone messages quickly, but take your time to make sure your emails come across as friendly and approachable.

A wedding day is such a personal thing, so it’s not just your portfolio that sells you.

Your personality is almost as important to brides as your skill, so give them the chance to get a feel for you as a person, not just another faceless bridal hair and makeup artist.

If you have a standard email reply that you send out to people, always makes sure you adapt it to answer any specific questions she may have asked so that she doesn’t feel like just another client.

Pay attention to detail and make her feel special, right from the first contact.


Bridal Hair – Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re going to be styling hair, ask your client to send you a few photos of the sorts of hairstyles they like in advance. This will give you the invaluable opportunity of being able to practice the styles you know she’ll love before you meet her, meaning you get to avoid those tricky moments where you don’t feel confident in giving her what she wants!

Remember: Practice heads are not quite like the real thing, but they are incredibly useful.  There’s a bewildering choice of heads available, so you might get into a bit of a spin figuring out which one to get but whatever length you choose, make sure it is 100% human hair.

We love the Capital Hair and Salon Services practice heads and use these on all of our bridal hair courses. Salon Services are a more expensive and have thicker hair, however, the Capital Hair practice heads (available in our shop!) have hair that is lighter in colour, almost as if they have highlights, which always looks better on camera. If you’re hoping to build up your portfolio or win clients over with photos of your styles on your practice head, this makes a huge difference.



There’s no right or wrong time of year to offer a trial run, but you will probably find that your busiest months will be in the summer as the peak wedding season runs from April to October.

The majority of brides will be happy having their trial 3-6 months before the big day, but if your bride says that she wants her trial 12 months before the wedding, let her. There’s no harm in it and she may be having sleepless nights! It’s part of your job to help your brides feel relaxed and happy and this will be one more thing she can tick off her list. However, if she has the trial too far in advance she may decide to have another one closer to the wedding – that’s no problem but she’ll have to pay again.

If you can, try to start booking your bride’s trials in sooner in the year, rather than later, to keep your summer weekends free for weddings! If you can gently nudge your clients into having their trial runs in January, Feb & March you’ll end up being able to take on more wedding bookings and making more money.

Oh – one more thing about timing – never do a trial run when you’re in a rush! Your bride may have spent years planning her wedding, so make sure you give her the time and attention she needs.


Keep on Learning, Even After Your Training

A bridal hair stylist’s work is never done! Never stop learning new styles and make sure that you’re practicing on a regular basis to stay fresh.

If you’re thinking about joining one of our bridal hair courses in London, Manchester Birmingham or Bristol you couldn’t’ve picked a better time! We now include up to a year of online bridal hair training, support and advice with each booking.

Our online training offers you the chance to learn new styles and practice a wide variety of different styles as many times as you like, as well as offering you 1-2-1- help and advice from Pam whilst you’re learning in the comfort of your own home.

Once you’re an online member, you can also join Pam on her live webinars and get your bridal hair questions answered there and then!

Trial Run Tips for a Happy Bride

Doing a trial run with a bride-to-be can be a bit daunting, for both the bride and also for you, whether you are doing just hair, just makeup or both!

There’s no denying that an awful lot of pressure can fall onto this one day, with you wanting to get it right and the bride wanting to find that dream look that she’s been after, but remember, the most important thing is that you both relax and enjoy it.

It is flattering to be selected as hair and makeup artist for someone’s wedding day, but if they’ve booked in a trial run with you you’re already off to a good start – clearly, this bride thinks your work is fabulous, so own it! You’ve totally got this.

We know that telling you to relax and know that you’re great is easier said than done, so as Part 1 of our trial run blog series, we’ve put together a list of more practical tips that you can draw upon when you need a bit of guidance.

trial run

Talk it Through


The number one pointer for making sure that your client is happy is to always have an excellent line of communication, from beginning to end. From the moment of first contact whether that’s via email, over the phone or maybe even face to face start asking questions to try and figure out what it is that your bride is after.

Ask lots of questions

This extends to so much more than simply asking about her hair and makeup preferences, some brides will know exactly what they want and others will have no idea, be reassuring – let them know you’ll be happy to try different ideas until they find a look that they’re happy with.

Whilst asking questions, be careful not to be too full-on, as this can be a little overwhelming and remember to listen as well.

If you’re going to be styling hair – ask them to send you a few photos of the sorts of hairstyles they like, this will give you the opportunity to practice the styles before you meet your bride.

Body Language

Once your bride is with you at the trial run, hopefully you will have some idea of where to start. Be observant and watch out for any tell-tale signs that she’s not comfortable or that she likes what you’re creating, as many brides aren’t that vocal! It’s up to you to do the talking and to give her the space to say (honestly) what she does/doesn’t like.

trial run

 Wedding Makeup Trial


When it comes to creating beautiful makeup that your bride is going to love, Pam always recommends doing the trial during the day.

9 times out of 10 your bride will be getting married in natural light, so she needs to know what her makeup is going to look like during the day for full confidence in the overall style.

Do the makeup in front of window so you have lots of natural light. You don’t want bright sunlight as it bleaches everything out but you do want good, even, natural light.

If you’re bride isn’t sure about her makeup when you finish, ask her to go and look at her makeup in her usual makeup mirror and remember, it’s best to leave the makeup to settle a little bit on the skin first.

Get lots more makeup tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect bridal makeup on our Bridal Makeup Course with Pam Wrigley.

Make Notes

There’s an awful lot to remember during a trial run, so whatever you do, don’t rely on your memory! You could be doing the trial run months before the big day so unless you’re superhuman, you’re probably not going to be able to recall that shade of lipstick she adored or the genius way you managed to achieve her dream ‘do whilst still covering up her ears just the way she wanted. Make your life infinitely easier and keep your bride happy on her wedding day by writing down every little thing about the finished look that you need to know to recreate it exactly, later on.

Remember: Its the small things that make the hair and makeup perfect for that individual person – so write down the detail!

Our hair planners and makeup planners are specially designed by Pam Wrigley for this very purpose – you won’t find another that is more comprehensive! Pam knows, from her 25 years experience in the industry, just what you need to make a note of, so these are truly invaluable for any hair and/or makeup artist out there.

trial run

Take Photos


Something that many hair and makeup artists neglect to do is take photos for the bride to have a look at during her trial run.

If you’re not doing this, you’re really missing a trick!

Wedding photography is, of course, a pretty huge part of the wedding day and the bride wants to look as fabulous in those photos as possible, so don’t be shy in reassuring her with a few snaps.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – your phone will do – but giving the bride the opportunity to see how each hair and makeup look you try out looks on camera will avoid any nasty surprises later on.

Take photos from all angles, so she gets a complete overview of the whole thing.

Make sure you’re taking the photo in a flattering light!! It really does make all the difference.

trial run

Be Brave


It’s your job to be confident and brave with your choices, so focus up! Brides are often quite nervous during their trial run and they also might play it quite safe with their hair and makeup ideas, which won’t necessarily achieve the best result. Whilst you don’t need to go crazy with really ‘out there’ styles, it is a good idea to push her out of her comfort zone, just a tad, to see how she feels about it.

Brides regularly get an idea in their head about what they want or they find a photo of a style that looks gorgeous on the model in the image, but not so great on them. It’s times like this that you should be prepared to pull something out of the bag and maybe try angling her in a direction that you feel could work well.

Leave your ego at home!

Don’t force your ideas on her! It’s always good to try different ideas but give her the space to say she does or doesn’t like something, without being offended.

It’s our job to make sure our brides are 100% happy and although we know a lot about hair and makeup, your bride is the expert when it comes to knowing her own style. She needs to look in the mirror and love what she sees!

Good luck with your 2017 wedding season!