Keep Your Cool! Our Tips for Avoiding Over-heating on the Job

We hope you lovely lot are all out there enjoying this gorgeous summer sunshine as much as you can! But even if you’re working away, don’t forget to keep up with your self-care to keep yourself healthy and well in the heat.

So much of what we do as bridal hair and makeup artists concerns how the bride is doing and so it’s not uncommon that our own needs fall by the wayside as we’re staying on top of everything else. However, when it’s hot, you must take extra care to look after yourself – an ill bridal hair and makeup artist is not a good one and as a self-employed person, as so many of us are, we can’t afford to take days off to get better! Prevention is the best medicine, so during these summer months when things get hot on the job, be sure to follow these top tips to stay on your A game…

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