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Easy Bridal Style: The Pull-Through Braid

Not all bridal styles have to be difficult, in fact, some of the most beautiful hairstyles are really quite simple to do if you know the basics – this might come as welcome news to some of the more nervous or beginner bridal hairstylists out there!

Knowing how to create beautiful braids is a must have piece of the puzzle for all bridal hairstylists, which is why we run our dedicated 1 day braiding courses, to really help you get to grip with all the different techniques. Smaller braids are a fantastic addition to many a bridal style, and knowing how to create chunkier braids in various ways can also be fabulous as stand alone styles.

The Pull-Through Braid is a really easy bridal style that anyone can master and although simple to put together, it does actually look really impressive, particularly when combined with a fabulous hair vine woven throughout, and is a really popular look amongst many brides-to-be. If your client is keen on using hair extensions, this is the perfect style for that too!

Style it sleek for a more traditional bride, or leave some sections loose and gently curled at the front for a really romantic, Boho look.

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Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to create a beautiful Pull-Through Braid, a need-to-know bridal style:

  • Step 1: Choose your parting and create your first section by pulling hair back from just above the temples and securing into a small ponytail right on the crown of the head. It’s a good idea to decide right from the beginning if you’re going for a soft or sleek bridal style. If you want to soften the edges, leave some strands loose around the face. If you’re using extensions, add your first weft here under the ponytail.
  • Step 2: Clip that first ponytail out of the way and start on your next section. Repeat step one but this time pulling hair from just below the temples. Add extensions underneath if desired.
  • Step 3: Unclip the first ponytail and divide into two sections right down the middle. Pop those divided pieces over each shoulder to keep out of the way for a moment. Clip the second pony on top on your head, lifting up in-between that top, divided section
  • Step 4: Section three will pull back from around mid ear height. Bring that section together with the two divided sections to make a single pony, add a weft if desired and secure
  • Step 5: Unclip the second pony tail and repeat. Divide into two, move out of the way, clip the third pony up and bring the divided sections together with a new section.
  • Step 6: For extra length and volume, clip your final weft in here just above the nape of the neck. Secure all of the loose hair together in a ponytail and continue the braiding pattern down to the ends of the hair.
  • Step 7: Once you reach the end, secure with an elastic. For a bigger, more textured braid use your index fingers to slowly and carefully pull each section out a little to pump up the volume!
  • Step 8: If you have left sections out at the front, use your barrel tongs to create soft curls to frame the face perfectly.