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Expert Tips on How to Have an Amazing Bridal Hair Photoshoot

Expert Tips on How to Have an Amazing Bridal Hair Photoshoot

Now that you’re a trained and qualified Bridal Hair Stylist, it’s time to show your talent off to the world and what better way to do that then by taking part in some fantastic photoshoots?

If you’ve attended our 4-day Bridal Hair Course you’ll already be off to a head-start with fab images from our professional portfolio photoshoot on the final day, but whether or not you already have these starter images, you’re always going to need more as an up-to-date portfolio showcasing all of the latest looks is a huge selling point when it comes to getting work with new clients.

Not trained yet or need a refresh?

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Every skilled Bridal Hair Stylist can get a photoshoot together without any expense if you arrange a shoot where the final images benefit everyone involved.


If you’ve never set up your own Bridal Hair photoshoot or been part of a professional set up then you might be feeling a little bit nervous and wondering what you need to do to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Here are a number of things to take into consideration before, during and after a shoot to better your chances of getting the results that you’re after and keeping everyone involved happy:

Find a GREAT Photographer


You won’t get far on a photoshoot without an awesome photographer, so the first thing you need to do is start pitching your idea to photographers you love who you think might want to be involved.

It’s unlikely that a high-end photographer who is already getting lots of work is going to want to take part in a job where they don’t get paid (although keep an eye on casting calls on websites like Model Mayhem, as you never know, you might come across a pro needing a hair stylist for a test!), but there are plenty of very talented photographers out there who, like you, are building their portfolio too.

Don’t settle for just anyone – if you don’t like their work, it’s unlikely you’re going to be happy with the end result of your photoshoot. Talk to photographers you work with on jobs and put your own casting calls up on talent scouting sites suggestive a TFP (time for print) collaboration.

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Contact Suppliers


You’re not the only one looking for gorgeous photos of their work! From wedding dress designers to Milliners, if you have a talented photographer on board and a great idea for a shoot or an amazing location you can easily collaborate with all sorts of wonderful people who can take your portfolio shots to the next level.

Having your model(s) dressed for the part can make all the difference, so if you can get hold of some beautiful gowns and hair accessories to work into your looks in exchange for the suppliers getting to use the finished photographs too, all the better. Just be sure to take extra good care of anything you borrow and return it in a timely fashion so you stay in their good books!

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Scout Locations


Studio shots are great, if you have access to a studio and your photographer has lights and backdrops that they can use. If you don’t have these extras, you might be better off having the photoshoot on location using natural light instead, in which case you need to find somewhere that will look fantastic as a backdrop for a bridal photoshoot.


If you know of a venue that you would love to use, you could always try your luck and ask if you can use it for free (they can only say no!), but failing that, consider themed gardens, abandoned buildings and depending on where you are, maybe even a castle! There are lots of ruins open to the public that would look wonderful in bridal photoshoots, but be prepared the reschedule or have somewhere else to go if the weather turns.

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Know Your Styles


Even the most experienced Bridal Hair Stylists should plan ahead for photoshoots by looking at their model’s hair and figuring out which styles they’re going to create, in advance.

Start off with simple styles and build up to styles that need backcombing and structure, that way you’ll be able to create a variety of different looks for your model. CBH online students can watch Pam’s trial run tutorial to find out how to create 10 different looks in under 2 hours.

Find out more info here

Winging it on a photoshoot is a bad idea if you want to ensure that you get the chance to showcase your best work, so do your homework, practice and arrive prepared.

Don’t forget to adapt the styles to suit your models face shape – watch Pam’s quick video for help and advice.

Need some inspiration? Here are some of Pam Wrigley’s most recent bridal hair styles!

Don’t forget: If you’re a CBH online student and you’d like to learn more about how to create these looks or any others you love, get in touch with Pam for 1-2-1 advice.