With the braided hair trend still very popular this season we couldn’t ignore Lilly James and her stunning loose braid for the premiere of ‘Cinderella’ at the start of the month. It is a look that can be adapted to any occasion as Lilly manages hair with an elegant yet relaxed style for the red carpet.

Get the look

Step one:

Wash and condition your hair as normal and then while it is still damp apply some sea salt texturising spray all over your head. This step is particularly important as it is necessary to create a textured base so that your hair is easy to work with for the following steps. You can now blow dry your hair as normal.

Step two:

With hair that is now completely dry you can add a few more sprays of your texturising product as you comb back the front sections of your hair.

Step three:

Now, create a French braid beginning at the crown of your head and stopping half way down your hair, so that you have only touch the top half of your hair. With the three sections of hair you were using to make the braid, tuck these under to form a messy bun. Secure the bun in place with either a clear hair band or bobby pins.

Step four:

With the bottom half of your hair you can now create a messy fishtail braid, and again secure this with a clear hair band at the end. Pull out the braid slightly so that it appears thicker.

Step five:

The idea with this look is for it to be messy so resist the temptation to make each section look perfect. When you have finished mist over with a touch of hairspray to make sure that the style stays in place.

By Gemma

For the 2015 Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards held on 15th January in L.A, Jessica Chastain sported an on trend loose braid. To create the style, inspiration was taken from her beautiful dress which featured a high neckline. In order to show off the pretty neckline Jessica’s hair was pulled back off her face into the braid which cascaded down her back. This modern style really complimented her whole look.

We have already shared with you that braids are a big trend that seems to be sticking around for a while. The great thing about this style is that it is versatile as you can wear it for a day at the office and it will take you straight to the cocktail bar!


Here’s how to get the look

Step one:

Wash your hair using volumising shampoo and make sure that you condition well, thoroughly rinsing your hair off.

Step two:

Towel dry as much of the wetness of your hair as you can before applying mousse to provide hair with extra volume and texture. Now it is ready to be blow dried using a large round brush with the aim of getting hair as smooth and shiny as possible.

Step three:

Next, separate off the top section of your hair and secure it in place with a hair band. Wrap a small section of hair round the band to conceal it. Now half of your hair should be up and the other half down.

Step four:

Take around a one inch section of hair from just under each ear and bring them together fixing in place with another small hair band.

Step five:

Now you are ready to create a simple, loose braid running down the back. Again secure this with a hair band. You can use clear bands so that they are hidden as much as possible. To finish off mist over hair with some light hold hairspray.

By Gemma

We love Rita Ora’s voluminous blonde curls and red lipstick look; it has become her signature style.


Get the look: Makeup


You are aiming to achieve a flawless base so that your lipstick is the main focus of the look. Start by priming your skin with some pore refining moisturiser before applying your foundation. It is important that this accurately matches your skin tone as there is nothing worse than a tide mark round your jaw line. Dab a little concealer underneath your eyes to banish any dark circles. Lightly press powder to your T-zone if required as you still want skin to appear luminous. A touch of blusher to the temples and cheeks will add warmth to your complexion.


Prime your eyelids with eye shadow primer before washing over them with nude shadow. Use a slightly darker nude shade in the crease of your eyelid. Now you can apply two generous coats of black mascara.


Define your brows with eyebrow pencil or eye shadow that closely matches their shade. To keep them perfectly defined use brow gel.


Make sure that your lips are supple so apply a layer of lip balm first. Line the edges of your lips with a matching lip pencil to ensure that the colour doesn’t bleed. Apply the first layer, blot your lips and then reapply a final coat so you won’t have to keep retouching it.

Get the look: Hair

Step one: Wash and condition your hair and then apply hair oil which will penetrate the cuticle while the hair is still damp.

Step two: Blow dry hair and then part it into four sections and apply styling crème to add texture and provide a base for styling. Curl all over the head using a 1 inch curling tong making sure that you leave the ends out. Stretch the curls out while they are still warm so that

you get a not so perfect look. When the curls have cooled rake your fingers through them to give extra volume and break them up.

Step three: Backcomb the area at the crown to give a bit more shape. You can tease the curls to separate them a little more and give the sides a bit more volume. When you are happy with the shape, use a flexible hairspray to set it in place while still allowing movement through your hair.

When it comes to choosing their hairstyle for that all important big day, many brides go for a completely different look. Olivia Palermo did the opposite and chose to get married with her hair pulled back and up into her signature centre-part ponytail. This easy and sophisticated style beautifully complimented her natural looking makeup and the simplicity of her whole day. The look is actually perfect for any occasion from work, a day out shopping, or as Olivia proves-that very special occasion.

Get the look:

Step 1: This style will work better on hair that is a day old after washing as hair that is too clean can be harder to work with. Start by drawing a clear, clean centre parting with a pin tail comb, making sure to stay as straight as possible. Follow this with a very light spritz of hairspray along your parting.

Step 2: Using some salt or beach spray, mist throughout your hair to dampen it down. With just your fingers rough dry the product into your hair, do not use a brush as this will make your hair look too tidy. The idea is to create that messy kind of texture.

Step 3: To emphasise this texture, and particularly if you have naturally very straight hair, take a large curling iron and loosely curl the ends of your hair randomly for added movement.

Step 4: Mist a small amount of texturising spray on to your roots before sweeping your hair back into a ponytail. Use just your fingers on the top of your hair to rake it back but underneath you can use a flat brush so that your hair lies neatly at the neck.

Step 5: Apply a little more of the texturising spray to the lengths of your ponytail and then shake it out so that strands are separated. Tease out some of the strands around your face for a softer and looser look.

Step 6: For a neater finish you can take a small section of hair from underneath your ponytail and wrap it around to conceal your hair band. Fix this in place with a kirby grip.

By Gemma @ www.lifesacatwalk.com