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Party Season ‘How To’: Beautiful Looped Braids Boho Up-do

Party Season ‘How To’: Looped Braids Boho Updo

Party season is well and truly underway, so it’s time to get yourself well acquainted with some of the hottest looks out there for the coming months. Whether your clients are Halloween party goers; wanting to look their very best for Christmas or New Year or winter brides, having great hair is a must across the board, whatever the celebration.

To get you going with your party season styles, we’ve put together a step-by-step ‘how to’ guide for creating one of the most popular looks of the moment: Looped Braids Boho Updo!

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Prep the hair and set in rollers for beautiful movement throughout the style and elegant root lift. Read all about the hair prepping techniques you can learn with us online, here.

Follow our step-by-step ‘How-To’ guide…

Step 1 / Part the hair in the centre and draw out a few pieces to frame the face for a soft look.

Step 2 / Gather a small section (about 2 inches) to the left of the parting and begin a regular Dutch braid.

Step 3 / Continue the braid but when you cross the right over the middle strand pick up a new, small section of hair along the and cross it into the braid.

Step 4 / Cross the left over the middle as usual and then again, bring the right strand across and bring in a new section of hair.

Step 5 / Repeat this two more times until you have four new pieces brought into your braid.

party season

Step 6 / ‘Seal’ this waterfall braid (which is what you’ve now created!) with a single ‘stich’ of your regular Dutch braid again.

Step 7 / Continue the braid, crossing the left over the middle and this time pick up a new section on the left side but underneath the braid rather than on top as before and bring it into the braid to create your first loop.

Step 8 / Repeat this process twice, bringing in a new section of hair to the left of the first looped piece, again the the second and then finally to the third.

Step 9 / Finish the braid out in a Dutch braid and then gently back-comb the end of the braid to hold it closed, or if you prefer, tie with a clear elastic.

Step 10 / Create an identical braid on the other side of the parting and then bring your finished braids around the head to the back, pull open a small gap in the end stitch and move the left braid through the right braid. Secure with grips using Pam’s ‘up and over technique for a style that won’t budge!

party season

Want bigger braids for this party season style? Now’s the time to loosen them out! Gently pull at the sections to open the braid up and make them more noticeable.

If you love this style as a half up, half down do – stop here. If you want to carry on and create an amazing updo…keep going!

Step 11 / Bring the loose hair that has been left down into a ponytail and tie with a clear elastic at the point where you would like to create your messy bun.

Step 12 / On the last loop of tying the ponytail, pull the hair halfway through to create a bun.

Step 13 / Take small sections from the top of the bun shape you have created, bring them up towards the head and secure into place with Kirby grips.

Step 14 / Finally, use the fanned ends of the hair that have been left out of the bun by tucking them into the hair band underneath each of the pinned sections.

party season

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