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working as a bridal Hairstylist

If you’re thinking about starting a new career as a bridal hairstylist – I can strongly recommend it.

Working as a bridal hairstylist is a fabulous job to do.

I’ve been doing this job for over 25 years and I can quite honestly say it is a real pleasure to go to work every day!

Everybody is happy, you get to work in beautiful venues, with people drinking champagne and putting on gorgeous dresses – what is there not to like?!!

your new career as a Bridal hair stylist & bringing up a family

Working as a bridal hairstylist also allowed me to work around my children whilst they were small. Because I was able to work just a couple of hours at the weekend and be at home during the week.

And yet I could still earn a good income.

My bridal hair styling business has changed over the years, and as my children have grown and become more independent, my bridal hair styling business has gone from strength to strength.


Working as a bridal hairstylist is also a great option If you are thinking of developing it as an aside to your regular 9-5 job.

Not only will you get the chance to be creative and to work with people, but because it is flexible, it has the potential to build and grow as you become more confident.

You don’t actually need a big cash outlay to work as a bridal hairstylist either.

HOw much does it cost to set up as a bridal hairstylist?

You can buy your bridal hair kit essentials for under £200, btw you can get more info on your bridal hairstyle kit essentials here.

And, if you decide to train here with us at Create Beautiful Hair, you’ll be able to get your online bridal hair training for just £395.

But keep an eye out for our special offers!

So starting a new career as a bridal hairstylist definitely won’t break the bank.

bridal hair stylist course research

As with all things it is worth doing your research.

As you need to make sure you find right bridal hairstyle training course, so you can get your bridal hairstyling career off to a flying start..

Please find below a break down of the online bridal hair course that we have on offer, with information on your course work and exams.

You’ll also get information on the professional insurance you’ll be able to purchase on graduation.

So you really will be ready to start your new career as a bridal hair stylist!

Just get in touch if you have any questions about the online bridal hair course, or about working as a bridal hair stylist, I’m here to help!

Pam Wrigley

Award Winning Bridal Hairstylist & Head Trainer, here at Create Beautiful Hair Ltd

Bridal Hair style online Course Work

wedding bridal hairstyle tutorials by Pam Wrigley

Learn how to create Bridal and Hair-up Styles with Pam Wrigley.

On this course you will be able to work through our in-depth bridal hair course work, step by step, getting hairstyling help and advice from Pam along the way.

Learning bridal hairstyling, blow drying and braiding as you work your way towards starting your new career as a bridal hair stylist.

With over 150 Bridal hair-style tutorials and plus lots of wedding hairstyle facts to learn, we recommend you dedicate a minimum of 50hrs to your online course work.

This will include both practical and written assessments, over 6 modules,

On graduation, you’ll receive a Habia CPD approved certificate in the post.

This will enable you to get discounted professional insurance so you can start your career as a bridal hairstylist.

What’s more, you’ll continue to get ongoing support from Pam for the remainder of your membership.

So you will feel supported as you whilst you find you feet in your new career working as a bridal hairstylist.

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Health & Safety for Bridal Hair Professionals

Module 1

Health & Safety is even more important now than it has ever been, and it must be uppermost on your mind when you start working with your brides.

We have in-depth tutorials covering health and safety, kit advice, supplier lists and product advice for a happy client, a happy bridal hair stylist and a safe working environment.

We also recommend all hairstylists, whether you are a CBH student or not, take a look at this very helpful and informative course with Barbicide.

Because it will bring you bang up to date with all the latest health and safety requirements required in the midst of the pandemic.

styling hair tsyle bridal hairstyle tutorial by Pam Wrigley

Bridal Hair Prep & Correction Foundations

Module 2

Find out how to set the right foundations & secure the hair properly to create any bridal hair style.

Learn how to prep the hair, creating different curls and waves, using tongs, straighteners or a blow-dry. We’ll also show you how to achieve fabulous Hollywood waves and soft corkscrew curls

You’ll learn how to create beautiful textured hairstyles we see on Instagram every day, they really are easy. . .when you know how to do the hair prep.

What’s more, you’ll also get answers to all those niggling concerns, such as:

When should you wash the hair? Which curling technique works best on fine hair? Discover the answer to these questions and lots more.

working with hair extensions and braid tutorial, learning how to create bridal and wedding hairstyles with Pam Wrigley

Working with Extensions & Padding in Bridal Hairstyles

Module 3

Bridal Hair Styles

You may be surprised just how many of the bridal hairstyles we see on Instagram and Pinterest have been created with the aid of hair extensions.

So, it is important that you learn how to incorporate them into your wedding day hairstyles, before you start your new career as a bridal hairstylist.

On this course, you will find out how to work with extensions and padding, so enabling you to create a wide range of amazing bridal hair styles.

In short, we have bridal/wedding hair style tutorials that specifically cover working with extensions for instagram worthy wedding hairstyles.

Knowing how to use padding will also help you push your creativity, enabling you create great wedding hair styles for different hair lengths.

working with hair extensions, braids and braiding hair tutorials for bridal and wedding hairstyles by Pam Wrigley

Plaits & Braids for Bridal Hairstyles

Module 4

Every great bridal hair stylist must know his/her plaits & braids – they never go out of fashion!

So whether you are braiding the hair for a flower girl hairstyle, or you are incorporating braids into a hairstyle you are creating for a bride, this topic needs to be covered.

With a great choice of braiding tutorials to choose from learn how to create Fishtail, Dutch, French, Waterfall braids (and many more), you’ll be equipped for any braided style.

bridal hairstyling tutorials Pam Wrigley wedding hair style

Bridal Hairstyles, Relaxed Wedding up-do’s & Vintage Bridal Styles

Module 5

Bridal Hair Styles

Everyone loves the ’I woke up this gorgeous’ look of a relaxed bridal style, but all stylists know that a lot more work goes into that then it might appear! 

Fashions are always changing – find out how to adapt the styles and make them your own.

In this section you will be tested on your creativity, and will be asked to create hairstyles for long, short and medium length hair.

When it comes to your exam work the choice is up to you.

You can create smooth sleek styles, textured up-do’s or classic bridal hairstyles, and submit the to Pam for feedback and marking.

We have hairstyle tutorials that you can watch on each subject.

And, what’s more, if there is a specific bridal style you would like to learn, simply send your photos into Pam and she’ll be able to create a style tutorial for you.

high bun bridal hairstyle tutorial wedding up-do by Pam Wrigley

Working as a Bridal Hairstylist

Module 6

Watch Pam as she works with a bride on a wedding trial and find out how she effortlessly creates different bridal hairstyles.

By now you will have seen Pam working with different hair types, fine/ thick hair, straight or wavy, Afro hair and natural curls.

However, being a great bridal hair stylist isn’t just about creating beautiful wedding hair styles. You also have to know the ins and outs of working with your clients and how to keep them happy.

Find out how to execute the perfect trial run and keep your cool on the big day.

On the wedding day it will be your job to secure the veil and the hair accessories. Luckily, we have tutorials showing you how to secure the veil, working with fresh flowers and also how to secure all things sparkly!

You’ll find tutorials covering all this and more besides, on our online bridal hair course.

weddign hair and bridal hairstyle tutorial hairstyling by Pam Wrigley

Beautiful Hair-up & Bridal Hairstyles

You’re not alone on this course!

Pam is available throughout your membership to give you tips and advice on anything from creating the right curl to the finishing touches – In fact, she loves getting your questions and progress pictures!

Join the Student Forum, send your questions, images and get feed back on your hairstyling progress at any time.

You an make the first step to starting your new career as a professional bridal hairstylist today. Follow our in-depth, step-by-step tutorials and be amazed at how much you learn!

You can also keep Pam in your pocket when you’re working with clients. Because you’ll have her professional advice available at the click of a button, whenever you need it!

Learn how to blow dry

Blow-drying techniques

Get ready for some serious blowdrying

Join us online and master perfect blow-drying techniques for a flawless finish.

Build your confidence and master a variety of blow drying techniques as you learn how to work with long, short and medium length hair.

Learn how to achieve a big, bouncy blow dry, a curly blow dry and then master the smooth, sleek blow dry.

Your clients will love a good blow dry. . . so make the most of the growing demand for hairstylists who can do a beautiful blow dry..

Professional Bridal Hairstyle INsurance

Discounted Professional insurance

Before you start your new career as a bridal hair stylist and start creating beautiful bridal hairstyles on your clients, it is a good idea to start looking at professional insurance.

Here at Create Beautiful Hair we are extremely pleased to be working with Balens, so we are able offer our graduates discounted professional insurance.

What’s more, we are the only online bridal hair course offering this service to our student graduates*.

All you need to do is complete the online bridal hair course and successfully submit your exam papers and you will be eligible to get professional insurance with Balens.

Balens were founded in 1950 and are an ethical 4th Generation Family Brokerage with 50 staff and 80,000 plus clients. They have been looking after Health and Wellbeing Professionals for over 21 years.

*refers to collaboration with Balens, correct at the time of publishing 7/3/21.


Join us and learn how to create beautiful hair styles by following our wide selection of hair style tutorials.

There are over 150 in-depth hairstyle tutorials on the online bridal hair course.

So you’ll be able to learn hairstyles for long and short hair, curly girl styles, blow dry tutorials, braids and Afro hair style tutorials.

So there’s lots to choose from!

We have 2 membership options available so you can choose a learning method that is best for you.

Including hair up, braids, blow-dry, curly girl and Afro hair style tutorials.

Habia endorsed bridal hair training course and hairstyle tutorials Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for Braids Bridal hairstyle & hair up course online

Mastered Bridal Hair? Time to Get paid! Our Top Tips on Going Pro…

Mastered Bridal Hair? Time to Get paid! Our Top Tips on Going Pro…

So you’ve completed one of our Bridal Hair Courses – now what?


With all of our courses being Habia endorsed and AQA accredited, once you’ve trained with us you’re officially a pro Bridal Hair Stylist and you’re ready to start working with clients or to kick-start your existing hair stylist career to a whole new level!


It’s all very well and good having all the right skills and feeling confident enough to take on the wedding hair and makeup industry but how do you turn your new-found talent into loads of clients and a full-time job?


You’ll have been over some fantastic business tips with Pam already at the end of your course, but there’s always more to learn!

bridal hair

Not quite ready to go pro?

Join us on one of our 2 or 4 day Bridal Hair Courses or sign up online for all the skills and qualifications you need!

Here are our top tips on how to start getting paid…

Pro Photo-shoots

It all starts with a professional portfolio…

There’s a lot of competition out there in the Bridal Hair industry, so you’ve got to stand out from the crowd! The best way to do this is to make sure that you have really amazing photos of your work online, available for everyone to see.


Join us on our 4 Day Bridal Hair Course for a professional portfolio photoshoot on the final day!


Arranging regular pro photoshoots is a must for all bridal hair stylists and they don’t have to cost a penny! Offer your services on a TFP (time for print) basis and team up with excellent photographers, stunning models and even wedding suppliers for dresses and accessories to make your photos even better.

Everyone needs beautiful images of what they have to offer, so you can put together incredible Bridal Hair shoots that benefit everyone involved. Model Mayhem can be a brilliant resource for scouting talent and willing participants.

Top Tip: Don’t wing it on photoshoot! Always do a plan beforehand where you think about the model’s hair and pick your styles carefully to showcase your work in the best way possible.

Create a Web Presence

It’s 2017 – if you don’t have a web presence, you don’t have a business!

Now you’ve got those images sorted, you need somewhere to put them! Almost all of your prospective clients are going to be looking for the services you offer online. Even if the quality of your work gets out through word of mouth, they’re going to want to look at your portfolio, so when you’re thinking about how to kick-start your hairstylist career getting your work and contact details online should be your number 1 priority.

Having a really gorgeous website with galleries full of fantastic images, a bit about you, prices and how to contact you is an easy way to make yourself look professional from the get go and over time, if used right, can get you noticed on search engines too.

Many people expect that having a website that looks great to be out of their budget but that’s not so…

Need a Website?

We’ve teamed up with Ruby at to offer you a special CBH discount on all of her services, including beautiful websites and SEO blogs, starting at just £200!

Social Media

The more presence you have the better, so it’s also a good idea to set yourself up business pages on social media, particularly Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, to show off your great work.

Top Tip:

Don’t overwhelm yourself! Doing social media right can be very time consuming, so master one or two channels first rather than trying them all at once.

Make sure that the pages you set up are business pages, not personal pages and design them to really look like business accounts too, with sleek banner designs and clear, well lit images. You want the photos you upload to look so fab that people love them enough to share with their friends! If you’re taking photos with your phone, always edit them first. Snapseed is an amazing, free app that can transform images easily.

Having lots of 5 star reviews on your business facebook page is very important, as the more you have the easier it will be for people to find you! Ask everyone that you work with to give you a nice review. You could even do hair for some friends and family and ask them to give you a 5 start review too to give you a bump!

Make Contacts

The more contacts in the industry the better!

Master your social media channels; be pro-active in sending out emails & press releases to introduce yourself and collaborate with others; attend wedding fairs to meet potential clients and suppliers.

Having a blog is a great way to get attention on other wedding service websites as you can link and image swap on your blog with others in the industry and ask them to return the favour. As an added bonus, blogs are also an excellent way to keep your website content relevant and refreshed which is a must for website SEO.


Once you’re all set up online, you might start thinking about advertising to gain more interest and followers.

Google advertising and boosting Facebook posts can be really effective if done right. If you’re based in a big city, you may find that your boosts don’t get you very far as you’re up against a lot of big players, but you will have more luck if you’re in a smaller area. Always boost your post in the area you’re based in otherwise you’ll be reaching the wrong audience!

Work Breeds Work

The more you work the more you’ll get!

It’s so important to always be working, whether that’s on TFP shoots or real jobs. This isn’t only a great way to keep your styles and skills fresh, but it will also give you the chance to snap away on your phone and upload your busy working life onto your social media channels to show how in demand you are, as well as getting more great images for your portfolio.

Once you’ve got all the images you need, don’t under-charge or work for free anymore! If you’re wondering how much you should charge, just take a look at competitive pricing in your area.

Top Tip:

If you’re working with a bride, make sure to ask permission from the photographer and the bride herself before you use their images.

Join our student Facebook page to stay up to date with job offers and opportunities to assist Pam.