The hair & makeup trial day with your clients is an important time for all wedding hair and makeup artists – you’ve secured the interest of this person (which is the hard part!) and now you have to make sure that you create a look they love so they go ahead and book with you, rather than somebody else.

The prospect of this can be quite daunting for many, regardless of whether you’re brand new to it or have been a pro for years, and the best way to overcome that is to feel totally confident in knowing what you’re doing and how to make your clients genuinely thrilled with the result!

To help you on your way to booking every client you get to have a hair & makeup trial with, here are Pam Wrigley’s top tips:

Hair & Makeup Trial Tips

Prepare in Advance


When your clients first get in touch, this is your opportunity to start figuring out their likes and dislikes even before you meet.

If you’re on the phone, be sure to make some notes and if it’s via email be prepared when you do meet face to face and know exactly what you’ve already discussed. Ask questions, but not too many at this point – just enough to give you some idea of which direction they might be heading in.

You will of course find out about the wedding date and if you can, find out a little bit about the venue too. You’ll also want to find out about hair length and type beforehand so you can start coming up with ideas; you might even want to ask them to send over a photo so you can see in advance what you’re going to be working with. Come up with some ideas to chat about with your client, but only loosely. Remain open to their input as well.

You might also want to ask your client to prepare in advance too by telling them to have a think about what they might be after and bring in photos that inspire them. You should also ask them to arrive with hair washed the night before that is totally un-styled with no product, so that it’s easier for you to handle.

hair & makeup trial



The key to a happy client is effective communication and sometimes getting that going will be down to you. You might be lucky and get a client that is very outspoken about their wants and needs, but it’s not at all unusual to get a client who is quite shy about saying what they really think.

Don’t be afraid of being told they don’t like what you’ve done! In fact, you should relish it if they do. It would be quite amazing if you managed to get their dream look down on the first attempt at the hair & makeup trial, so if they’re keeping quiet and just going along with what you say, there is a good chance that they’re just being polite. You don’t want a client to be polite, you want them to be honest so that when your time is up, you’re confident that they were so swept away by your work that they will definitely be booking.

Make sure that you’re asking questions throughout, almost prompting them to give a negative response so they feel like they’re allowed to speak their mind. Keep chatting and probing until you’ve really got somewhere with that communication.

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Body Language


Even when you try your best to get a client to talk openly to you, it can be challenging. Your best bet is to really hit the nail on the head with your questions and suggestions and the way you do that is by watching their body language and responding accordingly.

Body language is incredibly telling, so watch out for them looking closed off and uncomfortable at the hair & makeup trial. Don’t point it out, just work with it until they really relax and look happy!