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The Create Beautiful Hair Review: Our Favourite Looks from the Golden Globes 2018

The Create Beautiful Hair Review: Our Favourite Looks from the Golden Globes 2018

We all love a good red carpet event and the year is always kicked off to a supremely glamourous start with the Golden Globes, with 2018 marking the 75th year.

This year, as with all the rest, the hair and makeup offerings were absolutely gorgeous and not to mention inspirational for us hair and makeup artists getting to grips with the latest trends for the year ahead.

The 2018 Golden Globes selection has presented us with some new looks, differing from the boho hair styles that we’ve seen so much of at previous events. This time round, the focus was definitely more on the sleek and chic side of things, with poker straight glossy locks, high and tight ballerina buns and dead-centre partings. That old Hollywood glamour still has its place though, with some vintage styles and the old favourite, Hollywood Waves still going strong.

A fabulous blow-dry always looks the part at a red carpet event! Discover how to create the perfect blow-dry style, from big and bouncy to smooth and sleek, with Pam’s expert tips on our Online Bridal Hair Course

Here are some of our favourite Golden Globes hair and makeup looks of the night:

Alison Brie

Staying true to her Madmen roots, Alison Brie looked stunning on the Golden Globes red carpet with an exquisite Audrey Hepburn up-do (a bridal hair favourite!).

This is one of the first styles you’ll learn on our Create Beautiful Hair courses as it really is a timeless and incredibly versatile style. Ideal for all hair lengths (yes, even short hair) and a fantastic look for a bride who’s after something soft and feminine with a classic edge.

Alison’s accompanying makeup is exactly what’s needed alongside this lovely look. Big wide eye with lengthy lashes and a retro eyeliner flick, slightly flushed cheeks for a healthy glow and of course, a pop of red on those lips. The diamonds don’t go amiss either!!

Try This Style

Watch a short clip from our Online Bridal Hair Course on how to create an Audrey Hepburn up-do

Millie Bobby Brown

As a Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist, it’s your job to have beautiful styles up your sleeve not only for the grown-ups, but for the kids in the bridal party too!

It’s easy to find yourself falling back on a few quick curls or a pretty braid for flower girls and young bridesmaids, but for those who want something a little more cutting edge, looking to Millie Bobby Brown for inspiration.

We love this super-cool, kid-friendly up do that looks cute and quirky whilst still retaining some serious attitude. A sleek high bun would work too, but the addition of the Dutch braid at the back turns this style into something really contemporary. The little details make all the difference!

A fabulous blow-dry always looks the part at a red carpet event! Discover how to create the perfect blow-dry style, from big and bouncy to smooth and sleek, with Pam’s expert tips on our Online Bridal Hair Course…

Sarah Jessica Parker

The queen of curls! Always has been, always will be. SJP never fails to wow with her tumbling, spiral locks, 100% frizz-free and effortless.

These loose waves are sexy and carefree, but still look the part on a more mature subject. Try this on during your trial runs for some of your older, summer brides and if they love it, maybe direct them to have some face framing highlights put in, as seen here, as these really make the style pop.

Madeline Brewer

Hollywood waves have taken on a new look. Here, Madeline Brewer wears that classic over-the-shoulder style but a little more rough ‘n ready than what we’re used to – and we love it!

Kind of like a cross between Hollywood siren and 90s cool girl, it’s the perfect blend for a funky and naturally gorgeous look.

Oscars Red Carpet Bridal Hair & Makeup Inspiration for 2017

Oscars Red Carpet Bridal Hair & Makeup Inspiration for 2017

The Oscars has got to be one of the best places for bridal hair and makeup artists to stay on top of all the latest red carpet hair and makeup looks that are set to be hot to trot for special events and wedding alike for the year ahead.

We’ve picked out our top four looks from The Oscars this year for you to take a look at and have a go on your training heads or clients! Don’t forget, if you’re an online bridal hair student and you’d love some help getting these styles just right, you can always send Pam a message using the Ask Pam tab and she’ll take you right through it, with her expert advice.

Beautiful Blow Dry – Emma Roberts

Who doesn’t want to look like Jessica Rabbit in real life? Emma Roberts introduced us to a whole new world of glam at this year’s Oscars, with her classic, deep side-parted Hollywood do, lush lashes and killer red pout all set off by that amazing rose gold hair colour, which we’re set to see a lot more of in 2017.

If there’s one look that you should get down as a bridal hair and makeup artist, this is it – Hollywood glamour never goes out of fashion!

We’ll show you how to create gorgeous, soft curls and waves on our 2 day4 day and online bridal hair courses so that you can perfect this look on your clients, or find out how to blow-dry hair into this bouncy style on our 1 day blowdrying course, with Create Beautiful Hair expert Jacquie Gee.

Join us our one of our bridal makeup courses to discover how to apply flawless makeup, like these light smokey eyes with a gilded edge, that is the must-have eye makeup for 2017.

Natural Curls – Halle Berry

From way back when, Halle Berry has always shown us how to work with natural beauty and her look at The Oscars this year was no different.

Demonstrating that BIG curls are pretty awesome, we’re hoping that we’ll now be seeing more clients wanting to embrace their natural curls rather than reaching for the straighteners.

We’re all guilty of wanting what we don’t have, but if you have a bride on her trial day with fabulous curls, don’t be afraid to nudge her in the direction of having a go at bringing them out. As a bridal hairstylist, it can be daunting to attempt to work with what is often seen as unruly hair, but if you can get the technique down on one of our bridal hair courses, you’ll have nothing to fear and your curly haired clients will love you for it!

Remember, the most expensive products aren’t always the best: Pam loves Boots Essentials Curl Creme (priced at a bargain £1.99 for 250ml!) for creating smooth, crunch free curls.

Fabulous Short Hair – Scarlett Johansson

More and more brides are starting to realise that they don’t have to have really long hair to look amazing on their wedding day. With the right skills, short crops can be very versatile.

Scarlett Johansson ditched her long blonde locks a while back for a short, androgynous style but as you can see from her winning look at The Oscars, with just a few tweaks her do has been totally transformed.

With a gentle curl and some great root lift, showing off those uber-trendy grown out roots, Scarlett’s short tresses look cool, contemporary and undeniably feminine.

Paired with shimmering gold eyes with well defined lashes and a rose pink pout, this makes the ideal look for a funky summer bride.

Sleek Low Bun – Sofia Carson

Move over Dita Von Teese, there’s a new raven haired beauty in town! Whilst the natural Boho look is still very much a big deal, it’s not for everyone and you will find that you encounter lots of clients who very definitely want a very sleek and structured look.

When you’re attempting a classic bridal look like this, it is absolutely essential that just like Sofia Carson, there isn’t a hair out of place! Mirror-shine and a flyaway-free finish is something that a look like this can’t be without. Sofia’s strong, striking brows also play a big part in this style, framing the face beautifully with a neat edge.

We love Sofia’s choice of hair accessory which wouldn’t look out of place at all on a bride saying her ‘I dos’, so if you’re thinking of trying out a style like this on one of your brides why not use this as inspiration as have fun adding in some gorgeous combs. Gillian Million is one of out favourite Ateliers and has a wide range of bridal hair accessories that you’ll love!

Grammys Red Carpet Hair & Makeup Inspiration for 2017

Awards season is a pretty great time for all of us hair and makeup artists – the inspiration just keeps on coming!

If you’re keen to stay on top on all the latest hair and makeup trends set to light up red carpets and church aisles alike for 2017, celeb events is where it’s at. Here are some of our favourite hair and makeup styles from this year’s Grammys.

Don’t forget: If you’re an online Create Beautiful Hair student or you’re booked to join us for a face to face course, you can always get in touch with Pam or brings images along of any styles you’ve seen that you would love to learn how to create.

If it’s not already covered on the course, Pam will be more than happy to show you how it’s done!



Looking for some retro inspired hair and makeup inspiration to work with on your clients this year? We always love looking towards Adele to see what she’s up to with her styling these days, as there’s no denying that she’s really come into her own over the years.


From her enormous gold earring days and questionable hair, makeup and fashion choices, Adele has come a long way and has really honed her style into something quite enviable. Still with a nod towards her original, 60s inspired looks, championing gorgeous winged eyeliner and a slight hint of beehive at the crown of all of her dos, Adele now rarely fails to impress and her appearance at this year’s Grammys was no different.


With her trademark eye liner, strong brows and beautiful done up hair with the all-important crown volume, this is a great look for both red carpet events and weddings.

Camila Cabello


Moving on from 60s style but still staying retro, Camila Cabello was one of many celebs on the red carpet at the Grammys who showed us that 70s inspired hair and makeup is still very much ‘in’ for 2017.

Demonstrating exactly how to wear beautiful, beachy waves teamed with a ballgown style dress, Camila Cabello’s Grammys hair and makeup choices are definitely something to think about replicating on your clients.

Mixing and matching formal attire with looser, more relaxed hair and makeup styling is a big win for summer brides!

Take a look at our online bridal hairstyling webinars for great tips on how to create styles like this.

Rita Ora


Rita Ora isn’t one for staying tame with her hair and makeup choices but she does tend to be on top of all the latest trends. At this year’s Grammys, Rita was spotted wearing one of this seasons hottest new looks – red toned eyeshadow!

Not one for your more traditional brides, but perhaps something to try with your braver clients, red/orange-toned eyeshadow can actually be really flattering on warm skin tones. We’re also going to see a lot of this about on cool skintones too, but this leans towards a more eye-catching, gothic style.

Rita had her hair styled poker straight – something that we haven’t seen for a while, but along with various other 90s/00s trends, super straight hair is hot to trot! Worn tied back into a simple, low ponytail this is the perfect accompaniment to such daring makeup.

Kristin Cavallari


There’s that beach bum gone red carpet look again! 2017 styling is all about bringing laid back, sun-kissed hair and makeup to formal events.

Whilst we’ve got straight sleek locks making a comeback on one side, messy waves with a flyaway finish is also coming up strong! This lazy-days look is ideal for a summer bride and looks great with both traditional and untraditional dress choices.

This style is a particularly laid back one, so if you are styling something similar for a wedding or red carpet event, it’s a good idea to go with classic, well defined makeup as Kristin is seen wearing here, to avoid the whole thing looking a bit too thrown together.