We love the glamour of an updo and are always looking for something a little bit different, so Bella Thorne’s fishtail braid chignon has left us more than inspired. From the front it appears to be a classic chignon, but from behind you can admire the intricate braiding. This look is easier to create than you would think and it is perfect for evening wear or even as a bridal updo.


Step one:

To get the best results you need to make sure that you hair is completely free from any knots so give it a thorough brush through first. You can either start with freshly washed and dried hair or use a touch of dry shampoo on your roots to freshen up.

Step two:

Begin by splitting your hair down the centre parting. You want to start with the right hand section of hair so tie up the left hand side to keep it out of the way.

Step three:

With the right hand side of hair divide this in two. To create the fishtail braid hold a section in each hand and then pull a small amount loose from the right side and pass it to the left. Now do this from the left side to the right and keep doing this until you reach the bottom. Secure in place with a clear hair elastic.

Step four:

Now you can release the hair that you tied up on the left hand side of your head and repeat the previous step on it.

Step five:

With both braids now completed you can entwine them around each other, twisting upwards into a chignon. Secure in place with bobby pins. Once both braids are complete, twist them around each other and upward into a chignon at the back of your head.

Step six:

Pull out a few pieces of hair around your face to create a romantic frame and then mist over with hairspray to create hold.

By Gemma