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Hairstylist’s How To: Julianne Hough Fauxhawk

We love Julianne Hough who always provides us with short hair inspiration. She is never afraid to try something new, this time sporting a textured faux hawk to the Golden Globes. The style actually looked amazing with the art deco inspired Monique Lhuiller dress and gave it an edgy yet sophisticated twist.


Step one:

Shampoo and condition hair, adding an extra dose of conditioner to remove any tangles and ensure that it is lovely and glossy. Remember to rinse it out well.

Step two:

Spritz over with volumising spray about an inch from the roots to give it some extra lift. Blow dry hair well using a round brush until it is completely dry.

Step three:

Start from the back of the head and backcomb small one to two inch horizontal sections until you have worked your way right to the front. Take hold of the backcombed Mohawk section and clip it up so it is out of the way.

Step four:

Gently tease the sides to give them extra texture and volume and then part the hair on each side of the temple. Take one of the sides and divide it into a top and bottom section. Twist these back to the nape of the neck, creating little ponytail which then need to be pinned in place. Do exactly the same on the other side.

Step five:

With the top section take three inches of hair from the front, twist the hair to the left hand side and pin it in place. Then take the following three inches, twist to the right and again pin in place. Keep doing this until you reach the back of the head and you have made a twisted style Mohawk.

Step six:

To finish off you can use a touch of volumising spray or dry shampoo to add extra texture and volume where needed, followed by some strong hold hairspray to ensure the style stays in place.

By Gemma