6 Easy Ways to Make Your Instagram Blow Up

As a make-up artist and bridal hairstylist, winning at Instagram is one of the best ways to get your work seen.

Free, global and simple! You can reach an audience that you would never usually have access to. But how do you stand out? How do you get YOUR grid noticed? We’re going to share with you 6 easy ways you can make your Instagram blow up.



The easiest way to get your Instagram noticed is by reaching out to like-minded accounts. Follow, like and comment. By engaging with accounts similar to yours, by responding to comments left on their post, you’ll likely find that your follower count will steadily rise.

Don’t waste your time chasing followers that aren’t into what your account is about – although it’s great to have lots of followers, engagement is much more important. Make sure you target people that will want to see what you’re offering and who will like your posts.

Contact bloggers and well-known Instagrammers from your local area and offer them a free hairstyle or makeover in return for photos being shared on their feed. If you can get an endorsement from someone with a ton of followers, you’re sure to see you account explode!

Reach out to local wedding planners/venues – remember, to be successful concentrate on networking with people who are relevant! The more you participate in the Instagram world, the more human your account will feel.



It’s all well and good networking, but to make people want to follow you, you have to stand out! Go bold with the styles you post, throw in some out of the box ideas and only ever showcase your best work.

Always consider the way you’re presenting your posts as a whole. Don’t just think about the posts as individual images, think about your grid more as an overall album. Choose a theme, stick to similar filters and create flow with a colour palette. You want an image you post to be instantly recognisable as yours with a signature look.

Keeping a signature look going throughout your feed will give your account fluidity and integrity. You are showcasing your creativity with your hair and make up styles, so let your Instagram reflect this.

Try and trigger and emotional response with your post if you really want to connect by sharing news and asking for feedback. It’s all about engagement.



Whether or not the world of hashtags is new to you, it is important to know that there is a clever way to use them!

Pick carefully. Don’t use hashtags that are too common otherwise you’ll find your posts are getting lost amongst hundreds of other posts. Use relevant tags and use them sparingly, for example, if you’ve been at an event like a wedding fair use a hashtag to connect with others who also attended. Tag in the organisers or the venue. You’ll find that people who saw you at the event will be reminded of your work.

You can also use hashtags to mention great products you’re using as another great way to bring like-minded traffic to your page.

Regularly search hashtags to stay up to date and on trend. You may discover a thread you weren’t aware of which will open up a whole new group of followers!



Make sure you post regularly, but don’t go crazy and spam the feed. If you don’t post often enough, your followers will lose touch but if you post too often, they’ll get fed up and may unfollow. It’s all about balance.

Posting once or twice a day is great but always quality over quantity! It’s also a good idea to be consistent with the types of posts you put out. If you only ever post photos of your work but then throw in a photo of your avocado on toast, you risk confusing your brand. Think about the image you want to create, and stick to it.

Keep your aesthetic at the core. You want it to be obvious what your account is ‘promoting’ without selling – you want your audience to quickly connect with your content and know right away that they love what you’re doing enough to follow!

Think about the time you post. Posts uploaded in the early hours are likely to be missed, so consider when your target audience is most likely to be scrolling through their feed and then go for it!



Collaborate with similar accounts and give them a shoutout for one in return. If you have a similar audience, you’ll find that their followers will soon become your followers too!

Be sure to ‘promote’ accounts you genuinely like and feel your audience will too. Don’t risk alienating your followers with random shout outs or shout outs to users who don’t have the same ethics are you.



If you already have a following on Facebook or Twitter remember to promote your Instagram there too. You’ll likely gain a small following of friends and family to get you started.

Don’t be shy in asking them to share your account with their friends and family. They’ll be happy to help and its free publicity! Speak to brides you’ve worked with and ask for a mention in one of their posted wedding photos – this is another great way to get your work seen, particularly by prospective clients.

Your username is more important than you might think. This must represent who you are and what you do, so people get the idea at a glance, but at the same time it must be interesting enough to make them take notice among all the others.


If you want to invest a little money into promoting yourself, you can use Instagram to help you get extra followers or engagement. Simple to set up and with the option to set a budget, you don’t have to worry about expensive advertising costs. By following those 6 easy tips you’ll be sure to become a successful instagrammer!

Read our blog How to Take Instagram Worthy Photos for more amazing tips!


Once you’ve built up a following, you want to do everything in your power to keep them! Other than all the tips above, the work you choose to feature is just as important. Try to keep your feed full of photographs that really show off your skills. Every single image counts – think of it like a shop window, or a portfolio. One dud image can put potential clients right off.

Other than being great at what you do by training with us here at Create Beautiful Hair, the best way to grab attention and keep it is to display beautiful looks that are hot right now and trending.

To inspire you, we’ve put together a list of Instagram worthy hair and make-up ideas you can play around with to really take your feed to the next level!



Yes, kind of weird, but ‘Hair Hoops’ are huge this summer. Metallic everything is back in a big way again this season, so this is unusual way to add accessories to a look is a unique take on bringing some extra stand-out shine to your bride.

Be creative and experiment with different sized rings and different colours to find a look to suit your bride. This is a very bold look so you need to choose the right sort of bride, but paired with a beautiful braid, it would a be mind-blowing bridal look!


It can be tempting to play it safe with hair colour for a wedding day, but beautifully soft pastel hair can look incredible with the simplicity of a white dress. Pastel pink, pale purple, mint and cool grey could be just what your bride needs to make her feel like the star of the show. For the alternative bride, why not suggest some hair chalks at the trial?

Nervous about trial runs? Find out how to ace them here.



Now, this may work best for a wedding themed shoot rather than for an actual wedding day, but to really get people talking about your work go super edgy with a graffiti lip. You can keep it fairly subtle and opt for a rainbow design or go full wedding day extreme and have ‘I do’ written on the lips.



Another Instagram favourite is face glitter – you can keep it subtle or go completely over the top. If your bride has opted for a festival-style wedding then you could definitely make it work. Or think about a second look for the evening – a super fun way to go from ceremony to reception! Be true to your brand and keep your loyal followers interested. A strong Instagram following can be life changing for a small business. Be brave. Be bold. Be different!

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Building Your Online Bridal Hair Portfolio: How to Take Instagram-Worthy Photos

We all know that these days, our online presence is integral to having a successful business. Brides love to flick through magazines, but when it comes to finding bridal hair inspiration and booking their bridal hair and makeup artist it is now almost always off the back of an amazing online portfolio and lots of 5* reviews.

Instagram is the perfect platform for bridal hairstylists, essentially offering a shop window for the world to browse. The only problem is, there is an awful lot of competition you’ll be going up against. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make Instagram work for your business, it just means that you’ve got to go at it like a pro and really make the most of all it has to offer.


As an image-based platform, your Instagram photos MUST be exceptional. Taking clean, clear, bright images with a strong sense of your brand is the first step you must take to create an online portfolio that gets those all-important views, follows and shares.

As a bridal hairstylist, you will have loads of gorgeous things worth taking photos of: your amazing hairstyles; accompanying bridal makeup; beautiful hair accessories and bridal wear and not to mention those stunning brides in their fabulous wedding locations (just make sure that you get their permission first!). It’s just a matter of knowing how to take those photos and edit them in such a way that it makes a winning image.

Fortunately, there is a science behind this. You don’t have to be the best photographer in the world with a fancy photography kit to take Instagram-worthy photos for your online portfolio, you just need a bit of insider info, which we’re going to share with you in today’s blog.

Use these tips that are easy enough for anyone to follow to build an online bridal hair portfolio on Instagram that will make a huge difference to your business…


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Make a Plan

Going at Instagram all slap-dash and spontaneous might seem like a great idea and it’s fine if that’s way to do things on your personal account, but your business account, as with anything work-related, is always far more effective with a proper plan of action.

Before you even set about uploading your first post on your business Instagram, you’ll seriously benefit from figuring out what you’re doing there, who you’re targeting, and what your brand is about.

Even an individual hairstylist or makeup artist should consider themselves a brand to grab the attention of your target audience. Think big, be big!

Once you’ve done this and your stream is full steam ahead, you may even want to consider preparing and scheduling your posts, rather than just doing it as and when. This way, you can make sure that you keep in line with your plan at all times and you never miss a valuable day of Instagramming!


Always Well Lit

One way to make sure that your photo looks terrible is to take a snap in poor lighting. Don’t do it! There’s simply no reason to and it never looks good.

You don’t need to have a full studio set-up to take beautifully lit images; often natural lighting is the best source of light there is. If you’re taking a photo of a client to put on your Instagram, ask their permission first of all and then ask them to step into a well lit space, whether that’s at a window or outside.

Your chance to draw in potential clients on Instagram comes down to what your photo looks like as a tiny thumbnail in-amongst all the other pictures and a dull, dark, poor quality images simply isn’t something that anyone is going to want to take a closer look at.

Do you work justice and take a few extra minutes to take a photo worth posting, otherwise it’s really not worth taking atall.

Thinking about doing a bridal hair photo-shoot?

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Embrace Negative Space 

Just as an image needs to be well lit to capture the eye on Instagram, it also needs to be appealing to look at and often background clutter is enough to make people scroll on. A messy photo can be hard to take in and it certainly won’t help to highlight your beautiful styles.

A gorgeous backdrop or even a behind the scenes shot can work really well, but you’ll notice on some of the most successful Instagram feeds that images with very little going on in it other than the main subject are frequently the most popular. This is down to the magic of negative space.

Embracing negative space basically means not shying away from empty areas in a photo. Try standing your client in front of a plain white wall, or completely clear the space around them for a more aesthetically pleasing image. This also works really well for product and tool shots, if that is something you would like to try.


Use Editing Apps

If you think that your favourite Instagrammers upload photos fresh out of their camera or phone, think again. It is very rare that a fabulous image is free from editing. It might be just some very subtle tweaking of the light balance, details  and contrast or it could be quite a bit more.

Don’t freak out if you’re not a photoshop whizz-kid. Thanks to a bucket-load of nifty apps that you can now download straight to your phone, photo editing is easy.

We love Snapseed for it’s straightforward, user friendly tools that can transform a photo in a matter of minutes. Pinpoint areas to light up or dim down, bring out the vibrancy or add a filter or frame for a fun effect.


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Be Consistent

Following on from our point on editing your images, when doing this, do your best to keep your editing consistent throughout your Instagram feed.

Take a look at Instagram streams you follow and observe how all of their photos have a strong look carried through them. This might be down to their photography style or, more commonly, it is down to keeping their editing choices the same throughout.

Throwing in random filters for each post can leave your feed looking haphazard and messy. This is not something that people enjoy looking at! You need to consider your stream as a whole, like a book or a shop window and dress it accordingly.

Choose a signature look and stick with it for best results.


Use Your Phone Features

Aside from editing apps, your phone actually comes with some clever in-built features that are designed to help you take a better photo. There’s nothing complicated about it and they’re well worth using, so start today!

The latest iPhones have a portrait mode which will give you fabulously crisp clear images of the hair and makeup and will actually blur out the background so even clutter in the background looks good!

Alternatively, turn on your grid function. This brings up a square grid whenever you go to take a photo, which means that you can line up your subject in a far more symmetrical way or draw attention to bits you want to stand out. Pro photographers will tell you that keeping the main point of interest right in the centre or in a corner surrounded by negative space is the best way to utilise this.

Burst mode is another good one to try out if you’d like to capture some action shots at an event. This feature will allow you to use a fast shutter speed to take lots of quick images – you can then choose to best moment to save and use.

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Keep it Simple

Over-edited shots can be very unappealing, particularly if you’re not that great at doing it. Be conservative with filters and how strong you make them – less is more.

Maintaining a more natural look with subtle changes to bring out the very best in a photo is the best way to go for a stunning Instagram feed.


Practice & Play

Just like we say with bridal hairstyling, practice makes perfect, so always be taking photos. If you want to improve a skill, there’s no better way that by playing around with it, having fun and doing it every day.

Make taking creative photos part of your daily routine and take time to really look at your favourite Instagram feeds and emulate the look they’re using. Eventually, you will develop your own style, but experimenting with looks that you know you like and trying to understand what makes them work is really helpful.

Practice, practice, practice! You’ll get better all the time.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Keep practicing your bridal hair skills…


Look for Moments

If you’re not used to taking photos, you might find yourself waiting for a shot to present itself to you, but really it’s down to you to go looking for the moments.

Switch on your creative brain and always keep an eye out for Instagram-worthy moments – something that tells a story, something that shows emotions or something that just looks gorgeous!

Use your eyes before the lens and consider the best composition, lighting and angle before taking a picture. This will help you take less throw-away photos and more worth using, making your time choosing which to upload far more efficient.

The more you train yourself to do this, the easier it will become. Start looking at the world through a photographer’s eyes. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your skill develops.

Dealing With Difficult Clients – The Bridal Hairstylist Business Guide

As a bridal hairstylist or makeup artist, most of the people you’ll encounter will be happy, excited and in good spirits, which is part of what makes the job great! However, just as with any job out there, you will come across a client every so often who makes life difficult.

With a wedding coming up or on the big day itself, tensions are often running high and the mission to create the best hair and makeup that someone has ever had, under strict time constraints, is certainly a challenge. At some point, it is almost guaranteed that dealing with difficult clients is something you’re going to want to know about.

It might be that your bride-to-be is super stressed out; maybe she’s got her heart set on a look that just isn’t possible to create with her hair type; perhaps she hasn’t got a clue what she wants but whatever you’re doing just isn’t it….or it could just be that she’s not all that nice! Whatever the reason for the trouble, it’s up to you as the professional in that situation to diffuse the problem quickly, calmly and effectively.

dealing with difficult clients

You may describe yourself as a ‘people person’, as most of us who get into being a bridal hair stylist or makeup artist partly do so because we love the sociable aspect of it, but that doesn’t necessarily make you the best at dealing with tricky situations or complaints. If this is something that plays on your mind as one of your greatest work-related fears, we’re here to help!

There are ways that you can cope with a business confrontation and even keep the client, if you play your cards right…

At the end of the day, so much about making it in this industry comes down to positive reviews through word of mouth, so whatever happens, you want your clients to all go back to their friends having had a good experience.

This doesn’t mean that you always have to sit back and take it if things get tough, but having the emotional, psychological and professional toolkit to bring high tension back down to earth is key. It is very unlikely that you’ll ever come face to face with anything really confrontational, but it’s always good to know how to keep things on an even keel.

Just as you need to be equipped with all sorts of styles and techniques for creating a huge variety of bridal looks, you also need to be ready for all situations and know how to keep your head cool.

dealing with difficult clients

Be Prepared For Anything!

Keep Pam in your pocket with our online course…

dealing with difficult clients

Take Complaints Seriously, But Not Personally

When dealing with difficult clients you’ve got to keep your feelings, and your ego, at bay. As soon as you get emotionally caught up in a problem, keeping your cool and maintaining professional equilibrium gets much harder; so if you receive a complaint from a client the first thing to do is to step out of it meaning anything about you.

If your client is unhappy with her hair or makeup or anything else for that matter, this does not have to reflect on you as a person and it doesn’t make you bad at your job. Rather than taking it personally and taking a confidence hit, which then in turn might well lead to you going on the defensive, try to avoid justifying your position and instead control the situation by offering a solution with a happy ending.

dealing with difficult clients

Practice Reflective Listening 

Listening to a client’s upset and replying with ‘I understand, but…’ can lead to further frustration from your bride, as the ‘but’ clearly tells her that you are not understanding what she is so wound up about. Instead of this, reflective listening allows the client to feel as though you really do understand what they are saying rather than just offering an almost impersonal response and if you haven’t got it quite right, it gives them the chance to be clear – which can often make things much easier! Miscommunication has an awful lot to answer for.

To practice reflective listening when dealing with difficult clients, what you need to do is interpret your client’s words and body language and respond by reflecting what you have understood back to your bride, politely, which then allows for them to say ‘yes, that’s right’ or ‘no, let me try saying that in a different way’.

Communication is Key…

Nail Your Bridal Trial run with these top tips…

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keeping calm is of course extremely important when it comes to dealing with difficult clients, so this needs to be your first priority. The point we made above about not taking complaints personally will really help with this, so go from there.

People will often mirror the emotions of the other person, so if you get angry it’s likely that your client will get angry too, but if you remain calm, courteous and respectful it is far more likely that they will tone down to do the same.

Behaving in a rude or disrespectful way is always going to reflect very badly on you and your business, so refrain from name-calling, finger-pointing or saying or doing anything that might be used against you.

Your best bet is to keep a calm, professional yet assertive tone and keep it friendly. Falling prey to emotion in tense situations is all too easy, but if you’re reading this now then hopefully if and when the time comes you’ll be a little more prepared! Have empathy, try to understand where they are coming from and always aim to respond with kindness.

dealing with difficult clients

Lose the Fear

Fear of what might come of a negative review can lead to big problems when dealing with difficult clients.

If you’re facing confrontation when dealing with a difficult client, you wouldn’t be the only bridal hairstylist in the world to panic and instantly start imagining all the terrible things that might come of this.

As long as you remain calm and professional at all times, you’ve got nothing to worry about. It is only when a customer feels poorly treated that they’ll go off on a rampage, so if you do your best to resolve whatever the problem is and leave them feeling heard it’s likely that they will calm down very quickly. It may even turn out that it reflects well on you, if you play your cards right!

dealing with difficult clients

Prevent Problems Where Possible

It is always better to avoid problems altogether by being clear and honest from the get-go, rather than trying to fix it later. If you’re presented with a client who is demanding you do the impossible, then make sure you explain right from the start that you won’t be able to do that and why.

Offer some positive advice and let them know what you can do with their hair, maybe suggest getting some clip in extensions in order to achieve the look they’re after.

Don’t ever lead them to believe you can offer something if you can’t.

This point also applies to situations such as if you’re running late or your assistant hasn’t turned up. Tell them as soon as you know – call and give a heads up if you’re going to get there half and hour later than planned and always apologise in this scenario! It is more likely than not that your bride will be fine about it, but she will almost certainly be upset if you just don’t show when you say you will.

bridal hair

Good Record Keeping

Keep your clients happy.

After the trial run make detailed plans of the wedding hairstyle and/or bridal makeup you have created. It is not enough to take photos on the trial. Photos only show the finished result, when it comes to re-creating the perfect style on the wedding day you need to remember how you got there. You’ll need to remember every detail from the trial run, from exactly what hair prep you used, to what products you used and whether you need to cover her ears.

Have a look at Pam’s wedding planners and make sure you get every detail right.

wedding hair

Communicate Clearly

Try not to mince your words or blurt out things you don’t mean when dealing with a difficult client. Think things through carefully before opening your mouth and above all else, do not ‘react’!

Be clear about everything right from the start.

From pricing, to times to the way things are going to pan out on the day, lay it all out so that your client can’t misunderstand. Before saying anything to them, make sure that you have a clear idea of everything you’re doing too – winging it does not work well when you’re a bridal hairstylist. Get your head around it all first so that when you’re giving vital information, it is accurate.

Clear communication is a valuable skill in all areas of life, so you can start practicing this right away – don’t just wait until you’re faced with a problem.

dealing with difficult clients

Always Do Your Best Work

No matter how you feel about a client, it is your job to always do the work work you can. Remember that you’re being paid for a service, so put your all into it! If you know that you’ve done your very best, then if you are faced with a complaint you will know wholeheartedly that you could not have done it any differently when dealing with difficult clients.

Always have a good chat to your client before you start trying styles out on them and remember to keep an eye on their body language throughout, as often this speaks louder than words. Some brides are quite shy about telling you what they do or don’t like, so keep asking questions as you style to give them the opportunity to speak up before it’s too late.

dealing with difficult clients

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Goodbye

Sometimes dealing with difficult clients just isn’t worth it. If you’ve done your best, you’ve tried to resolve a problem and you’ve remained professional but your client still isn’t happy, it’s not the worst thing in the world to cut them loose. It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes a bridal hairstylist and a client just aren’t right for each-other and it’s better to nip it in the bud than wait until the going gets tough.

There’s no need to be rude about it, you can just say that you feel as though you can’t give them what they’re after and maybe you could even make a recommendation of another bridal hairstylist they can get in touch with that might be able to help. Sometimes it’s better to say goodbye to the client and the work than fight for something that just isn’t meant to be.

5 New Years Resolution to Boost Your Career as a Bridal Hair Stylist

Just because we’re in February now doesn’t mean that we’re going to let you off no sticking to your new year’s resolutions! We’re good like that.

Here at Create Beautiful Hair, we’re not so keen on the old half-hearted diets and expensive gym memberships that never get used, for us, it’s all about what we can do to grow our business and continue to thrive as a Bridal Hair Stylist.

Knowing what to do to help your career progress can be a tricky one. You might be just starting out or perhaps you feel as though you’re ready to expand into bigger and better things. Whatever stage you’re at, it’s always good to be thinking ahead, from knowing all the hottest trends to picking up more and more work, so we’re going to let you in on all of our best industry secrets to keep your business booming – even during the quiet, winter months…

bridal hair stylist

Get Online

First thing’s first: if you’re not online, get online.

By that, we mean a website, a Facebook business page, a business Instagram account…the lot! If you’re not accessible on the world wide web, not only are you going to be impossible to discover but clients already considering you will lose faith that you’re their best choice.

Having a really sharp, professional looking website with all the necessary info on helps to build trust and reliability before a bride even makes first contact. If you don’t have a website, or at the very least a business page on Facebook with lots of great reviews, then a bride is going to start wondering if you’re experience enough or even ‘legit’.

bridal hair stylist

Get gorgeous photos up in an easy-to-navigate online portfolio, list your prices, make sure that your contact details are clear and simple to find and provide some information about yourself too – your brides-to-be want to get a feel of their bridal hair stylist and know that they are qualified, friendly and confident.



Online reviews are crucially important these days, so if you haven’t got any of those yet it’s time to get to work getting some out there! Create some stunning styles for family and friends and ask them to leave reviews on your Facebook page and on Google+ reviews too.

Don’t be shy about getting in touch with old clients either to ask them to put one up as well. Send an email with the links they need to take them right to the review page to make the process easy as pie.

Invest in Yourself

Anyone who works hard and sticks at their passion WILL get a ‘big break’ at some point, but it can take a little while to get there. The most important thing you can do as you make your journey as a Bridal Hair Stylist is to invest in yourself and be learning, continually.

Always be practicing, always be discovering new styles and techniques. Our Online Bridal Hair Course is a fantastic way to keep your head in the game even when things are a bit quiet. You can spend your free time brushing up on everything from correct kit care to the perfect blow-dry. Never rest on your laurels – if you want this, you’ve got to put the time in.

bridal hair stylist

Always Be Learning

Online Bridal Hair Course

Go to Events

Hiding yourself away and hoping that the work will just come to you is not great business practice. If you want to be a successful Bridal Hair Stylist you’ve got to put yourself out there, get known and if you get the opportunity, show off your skills!

Wedding fairs can be an excellent place to source new clients, so start researching upcoming events and aim to get booked into at least one. Attending the big hair events such as Pro Hair Live and the Bridal Exhibition is invaluable too – pop along, take in some seminars and catwalks and mingle. Make those contacts!

bridal hair stylist
bridal hair stylist

Be Pro-active

Even if you’re struggling to get paid work, don’t be down about it, just use that time to assist wherever possible (this often will lead to paid work!) and stay focused when you do. There’s no point going along to work but not paying enough attention to learn anything: watch how to lead stylist does things, stay on top of what products and tools he or she might need next and be brave enough to jump in if they ask you to.

As a Bridal Hair Stylist in such a competitive industry, it’s up to you to think outside the box to get more work. Get in touch with PR companies, magazines, other hair stylists or makeup artists and event teams and ask if they are looking for a hair stylist. You never know – you might make a career-changing call at exactly the right time!

How to Win at Instagram for a Serious Bridal Hair Business Boost!

black friday

Most of you will probably have an Instagram account for personal use, but if you’re not signed up and making the most of this fantastic social media platform for your Bridal Hair Business, then you’re missing a great opportunity.


Instagram has recently made it so that you can set your account up as a business account and receive access to insights about your posts, making tailoring your uploads to get the best audience response possible even easier!

online bridal hair course

As a career that has the potential to offer you some really gorgeous images, Instagram is one of the best marketing options for Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists all over the world and with an estimated 500 million users, this is a free advertising opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on! But as with all social media, it’s not as simple as setting up your account, uploading gorgeous photos and waiting for those likes and followers to roll in: if you want to grow your business, you’ve got to learn how to work your Instagram feed for the win.


Find out how to take the photos you need for a successful Instagram account on on blog ‘How to Take Amazing Photos for your Social Media’


Ready to transform your Instagram feed into a new avenue for success? Here’s how to win at Instagram for a serious Bridal Hair business boost…

Know Your Goals


When launching an Instagram feed for your business, you need to treat it as the marketing tool it is and work out some kind of plan to stick to that will help to reach your goals, but before that, you need to know what your goals are!

Do you plan on using Instagram to showcase your work to your customers and potentially generate new leads? Do you want your feed to be a ‘behind the scenes’ access point or more of a portfolio? Or is your main goal just to get the followers in and decide what to do next once you’ve got a small audience set up?

Once you’ve figured out what you would like to achieve from setting up a business Instagram, you can then start making plans for more specific goals, such as how many followers or likes you aim to get in a month or how many photos or videos you would like to try and upload. Having structured goals will help you achieve what you’re setting out to do, in the long run.


Use Business Insights


As of 2016, Instagram introduced their new business platform with built-in insights for users to work with to really get the most out of their posts. Business accounts are not so much about what you want to post, but more about what your audience wants to see and these insights can help you figure out what that is.

Start off by trialling different types of posts to see what sort of response they get: videos, motivational posts, behind the scenes, portfolio shots, pics of your clients and maybe even a competition! This is a great way to quickly figure out what your audience enjoys, particularly when teamed up with trending hashtags.

You can take insights one step further and download a separate tool, such as Iconosquare, to monitor all of your posts closely, including success of hashtags and overall growth.


Top Tip: If you want to make sure that all of your posts are as good as they can be, write yourself up a ‘content calendar’ so that nothing is left to spur of the moment, rush entries.


Optimise Your Profile


As a business feed, your Instagram needs to essentially be used as a shop window. No mess is allowed and everything needs to be clear, user-friendly and on brand.

Make sure that your username is recognisable and obviously representing what you have to offer, as this is going to be how people find you! Ensure that your profile is PUBLIC, not private; add your full business name into the ‘name’ section in settings and include a link to your website in your bio. It’s great to change this link up sometimes too, in line with a call to action in your posts. For example, if you’re asking people to read your latest blog, put the direct link to this in your bio.

When you post, you can optimise these too by adding your location, posting relatable content, using trending and relevant hashtags, only uploading beautiful images and asking your audience to do something ie. Comment or read your blog.


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Always Use Hashtags


Hashtags are a must for getting your pics out there, but they have to be relevant to your post or you may end up losing followers rather than gaining them!

Take a look at some of the top Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist feeds and see which hashtags they are using. Do this regularly, as these are constantly changing.

You could even start up your own brand hashtag and try gaining some popularity by encouraging others to use it too. If you do this, it has to be unique to you and your brand so that you don’t end up overlapping with the competition!


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Great Business Practice Tips for Bridal Hair & Makeup Artists

Following on from our last blog ‘The Trial Run: Make Sure Your Bride is Happy with Her Hair & Makeup’ where we gave you our top tips on how to have fantastic trial runs and secure those jobs, today we’re going to be covering great business practice that will really benefit you before even meeting your clients.

With so much competition out there, it’s more important than ever to be at the top of your game from the word go. Whether you’re constantly practicing new bridal styles to better yourself or getting back to emails faster and more efficiently than anyone else, there are always ways to make sure that you’re the bridal hair stylist and/or makeup artist that your client chooses.

Be Keen!

Always try to get back to emails and phone messages quickly, but take your time to make sure your emails come across as friendly and approachable.

A wedding day is such a personal thing, so it’s not just your portfolio that sells you.

Your personality is almost as important to brides as your skill, so give them the chance to get a feel for you as a person, not just another faceless bridal hair and makeup artist.

If you have a standard email reply that you send out to people, always makes sure you adapt it to answer any specific questions she may have asked so that she doesn’t feel like just another client.

Pay attention to detail and make her feel special, right from the first contact.


Bridal Hair – Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re going to be styling hair, ask your client to send you a few photos of the sorts of hairstyles they like in advance. This will give you the invaluable opportunity of being able to practice the styles you know she’ll love before you meet her, meaning you get to avoid those tricky moments where you don’t feel confident in giving her what she wants!

Remember: Practice heads are not quite like the real thing, but they are incredibly useful.  There’s a bewildering choice of heads available, so you might get into a bit of a spin figuring out which one to get but whatever length you choose, make sure it is 100% human hair.

We love the Capital Hair and Salon Services practice heads and use these on all of our bridal hair courses. Salon Services are a more expensive and have thicker hair, however, the Capital Hair practice heads (available in our shop!) have hair that is lighter in colour, almost as if they have highlights, which always looks better on camera. If you’re hoping to build up your portfolio or win clients over with photos of your styles on your practice head, this makes a huge difference.



There’s no right or wrong time of year to offer a trial run, but you will probably find that your busiest months will be in the summer as the peak wedding season runs from April to October.

The majority of brides will be happy having their trial 3-6 months before the big day, but if your bride says that she wants her trial 12 months before the wedding, let her. There’s no harm in it and she may be having sleepless nights! It’s part of your job to help your brides feel relaxed and happy and this will be one more thing she can tick off her list. However, if she has the trial too far in advance she may decide to have another one closer to the wedding – that’s no problem but she’ll have to pay again.

If you can, try to start booking your bride’s trials in sooner in the year, rather than later, to keep your summer weekends free for weddings! If you can gently nudge your clients into having their trial runs in January, Feb & March you’ll end up being able to take on more wedding bookings and making more money.

Oh – one more thing about timing – never do a trial run when you’re in a rush! Your bride may have spent years planning her wedding, so make sure you give her the time and attention she needs.


Keep on Learning, Even After Your Training

A bridal hair stylist’s work is never done! Never stop learning new styles and make sure that you’re practicing on a regular basis to stay fresh.

If you’re thinking about joining one of our bridal hair courses in London, Manchester Birmingham or Bristol you couldn’t’ve picked a better time! We now include up to a year of online bridal hair training, support and advice with each booking.

Our online training offers you the chance to learn new styles and practice a wide variety of different styles as many times as you like, as well as offering you 1-2-1- help and advice from Pam whilst you’re learning in the comfort of your own home.

Once you’re an online member, you can also join Pam on her live webinars and get your bridal hair questions answered there and then!