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Learn Blow-Dry Online: in-depth Blow Dry Tutorials




Watch our in-depth blow-dry tutorials and learn how to blow-dry online. Join Pam Wrigley and the expert blow-dry team here at create beautiful hair for a great learning experience.

You’ll be able to practice lots of different blow dry techniques and because we have such a wealth of experience, you’ll soon build our confidence and will be blow-drying like a pro!

fabulous blow-dry step by step

We’ve got blow-drying covered. So, by following the blow-dry course work and practice the styles you’ll soon be able to create the perfect blow-dry.

Read on to find out which blow dry techniques you’ll be able to learn. And because the price of this course won’t break the bank, you’ll be able to start learning straight away.

online blow dry tutorials

We’ve have a veritable cornucopia of blow dry style tutorials for you to choose from. And because all the fabulous blow-dry tutorials are available online, you’ll be able to join our distance learning blow-dry course today and learn how to blow-dry, where-ever you live in the world.

With our wide selection of blow-dry tutorials for both long and short hair you’re going to be spoilt for choice. Which is no bad thing, as long as you have the time to learn!

endorsed blow-dry course

We are in the final stages of getting our fabulous ONLINE BLOW-DRY COURSE accredited by Habia, so please watch this space.

In the mean time you can learn all these blow dries and much more when you join the Online Bridal Hair Course for just £9.99 per month.

And there’s no contract so you can be an member for as long or as little as you like.

BLow Dry COurse

blow-dry tutorials you can watch

On this online blow-dry course we’ll be taking you step by step through learning how to blow-dry, whilst you practice working with both longshort hair.

Rather than practice on friends or family for your first blow-dry, it would be a good idea to purchase a practice head before you begin, especially if you haven’t done any blow-drying before.

This way you will be able to practice the techniques and build your confidence first, before start blow-drying for real. Because the quality of the practice head is super important, so we recommend buying a good quality practice head, it will definitely be worth it.

You will need to buy a good quality 100% human hair practice head with high hair density, so you can get a good result every time. Avoid cheap or ‘bargain’ practice heads at all costs, as you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to practice heads.

We’ve done our research so you don’t need to as a result we have fabulous practice heads available in our bridal hairstyle shop. And because we have 10% OFF an free postage so there’s never been a better time to get started.

You can also get amazing practice heads here. Although this company isn’t based in the UK they do ship internationally, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.

blow-dry long hair

Brush-in blow-dry

Volume blow-dry

Victoria secrets blow-dry

Curly to straight blow-dry

Curly blow-dry

blow-dry short hair

Smooth sleek low-dry

Choppy Bob blow-dry

Smooth sleek blow-dry

Pixie hair cut blow dry for very short hair

Plus lots of quick tip tutorials


Know your blow-dry brushes & blow dry products

We’ll show you which brushes and products produce great results, so you can achieve the blow-dry result you want every time.

With correct sectioning and by mastering the ribboning technique you’ll be able to create smooth and sleek or voluminous curls with your blow-dry.

All the blow-dry techniques are versatile. As a result, once you have mastered them you’ll be able to create a wide range of beautiful results.

blow dry tutorials online, curl blow dry and brush in victoria secret online lesson


All the blow-dry tutorials are included in our Online Hair-up & Bridal Hairstyle Course.

Join us online and master perfect blow-dry techniques for a flawless finish.

Build your confidence and master a variety of blow-dry techniques as you learn how to work with different hair lengths.

Learn how to achieve a big, bouncy blow dry, a curly blow dry. Then master the smooth, sleek blow-dry and find out which products and brushes you need for a great blow-dry result every time.

Your clients want to look good so join our online blow-dry course and we’ll help you make the most of the growing demand for a beautiful blow-dry.

We are in the final stages of getting our fabulous ONLINE BLOW-DRY COURSE accredited by Habia, so please watch this space.

In the mean time you can learn all these blow dries and much more when you join the Online Bridal Hair Course for just £9.99 per month. And there’s no contract so you can be as member for as long or as little as you like.


Join us and learn how to create beautiful hair styles by following our wide selection of hair style tutorials.

There are over 150 in-depth hairstyle tutorials on the online bridal hair course.

So you’ll be able to learn hairstyles for long and short hair, curly girl styles, blow dry tutorials, braids and Afro hair style tutorials.

So there’s lots to choose from!

We have 2 membership options available so you can choose a learning method that is best for you.

Including hair up, braids, blow-dry, curly girl and Afro hair style tutorials.

Habia endorsed bridal hair training course and hairstyle tutorials Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for Braids Bridal hairstyle & hair up course online

Everyone loves a fabulous blow-dry!

Join our online bridal hair style course &

find out how to give your clients the finished result they want,

every time.

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Our 1 day courses are the perfect choice for experienced hairdressers wanting to top up their techniques and take their hairstylist services to the next level and equally so for beginners and makeup artists wanting to really hone in on a particular skill-set.

You’re spoiled for choice with our 1 day Blow-dry Courses in London and Manchester with expert hairdresser to the stars Jacquie Gee and and 1 Day Braiding Courses in London, delving into everything you need to know about how to create incredible plaits & braids.

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black friday

1 Day Blow-Drying Course

We mean business. No tongs or straighteners allowed on this course!


Suitable for all levels, no experience necessary!

Small groups

Loads of hands-on practice

Price: £199 £179.10 – Pay by instalment available

CBH Habia Endorsed CPD Certificate

We believe that practice makes perfect, so after the initial demo on this fantastic 1 day course you’ll be blow-drying all day!

There’s no denying that this is an intensive course, as celebrity hairstylist Jacquie Gee will put you to work right away learning how to create flawless blow-dry styles, from big and bouncy to smooth and sleek.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to styling hair, so it’s important to know how to handle all hair types to get the results you want. Sometimes, only blow-drying will do and you don’t want to be that hairstylist who doesn’t know how to meet the growing demands for a gorgeous blow-dry!

Work 3 different hair lengths, get to know your brushes and products, experiment with a variety of techniques and discover how to prep and dry the hair expertly for a range of beautiful results.


Sectioning – Ribboning – Smooth & Sleek – Voluminous Curls – Big & Bouncy

1 Day Braiding Course

A ‘must take’ course if you want to Create Beautiful Braids!


Suitable for all levels, no experience necessary!

Small groups

Loads of hands-on practice

Price: £199 £179.10 – Pay by instalment available

CBH Habia Endorsed CPD Certificate

black friday

From the basics to complex braids, you’ll leave our 1 day course with new-found, extensive knowledge and practical skills of how to create the most beautiful plaited styles.

Learning in small groups with absolutely LOADS of hands-on practice, you’ll have so much fun creating a wide range of braids using a variety of techniques that will totally ‘wow’ your clients.

Braids never go out of fashion, but it’s important to stay up-to-date with all of the most recent braided styles, which is what you’ll learn on this ‘must have’ course.


Zipper Braids – Loop Braids – Twisted-Edge Fishtail – Flower Braids – Dragon Braids – Dutch Plait – French Plait – Feathering – Lacing – Waterfall – And more!

Create Beautiful Hair & Makeup Courses in Action!

Bridal hair & Wedding Makeup


Thinking of joining us on one of our courses?


We know that there are lots of other course providers out there and it can be really tough to choose which one to go for.

We are the only UK provider offering upto 12mths ongoing training with webinars, videos & unlimited 1-2-1 help & support along side our

4 day Bridal Hair Courses and 2 day Bridal Hair Courses in LondonManchesterBirmingham & Bristol.

Bridal Hair Courses to Shout About!

Have a look at our ‘courses in action’ photos we’ve taken on some of our most recent create beautiful bridal hair and wedding makeup courses, to give you a good idea of what it’s like to be one of our students.

We’re so proud of the progress that our students always make on our courses, no matter what their experience level.


Bridal hair & Wedding Makeup Course Feedback


We always get such great feedback (check out our 5* reviews!) and our students tell us that they not only learn more than they ever expected and get hours of hands on practice, but they also have loads of fun too!


Beginners & Experienced Hairdressers


All of our courses are suitable for all experience levels, you don’t need any existing qualifications to take part, but advanced stylists and makeup artists always learn an awful lot on our courses too.

We offer a wide range of bridal hair & makeup courses here at Create Beautiful Hair, so there’s something for everyone! From 4 day bridal hair courses, where you get to spend 4 fun-filled days creating fabulous styles on live models and end the week with a professional portfolio photoshoot, to our 1 day intensive blow-drying or braiding course.

heated rollers

The best start to your Bridal Hair Career


We want you to be able to attend our courses where-ever you are in the world, so Create Beautiful Hair Training is international!

With face to face courses in London, Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester and AQA UAS Accredited Online Bridal Hair Training we have amazing students world-wide.

Learn Bridal Hair online with award winning wedding hair stylist Pam Wrigley – where ever you are in the world.

Create Beautiful Bridal Hair & Wedding Makeup


Courses in Action!


Here are some candid phone snaps from our recent courses, showing some of the great work by our talented students…

Want to know more about Create Beautiful Hair & Makeup courses? Get in touch with us for more information on or call us on 0208 737 7008