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Alternative Bride: Hairstylist Tips & Hairstyle Inspiration

Hairstylist Tips & Hairstyle Inspiration

. . .for  the Aternative Bride


An ‘Alternative Bride’ or ‘Rock & Roll Bride’ as they are often known, can be some of the most fun clients to work with, but getting the hairstyle right for their big day can sometimes present a challenge if you’re more adept at quite classic bridal hairstyles.


When working with Alternative Brides, you need to remember that the key to getting their look right is to allow their colourful character to shine through, whilst still honouring that wonderful femininity that being a bride is all about! They still want to look like themselves, so trying to coax them into a more classic or conservative style is usually not the right way to go.


As with working on any bride, the most important thing is communication. Don’t assume anything as a bridal hairstylist, ever! You really never know what people want until you ask, try things out and then ask again and the same applies for Alternative Brides. The best way to get it right is to talk, get to know them, ask questions and of course look at their inspiration photos if they have any. Once you start trying out styles, don’t forget to keep a close eye on their body language too, because brides-to-be at trials aren’t always 100% truthful about how their feeling.


If you’re unfamiliar with the Alternative Bride scene, it’s easy to understand why you might feel a little unsure about what sort of styles to suggest. Nothing too outlandish, just something that hints towards a slightly rebel vibe.

Here are some of Pam Wrigley’s recent styles that an Alternative Bride might love:

alternative bride

Tumbling Curls


This is a great hairstyle to try out on a bride who wants to show their colourful spirit, whilst still looking very glamorous and bridal.


‘Grecian’ over-the-shoulder curls are one of Pam’s bride’s favourite looks, and one of the first styles you’ll learn how to create on our 2 & 4 day bridal hair styling courses, but the way she has styled it here gives it a bit of a unique twist.


Just by adding a small quiff at the front with some gentle back-combing, you can transform what is often seen as a more classic bridal hairstyle into a look that really lends itself to the alternative bride scene.

alternative bride

Hollywood/Mermaid Waves


Don’t make the mistake that an Alternative Bride won’t want a sleek and smooth hairstyle, as you could very well be wrong! The Rockabilly, metal and alternative scenes are very heavily influenced by vintage fashion, so a silky Hollywood wave might be just what you’re after.


This timeless hairstyle looks fabulous with all sorts of wedding dress styles and can easily be given a personal touch with your choice of hair accessory.


The hair comb used by Pam for this style could work very well for an alternative bride, as it’s so big it’s almost a fascinator, which is quite fun. You could of course also just keep this look really simple with no accessories at all, or turn it mermaid with a starfish clip or Hawaiian with a large flower behind the ear!

alternative bride

90s Up Do


90s/00s fashion has been back in a big way all over the high-streets and runways, and it’s been just as popular on the alternative circuit too.


This is actually quite a traditional style, but with a few tweaks such as loose strands around the face or just pairing it with 90s style accessories, it takes on a whole new high-fashion feel.


Take your Alternative Bride back for a nostalgia trip and transform her into a totally on fleek fashion icon whilst you’re at it. Preppy proms styles are where it’s at!