Being a bridal makeup artist is an amazing job, but quite a challenging one too! It’s up to you to create the best makeup look that your bride has ever had, so it’s important to get every single step right, from prep to finish.

For bridal makeup that is flawless and lasts throughout the day and night, the most important thing is thorough prep and skilful application – without the perfect base to work with and all the little tips that make all the difference, you won’t be able to create a perfect overall look.

Usually, discovering the small things that take your makeup skills a step above the rest can only come from experience, trial and error, but award-winning makeup artist Pam Wrigley is happy to share her pro knowledge with you that she has developed with her 20+ years in the industry.

To become an incredible bridal makeup artist, who wows your clients every time, join us on one of our bridal makeup courses for expert training with Pam Wrigley.


Until you can come along to our bridal makeup course, try using these expert makeup prep tips used by Create Beautiful Hair’s bridal makeup artist trainer, Pam Wrigley:

bridal makeup artist


Primer is a must for makeup artists – it minimises pore, smooths the surface and creates a barrier between the makeup and the skin to avoid oils and sweat allowing makeup to slide off.

Pam says

“I love Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer – it is a lovely moisturising start for dry skin which will leave your client’s face feeling plump, fresh and hydrated.

As we approach the menopause our skin can become dryer and more delicate, so using a primer is even more important on mature skin faces.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer is great for oily skin as it will help to keep the oil at bay and will help to disguise enlarged pores. Cosmetics a la Carte Matte Miracle is another great option for oily skin as it is a beautifully light oil absorbing gel that you can use on the t-zone to prevent getting shiny on camera.

If your bride has very open pores, Porefessional by Benefit really does what it says on the tin! Say goodbye to large pores, fine lines and wrinkles – it literally fills them in and makes them disappear!”

bridal makeup artist


Eyes are the window to the soul and so your clients are going to want these to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day. Smokey eyes, vintage eyeliner or soft and natural – all require an eye primer and amazing eyeshadows.

Pam says

“As we get older, the skin on our eyelids often becomes fine and – lets face it – a bit wrinkly! Eye primers are key to smoothing eyelids out and smoothing out creases, but pick your products carefully – there are lots to choose from!

Inglot Eyeshadow Keeper is, in my opinion, the best eye primer for mature skin. It is light, colourless and doesn’t look at all heavy or crepe-y on the delicate skin of the eyelid.

When it comes to colour, matte eyeshadows and eyeshadows with a gentle shimmer work best, but avoid eyeshadows with a lot of shimmer and glitter as these do not work well in photos.

Mac do a great range of paint pots. Painterly looks great on English Rose complexions, but be sure to build it up gradually as this product can be a bit heavy on the delicate skin around the eye.

Avoid liquid eyeliners and pencil eyeliners. Instead, try applying a dark eyeshadow using a sharp angle brush along the lash line for a soft, sultry yet defined look that stays put. Liquid eyeliners give a harsh line and can highlight wrinkles on the lid and eye pencils can drag the skin on the eye lid.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara is fabulous: clump proof, waterproof, cry proof, sleep proof and 100% smudge proof – it just doesn’t move and is totally perfect! All you need to do is add a couple of individual lashes to finish off the look.

As an added bonus, it also comes off easily with just little bit of warm water without even having to rub.”


Many a bridal makeup artist goes horribly wrong when it comes to foundation and blush – even being slightly off in your colour choices can ruin the whole look.

Pam says

Cosmetics à la carte skin tints are excellent. Super light weight but with good coverage and they come in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones. Build them up on the skin bit by bit to give extra coverage as and when you need it.

Bobby Brown cream blushes are my favourites – you only need a touch on the apple or along the cheek bone for a lovely, natural hint of colour and dewiness.



The brows, lips and highlighting add the finishing touches to your bride’s makeup look!

Pam says

“Avoid going heavy or dark with brows – keep them

bridal makeup artist

understated but still there. Forever Makeup do a great brow palette containing three powders, a wax, a highlighter/concealer and a great double sided brush for prefect application. Remember less is more!

Go easy on the highlighter – just a very subtle touch of a la carte shine illuminator on the cheek bone can be beautiful and make all the difference.

Keep lips simple by simply choosing a colour that your client loves, but steer clear of gloss, go for moist instead.”

Bridal Hairstylist Hacks: Tips from the Experts You Need to Know!

No matter whether you’re just starting out on your journey as a wedding hairstylist or you’ve been at it for years, it’s never too late (or too soon!) to learn all the expert bridal hairstylist hacks that make your life working with clients and creating beautiful hairstyles just that little bit easier.


It’s a tall order having to create the most beautiful hairstyle someone has ever had and it can be quite a daunting prospect if you’re worried about getting it right. How do you really know if a client loves her hairstyle at the trial or if she’s just being polite? What can you do to make creating hairstyles easier and more likely to stay put? And is it really possible to make limp, fine hair appear voluminous and gorgeous?


These are just a few of the questions that all wedding hairstylists have whirring through their brains all the time!


Make your job more enjoyable and your hairstyles more successful with these bridal hairstylist hacks:

bridal hairstylist hacks

Choose Your Products Wisely

Finding the perfect products to work with really only comes from years of experience, but luckily for those of you reading this, Pam is happy to share the knowledge she has gained from over 20 years working in the wedding hair and makeup industry so you don’t have to wait to find out!


One of our top bridal hairstylist hacks is about which hairspray you use. If you’re already styling hair, you’ll know that hairspray plays a big part during the preparation, creation and finishing and because so much hairspray is required, you might find that your client’s hair is ending up a bit more wet or crispy than you would ideally like. So, how do you beat this?


Pam’s top tip is not to use less hairspray, but to use the right hairspray!


“I love Elnett hairspray – it’s a classic for a reason – but the stuff you can buy in the shops is too heavy and wet for creating stunning bridal hairstyles. Instead, I only ever use Elnett Professional, which can be purchased at hairstylist wholesalers rather than on the high street. This product has a much finer mist spray action and whilst the hairspray still has a good, strong hold, it doesn’t weigh down the hair like the regular hairspray does”

Keep Your Pins in Place

Many hairstylists struggle with keeping their hairstyles in place once they’re created and this is the last thing you want when working with a bride – they want to feel confident that the style you make for them is going to last throughout the day and night, so having it all slip out at the trial is never a great start!


There are a few bridal hairstylist hacks that you can use to avoid this happening and keep those pins steadfast: First of all, you need to make sure you’re using the correct technique when fixing them in – just simply pushing the pins into the style won’t cut it, especially if the hair is quite heavy. Instead, you must use the up and over technique. Not sure what this is? Join us on one of our 2 day4 day or online courses and Pam will show you!


If you’ve got the technique down but your pins are still sliding out, a dusting of dry shampoo can work wonders. This product isn’t just for mattifying the hair, it’s also fantastic for creating a bit of extra grip.


You will also have an easier job of hairstyling in general if you ask your bride to wash her hair the night before, rather than on the day you’re due to meet. Avoiding conditioner for that last wash can really help as well, as very silky, soft hair is tough to work with.

If you read our blog post last week on ‘Hair Products and Kit for Creating Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles’, then you may have already gathered that the Create Beautiful Hair team are passionate about using and introducing you to great bridal hairstyling kit.


From the training heads we use on our 2 day bridal hair courses, to the hairspray we use to set a final look, every product used counts, and that’s something to remember on your journey to becoming a excellent bridal hairstylist.


There are certain things you really need in a bridal hairstyling kit, including at least one superb quality training head, which every hairstylist should have, no matter what your experience – always keep practicing and learning! With over 20 years experience in the bridal hairstyling industry and over 10 years experience in bridal hairstylist training, Pam Wrigley knows a thing or two about putting together a bridal hairstyling kit, which is why we now offer a fantastic selection of kits and products in our online shop!


We’ve got loads of great things for you to buy so we thought that we’d take you through what’s on offer piece by piece. In today’s blog we’re looking at our Bridal Hair Professional Kit


Our Bridal Hair Professional Kit


bridal hairstyling kit


We’ve put together a bridal hairstyling kit that includes everything you’ll need to complete our online course, train on your own or to start working with brides!


We know that it can be quite a pain getting all those little bits and pieces together, particularly if you’re really keen to get started and you’re not quite sure where to find suitable equipment. This bridal hairstyling kit is better than any others you’ll find out there, as all products included are selected due to real life experience and are actually Pam’s favourites and what she uses when working with brides too! In other words, we’re not selling you these products because we’re affiliated with the companies, we’re selling you these products because they really work.


What’s Included?


There’s an awful lot included in our Bridal Hair Professional Kit, from hairpins to curling tongs, and every last piece is very high quality.

The training heads included (there are two – one for short/medium hairstyle practice and one for long hair practice) are the same we use on our 2 day training course, and we only use the very best! They are 100% human hair with very realistic hairlines, which makes creating beautiful bridal hairstyles much easier in practice and in real time.


Here’s what you’ll get:


  • 1 Innova Setting Vol& Restruct Spray 300ml
  • 2 Comare Comb 102 Dressing 5 Metal Lifts
  • 3 Starflite 858 Cutting Comb
  • 4 Protip Comb 05 Pin Tail
  • 5 Elnett Normal 500ml
  • 6 Infinium H/spray Xf/ultimate 500ml
  • 7 Hair Tools Section Clips (Pk6)
  • 8 Hairtools 15mm Black Rubber Bands
  • 9 Headjog 112 Oval Cushion Brush
  • 10 Hg Long Hair Brush (pc)
  • 11 Hg Training Head 14-16 Inch
  • 12 Hg Ivory Wheel Clamp
  • 13 Hg Training Head 24-26 Inch
  • 14 Lj Professional Curl Clips
  • 15 LJ Hairgrips Brown Waved 2 Inch
  • 16 LJ Hairpins Black Heavy 2.5 Inch
  • 17 LJ Hairpins Brown Fine Wavy 2 Inch
  • 18 Osis Dust It 10g 1
  • 19 Babyliss Ceramic Roller Set X 30pc
  • 20 Babyliss Advanced Ceramic Styler Black
  • 21 Babyliss Conical Wand 32-19mm Black
  • 22 New Ceramic Dial A Heat Tong 19mm
  • 23 Tigi Cw Curls Rock Amplifier


How Much Does This Bridal Hairstyling Kit Cost?


We’re offering this complete, comprehensive set at the amazing price of just £268.00 with free UK shipping!

Like makeup, hair has been given an overhaul and moves towards a more grown up, luxurious look. After months of loose waves and a relaxed style we will now be rocking fresh takes on the up do for a sophisticated, expensive style.

Here are our top five hair trends to watch

Baby Hairs


This may seem a little strange but it is in fact a trend. Those little flyaway hairs that we try so hard to slick down and conceal are now being embraced by designers and celebs alike. On the runway at Stella McCartney the models appeared to have damp strands stuck to their faces in a sporty style. This look is easy to recreate using a touch or gel or serum.

The New Up ‘Do


AW15 is all about wearing your hair up in a proper up do. We love the elegant French twists seen at Chanel. Accessories will also be big next season so try wrapping ribbons around your hair or adorning with jewelled clips.

Luxurious Hair


The luxurious theme continues with glamorous and expensive looking blow drys heading down the runway at Balmain. There is no need to book repeat appointments at your salon; you can create a professional looking blowdry in the comfort of your own home.

Top Knots


We are pleased to see that top knots are popular next season as you can get away with them on nights out, at the office, or when there is simply not enough time to wash your hair. A messy bun is ideal for day wear while a gravity defying top knot, as seen at Marc Jacobs, is ideal for that festival or party look.

Natural Beauty


If you are after a more relaxed style then this outdoorsy look is for you. Go for windswept hair texturised with salt spray paired with flushed cheeks for that post hike glow.

By Gemma

Kate Middleton looked as stylish as usual during her visit to the Turner Contemporary Gallery earlier this month. Pregnant with her second child, she showed off her baby bump in a cheetah print dress whilst her hair was in a messy, volumised ponytail – the ideal hairstyle for this season. Perfect for both work and weekends, it can be achieved in just ten minutes. You can also add accessories like a pretty headband to dress up the look for date or special occasion.

Get the look

Step one:

Wash and condition your hair with volumising shampoo, making sure that you thoroughly rinse your hair. Apply some mousse to your roots before blow drying your hair. It is easier to work your way around your head if you first divide hair into sections.

Step two:

Now that your hair is dry, lightly run over the ends with hair straighteners to create a smooth finish. Avoid going over your roots as you will only flatten out the volume that you have just put in. Flip your hair upside down and comb through from underneath to again achieve more volume.

Step three:

Flip your hair back the right way and pull hair back using just your fingers to form a ponytail. Avoid using a brush for this as you don’t want to flatten your locks or create a look that is too precise. The idea is to have a slightly messy finish. Secure the ponytail using a hair elastic.

Step four:

Take a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around the hair elastic to conceal it. Fix this in place with a bobby pin.

Step five:

Use a touch of invisible oil to make any flyaways disappear, and avoid the stickiness and smell of hairspray. If you prefer to use hairspray then go for a product with light hold as you don’t want hair to have a rigid, crispy look.

By Gemma

Pink lips having been popping up everywhere and many in the know believe that the colour will be dominating this year’s lips. Orangey-red shades have ruled the runways for years but that is all changing. Barbie pink lipstick definitely made an impression during the ss15 fashion weeks, after all who can forget Moschino who built their whole collection round the colour.


While red lipstick is an easy go to colour when you want to make a dramatic impact with your look, pink can actually pack more of a punch in many ways. The good news is that there is actually a pink that will flatter every skin tone.

Selecting the correct pink shade for your skin tone is just as important as it is with any other lipstick shade.

Choose Matte

If you don’t like you lips to look too glossy and ‘plastic’ then you may want to give matte lipstick a try. Just make sure that you prep your lips beforehand by exfoliating off any dry skin with a toothbrush or flannel and then moisturise them well. If you lips are just ever so slightly dry, matte lipstick will highlight this.

Try Sheer

Some people are not a fan of the matte texture, in which case try using a sheer colour. A pink tinted lip balm is a good place to start as your lips will have a slight sheen, be moisturised, and have a nearly natural pink colour.

Don’t Get Carried Away

If you choose to go for a Barbie pink shade try not to get too carried away and give replicating her look a go. Instead go for barely there eye makeup with just a coat or two of mascara. The aim is to keep your lips as the main focus of your look.

By Gemma


Hi Pam,

I wonder whether you can help me… c37098fe1056d257a8352806fe36a18c

I have been asked to create the attached picture which looks quite simple but my client has no layering in her hair. Do you think I can still create this look? and have you got any advice on what product would help give this texture?

Thank you,



Hi Sian,
Thanks for getting in touch.
I’m pretty sure you will be able to recreate this style – it will actually be better to create this style is your client doesn’t have layers.
I would try putting some dry shampoo in the hair first to give it a bit of texture and a bit of staying power  or alternatively you can try one of the ‘spray clay’ products on the market – there is a nice one by ‘sexy hair’ which gives texture and hold to the hair and I think this will help you to create this look.
It is a lovely style – a nice, simple plait pulled out and loosened a bit – it will look great if your client has some highlights- let me know how it goes- would love to see a photo :-)
Good luck
Hi Pam,
Thanks your your help with this hair up, my client was really pleased and it stayed in all day and night.
Just a few photos for you:
front GetInline