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Bridal Hairstyling Kit Essentials

Bridal HAIr styling Kit Essentials

Get the low down on your bridal hairstyling kit essentials

You can buy your bridal hairstyling kit for less than you think, so starting a new career won’t break the bank.
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Ekta, one of my fabulous online bridal hairstyle students, she sent me this quick message on our student forum, regarding her bridal hair styling kit list.

And her message inspired me to write this article on essential items you need in your bridal hairstyle kit.

When you’re just starting out and learning how to be a bridal hairstylist, there are a few minimum, must have bridal hairstyling kit items that you’ll need to get for your wedding hair styling business.

There is a lot of information on this page! So get ready for some serious reading :)

You’ll find out what hairstyle kit essentials you’ll need to buy, the best way to store your grips, clips and whatnots. And where you can get good quality hair extensions.

You could take a quick look in the bridal hair styling online shop to buy your good quality 100% human hair practice heads.

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bridal hairstyles curls and Hollywood waves tutorial wedding hair style


Tongs & Wands

As a bridal hairstylist you’ll be called upon to create every type of curl, including soft & natural curls, corkscrew curls, beachy waves and Hollywood Waves.

As a result, curling tongs are an essential part of your bridal hairstyling kit. Whether you’re working with either poker straight hair or natural curls, fine, thin hair or long, thick, heavy hair.

So curling tongs will be the first thing to add to your hairstyling kit list.

I find the tongs I use most when I’m creating my beautiful bridal hairstyles are my Babyliss 25mm curling tongs. By the way – you will need tongs with a clamp :)

Tongs 19mm & 25mm

Wand 25-13mm

bridal hairstyles and online hairstyle tutorials by Pam Wrigley and create beautiful hair


Straighteners / Straightening Irons

Create beautiful, loose curls quickly and easily with straighteners. Ideal for finishing a half up half down bridal hair-do or a quick fix for last minute hairstyle for the flower girls!

Personally I love using my Babyliss hair straighteners, as they are both good quality and they leave hair with a lovely, smooth finish without snagging. And what’s more, they won’t break the bank!

We have a great ‘quick straightener curl’ tutorial on our online bridal hair style course, which takes you step by step though how to prep the hair before going on to create beautiful curls.

Whether you’re working with long or short hair, fine or thick straight or naturally curly, a pair of straighteners are a must have for your bridal hairstyling kit.

heated rollers practice head bridal hairstyle tutorial online kit list


Bridal hairstyling practice head

Practice Makes Perfect. . . To get the best out of your bridal hairstyle training course It is worth spending money on a good quality practice head and you need 100% human hair.

We recommend a medium or high density practice head, with hair no shorter than 12-14 inches for your bridal hairstyling kit.

We want to help you get the right bridal hairstyling kit, so we’ve searched around for great quality practice heads for your bridal hairstyle/hair-up practice.

If I had to choose my favourite bridal hair practice head from our selection of manikin heads in our bridal hairstyle shop, it would be this one

I love it because the hair has different tones in it, and as a result, your hairstyles look fab in photos. It also has plenty of hair – and it has shoulders – so it looks a bit more realistic!

Having said that, the practice heads on this site will blow your mind!!!

The have some truly beautiful practice heads,`so you’re going to be spoilt for choice!

Bridal Hair Styling Prep

Heated rollers

Heated rollers come into their own when you create classic bridal hairstyles, because they smooth out the cuticle on the hair so you get a gorgeous glossy result.

They are also great for gorgeous volume and natural looking, bouncy curls

Heated rollers will make bridal hairstyling easy, especially when you’re just starting out! If you’re not quite sure how to put them in, don’t worry! We have a full length roller setting tutorial showing you just that.

Use them on their own, or alongside your tongs and straighteners as part of your bridal hairstyling kit, for a perfect result every time.

heated roller and hot rollers tutorial and curling the hair with tongs to get bridal and wedding day hairstyles


Styling Kit:

Styling Products:

Blow Drying Perfection

Hair dryer

Blow drys are super popular at the moment, but you won’t necessarily need a hairdryer on day one, especially if you are just working on your practice head.

However, once you start working with clients you will definitely need one for your kit.

We love our Parlux hairdryers, our favourite brand of blow dry brushes are Head Hugger – they are just right for the job at hand.

Don’t for get you can learn how to create the perfect curly blow dry with our fabulous tutorials, which are available on our online bridal hair course.

What’s more, you’ll learn how to blow dry short, long & medium length hair, curly to straight. . .and straight to curly.

Bridal Hair Organisation

Fishing tackle box for grip storage

This may seem like an odd one, but staying well organised will make your life as a pro bridal hairstylist so much easier!

Try the Fox Range Stack N Store 16 Compartment Box

The best one I’ve found is the large / shallow size available at numerous fishing tackle suppliers online – you can find them here:

Selection of Hair grips/Bobby Pins & Hair Pins

Hair grips/Bobby pin Sizes

  • 3 cm, 4.5 cm and 6 cm

Hair pins:

  • Strong – approx. 4-4.5 cm and 6-6.5 cm
  • Fine – approx. 4-4.5 cm

Suppliers of hair pins & grips

You can get them in our SHOP and also from Inca uk & Banbury Postiche (always buy hair pins with tips on the end so they don’t scrape along your clients scalp!)

Wedding Hair Styling Products

The essentials

Prep, Prime & Setting Lotions – Schwarzkopf Silhouette style & care lotion and Schwarzkopf Silhouette setting lotion/Pump Spray

Salt Sprays

L’Oreal Texture spray and Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray

Curl creams 

We love  L’Oreal Liss Control and Boots Essentials Curl Cream – great for smoothing out slightly more stubborn curls!

Goldwell Style Superego Cream you need this in your kit – fabulous for beautiful textured styles

Texturising Powder – Great for adding texture, volume and body to the hair. Dust It by Schwarzkopf and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play are a couple of the best one I’ve found. 

Hair spray – You’ll need a hair spray that brushes out easily – it should be flexible on the hair so you can try different looks easily. We recommend Elnett Professional Hair Spray – regular hold – available at most beauty wholesalers. Also try Osis Session 3 – a great dry hair spray that is super strong but not heavy. It is good as a finishing spray.

Avoid regular Elnett available at most chemists and supermarkets as it can be quite wet and has a tendency to make the hair crispy.

Mousse – a medium or firm hold mouse will do the trick.

Bridal Hair Kit Extras

bridal hairstyling kit bits & bobs

Snag free elastic bands eg HQ Hair & Claire’s

Extension lead at least 3m long

Sectioning clips and curl clips

Donuts / Padding

Available from numerous suppliers.

I’ve found them nice and cheap at Inca UK – BTW – they call donuts ‘Bun Formers’.

Fabulous Bridal Hairstyles

Hair extensions

As an additional benefit of training with Create Beautiful Hair Pam Wrigley has joined forces with American Dream by negotiating an exclusive deal for her students!

Buy hair extensions and accessories at wholesale prices, for re-sale to your clients. Get in touch to find out more.

Bridal Hairstylist Tips: How to Work with Thick, Heavy Hair

Bridal Hairstylist Tips: How to Work with Thick, Heavy Hair

Each hair type has pros and cons and whilst thick hair has the potential for you to create some really fabulous styles, it can also be quite a challenge to work with if you’re unsure of the best techniques to use. Don’t be fooled into thinking the more hair the better: thick hair can yield fantastic results, but it absolutely must be handled right to avoid styles falling out or worse yet, not working at all!


To help you be the best bridal hair stylist you can be, we’re always sure to cover all the best tips and tricks on our face to face and online course so that you’ll have the confidence to tackle any style on any hair type (and pull it off too).

bridal hairstylist

Learn how to Style Thick Hair


In addition to the 100s of wedding hair styling videos that we have available to view as part of our online bridal hair course, we now also offer live and recorded webinars with Pam Wrigley to all Create Beautiful Hair students.

Log in now to view full length tutorials on quick hairstyles for long, thick hair and much, much more! Don’t forget to get in touch with Pam directly with all of your hair styling questions for 1-2-1 support and advice.

Secure Correctly


Securing the foundations of your style correctly is paramount to create gorgeous styles that last and it’s particularly important when working with thick hair.

As a bridal hairstylist, your brides are counting on you to put together a style that not only looks amazing before she leaves to walk down the aisle, but that lasts right up until the end of the night (through going crazy on the dance floor and everything!). Failing to secure the hair correctly is a big no-no, so you need to use an extremely strong but comfortable pinning technique that will keep even the heaviest of hair in place.

One of our signature tricks is the ‘up and over’ grip placement, which works wonders to make a hairstyle stay put: rather than just sliding the grip in (which is where many a bridal hairstylist goes wrong), poke the pin through the hair picking up the strands on the outer section of where you’re securing, pull it over the section and slide it in. This makes a far superior hold.

Be Brave with Volume


When it comes to adding volume into thick hair, you might feel like this is going to make matters worse, but in actual fact volume at the root is a must to give heavy hair beautiful movement and to avoid it looking weighed down.

Backcombing is a fab way to add a little padding into the sections that you feel need a boost but if you’re going to do this, don’t be shy! You should backcomb the hair more than you think is needed as this will be somewhat flattened by thick hair once the style is finished, not to mention later on in the evening.


Always Section


Sectioning is another pointer that is key when styling thick hair, as the heavy weight of those impressive locks won’t manage to stay up otherwise.

Sectioning hair allows for some really lovely, creative styling especially when it comes to buns, as you can use this to create some beautiful twists and turns within the style that are easy to do but look very complicated! When doing this, the trick to have it turn out looking excellent is to go with the natural direction of the hair – just give it a gentle push and feel where it wants to go before securing it with the ‘up and over’ technique covered above.

When creating high up-dos, such as a high ponytail, sectioning thick hair into two or three parts will make this style look considerably bouncier and will be a lot more comfortable for your client to wear too.

Hair & Makeup Trial: Make The Most of Your Trials & Book Those Clients!

The hair & makeup trial day with your clients is an important time for all wedding hair and makeup artists – you’ve secured the interest of this person (which is the hard part!) and now you have to make sure that you create a look they love so they go ahead and book with you, rather than somebody else.

The prospect of this can be quite daunting for many, regardless of whether you’re brand new to it or have been a pro for years, and the best way to overcome that is to feel totally confident in knowing what you’re doing and how to make your clients genuinely thrilled with the result!

To help you on your way to booking every client you get to have a hair & makeup trial with, here are Pam Wrigley’s top tips:

Hair & Makeup Trial Tips

Prepare in Advance


When your clients first get in touch, this is your opportunity to start figuring out their likes and dislikes even before you meet.

If you’re on the phone, be sure to make some notes and if it’s via email be prepared when you do meet face to face and know exactly what you’ve already discussed. Ask questions, but not too many at this point – just enough to give you some idea of which direction they might be heading in.

You will of course find out about the wedding date and if you can, find out a little bit about the venue too. You’ll also want to find out about hair length and type beforehand so you can start coming up with ideas; you might even want to ask them to send over a photo so you can see in advance what you’re going to be working with. Come up with some ideas to chat about with your client, but only loosely. Remain open to their input as well.

You might also want to ask your client to prepare in advance too by telling them to have a think about what they might be after and bring in photos that inspire them. You should also ask them to arrive with hair washed the night before that is totally un-styled with no product, so that it’s easier for you to handle.

hair & makeup trial



The key to a happy client is effective communication and sometimes getting that going will be down to you. You might be lucky and get a client that is very outspoken about their wants and needs, but it’s not at all unusual to get a client who is quite shy about saying what they really think.

Don’t be afraid of being told they don’t like what you’ve done! In fact, you should relish it if they do. It would be quite amazing if you managed to get their dream look down on the first attempt at the hair & makeup trial, so if they’re keeping quiet and just going along with what you say, there is a good chance that they’re just being polite. You don’t want a client to be polite, you want them to be honest so that when your time is up, you’re confident that they were so swept away by your work that they will definitely be booking.

Make sure that you’re asking questions throughout, almost prompting them to give a negative response so they feel like they’re allowed to speak their mind. Keep chatting and probing until you’ve really got somewhere with that communication.

hair & makeup trial

Body Language


Even when you try your best to get a client to talk openly to you, it can be challenging. Your best bet is to really hit the nail on the head with your questions and suggestions and the way you do that is by watching their body language and responding accordingly.

Body language is incredibly telling, so watch out for them looking closed off and uncomfortable at the hair & makeup trial. Don’t point it out, just work with it until they really relax and look happy!

Bridal Hairstylist Hacks: Tips from the Experts You Need to Know!

Bridal Hairstylist Hacks: Tips from the Experts You Need to Know!

No matter whether you’re just starting out on your journey as a wedding hairstylist or you’ve been at it for years, it’s never too late (or too soon!) to learn all the expert bridal hairstylist hacks that make your life working with clients and creating beautiful hairstyles just that little bit easier.


It’s a tall order having to create the most beautiful hairstyle someone has ever had and it can be quite a daunting prospect if you’re worried about getting it right. How do you really know if a client loves her hairstyle at the trial or if she’s just being polite? What can you do to make creating hairstyles easier and more likely to stay put? And is it really possible to make limp, fine hair appear voluminous and gorgeous?


These are just a few of the questions that all wedding hairstylists have whirring through their brains all the time!


Make your job more enjoyable and your hairstyles more successful with these bridal hairstylist hacks:

bridal hairstylist hacks

Choose Your Products Wisely

Finding the perfect products to work with really only comes from years of experience, but luckily for those of you reading this, Pam is happy to share the knowledge she has gained from over 20 years working in the wedding hair and makeup industry so you don’t have to wait to find out!


One of our top bridal hairstylist hacks is about which hairspray you use. If you’re already styling hair, you’ll know that hairspray plays a big part during the preparation, creation and finishing and because so much hairspray is required, you might find that your client’s hair is ending up a bit more wet or crispy than you would ideally like. So, how do you beat this?


Pam’s top tip is not to use less hairspray, but to use the right hairspray!


“I love Elnett hairspray – it’s a classic for a reason – but the stuff you can buy in the shops is too heavy and wet for creating stunning bridal hairstyles. Instead, I only ever use Elnett Professional, which can be purchased at hairstylist wholesalers rather than on the high street. This product has a much finer mist spray action and whilst the hairspray still has a good, strong hold, it doesn’t weigh down the hair like the regular hairspray does”

Keep Your Pins in Place

Many hairstylists struggle with keeping their hairstyles in place once they’re created and this is the last thing you want when working with a bride – they want to feel confident that the style you make for them is going to last throughout the day and night, so having it all slip out at the trial is never a great start!


There are a few bridal hairstylist hacks that you can use to avoid this happening and keep those pins steadfast: First of all, you need to make sure you’re using the correct technique when fixing them in – just simply pushing the pins into the style won’t cut it, especially if the hair is quite heavy. Instead, you must use the up and over technique. Not sure what this is? Join us on one of our 2 day4 day or online courses and Pam will show you!


If you’ve got the technique down but your pins are still sliding out, a dusting of dry shampoo can work wonders. This product isn’t just for mattifying the hair, it’s also fantastic for creating a bit of extra grip.


You will also have an easier job of hairstyling in general if you ask your bride to wash her hair the night before, rather than on the day you’re due to meet. Avoiding conditioner for that last wash can really help as well, as very silky, soft hair is tough to work with.

Our Online Bridal Hair Course: Is It Right For You?

Do you dream of starting a new career as a bridal hairstylist, but just don’t feel you have the time or money to travel to and attend a course? Or are you a wedding hairstylist already who would love to stay on top of all the latest trends and the best techniques from the comfort of your own home, as well as having 1-2-1 advice from an award-winning hairstylist? If this sounds like you, then you’re going to love our AQA  UAS accredited online bridal hair course


We know that signing up for an online bridal hair course can be intimidating and that many other course providers aren’t quite clear enough about what they offer to give you a good idea of what you’re paying for or whether or not the course is really right for you. Create Beautiful Hair really stands out from the crowd in this respect – we want you to be 100% happy in the knowledge that our online bridal hair course is going to meet your needs, and from the feedback we’ve had from our students so far, it looks like we’re doing a pretty great job!

Our Online Bridal Hair Course


Want to know more about our online bridal hair course to figure out if it’s right for you? Here are a few frequently asked questions, with clear and thorough answers to help you decide:

online bridal hair course

Who is the course taught by?


Pam Wrigley is an award-winning bridal hairstylist with over 25 year’s experience; a pro-hair live speaker in London and Manchester; a regular featured hairstylist and makeup artist in magazines and blogs such as Vogue, Pro Hairdresser, Brides, Confetti and Wedding Planner and the founder and head trainer of Create Beautiful Hair.


Our in-depth, step-by-step tutorials are brought to you by Pam, who has designed the videos to be able to share her ground breaking bridal hairstyling techniques in a clear and concise way. We also have other expert team members in some videos, to bring you the very best of braids and blow-drying.


You will learn primarily from these video tutorials, but we also have an ‘Ask Pam’ feature, which enables you to send your questions and progress pics to Pam at any time throughout the course. Pam will then get back to you for 1-2-1 coaching – at no extra cost! You can also continue to learn casually and use this feature once you have completed the course, meaning that when you start working you’ll have Pam on hand to guide you.

online bridal hair course

What experience level is the course suitable for?


Our online bridal hair course is suitable for all experience levels – even those of you who feel totally clueless about proper hairstyling techniques. All we ask is that you love working with hair! You don’t need any existing qualifications to take part.


Whilst this is the case, don’t let this put you off if you are an experienced hairstylist looking at taking the course. The reason that our online bridal hair course is suitable for everyone is because we have hundreds of video tutorials available at varying levels of complexity.


We offer tutorials right from the beginning, showing how to correctly set rollers and how to prep the hair, right the way up to quite challenging hairstyles and advanced hairstyling techniques. If you are a pro hairstylist though, we do recommend that you watch our simpler tutorials too as the techniques that Pam uses are her own, developed over 25+ years of experience, and even advanced hairstylists often learn something new that completely changes their bridal hair game for the better!


Will I be qualified upon completion of the course?


Yes, you will! Our online bridal hair course is AQA accredited, meaning that upon successful completion you will have an internationally recognised achievement award and will be ready to start working with clients anywhere in the world!


If you’re worried about paying for the course but not managing to successfully complete it, don’t be. Pam is always there to help, so before you submit your final work, you can send it to Pam first so that she can advise you on any changes you might need to make. There’s no rush, we offer 6 and 12 month’s memberships which is loads of time to complete the course at a leisurely pace. If you do find that you need a bit more time when you reach the end of your membership, you can always extend with our great student discounts.

Hair Products and Kit for Creating Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Having the right hair products and kit for creating beautiful bridal hairstyles is absolutely essential if you want to get the most out of the hair you’re working with, whatever it’s type, but with so much on the market these days it can be tough to choose those must have items without risking a lot of expensive trial and error first.


We know how important it is to get your kit right and how tough it can be without years of experience behind you to know what it is you want and need, and what makes certain products and kit something really worth having.


To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some of Pam Wrigley’s (our founder, head trainer and award-winning bridal hairstylist with over 20 years experience in the industry!) must have hair products and kit for creating beautiful bridal hairstyles:

Hair Products and Kit for Creating Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Heated Rollers


No bridal hairstylist’s kit bag is complete without a set or two of fantastic heated rollers! Perfect for creating big, bouncy curls and gorgeous volume for the base when creating any style. On our 2 and 4 day hairstyling courses, the very first thing we cover is correct roller settings and we go on to use them for almost every style! Pam always recommends these as must have hair products and kit for creating beautiful bridal hairstyles.


With endless new, fancy options coming out on a seemingly daily basis, it’s easy to veer towards splashing out and getting whatever mega expensive ones are available, but Pam’s absolute favourites are actually the very affordable Babyliss Pro Rollers in plastic, NOT ceramic, as she finds that these create curls that hold much better.


Boots Curl Crème


Again, the most expensive option is not always necessary! Boots own brand curl crème is Pam’s number 1 product for working with curly hair to keep curls smooth, well defined and frizz free.


As you can probably imagine, Pam has tried and tested a lot of hair products, but this bargain tub at just £2 works perfectly every time. For that price you can’t go wrong, so stock up while you can!

Hair Products and Kit for Creating Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Curling Tongs


If you’re keen to create some gorgeous vintage styles then a set of tongs (19mm & 25mm) or a wand (25-13mm) is what you need to go in with your hair products and kit for creating beautiful bridal hairstyles.


Pam loves Diva Wands, which work brilliantly and also come with a very effective heat-proof glove which rivals any others she has tried and is definitely something you want to have – get one now before you find out why the hard way!


Hair Spray


Getting the right hairspray to finish and hold your lovely hairstyles is integral for getting the right look. Something even a little bit too heavy will weigh down the hair and ruin your hard work, and too light will of course just not work at all the way you need it to.


Fortunately, Pam has got you covered as she knows exactly what you need for that ‘Goldilocks’ hairspray – Elnett Professional Hair Spray. This is not the same as the stuff you can buy in regular shops, which Pam finds is a bit too wet and can make hair crispy; this professional variation is available from hairstylist wholesalers and is a much finer spray that is unnoticeable and easy to brush our whilst still having strong hold.


Fishing Tackle Box


It may sound like an odd thing for a bridal hairstylist to add to her shopping list, but a fishing tackle box really is high up on the list of must have hair products and kit for creating beautiful bridal hairstyles!


Pam’s 20+ years of hairstyling experience has taught her that staying well organised is imperative. It not only makes your job much easier, but is also will save you money in the long run when you lose less and it will also look much better to your clients.


A large, shallow fishing tackle box is perfect for keeping all of your clips, grips, pins and elastics organised and secure. Try the Fox Range Stack N Store 16 Compartment Box – it will change your life!

Hair Products and Kit for Creating Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

CBH 4 Day Courses – Find Out More & Book Today!

For those of you signing up for our bridal & red carpet hair courses, it can be tough to choose between our 2 and 4 day courses! Our 4 day courses, complete with a professional photoshoot on the final day, are becoming increasingly popular with our students and as such, we thought that you might like to know a bit more about why that is…

4 day hair course
“I can honestly say I really really enjoyed every moment of the 4 day course and I feel I have learnt so much. I would highly recommend to anyone! If anyone is in 2 minds about doing this course I can honestly tell you it was amazing and I would 100% do it again!!” Emma – 5* Hotcourses review

As with all of our courses, the 4 day course is suitable for ALL experience levels: from absolute beginner to a trained professional – there is something for everyone.

The way that we are able to work in this way is that our 4 day course only ever has a maximum of 6 students at a time, meaning that everyone can get as much or as little help as they need from Pam and her trusty assistants. Unlike our 2 day courses, on which Pam trains using a mix of live model demonstrations and hands on practice for the students using the highest quality training heads (and a live model for braiding practice!), students attending our 4 day course will get the chance to work on live models of their own.

Over the 4 days, you will work with models who have short, medium and long hair so that you get a chance to play with a variety of styles. Whilst of course, there are set styles that Pam will demonstrate on our 2 and 4 day courses (with step by step instructions), you will have the freedom to play around with these and make them your own.

It is important that you know the idea behind Pam’s teaching method is not that you come away having learned how to create a set number of styles, but that you learn the prepping, securing and finishing techniques to equip you with the knowledge to be able to create any style.

Our courses are designed to train people to feel happy and confident to produce all styles once they leave. As with all of our courses, if there are any particular styles that you would like to cover, you are more than welcome to bring in some images and Pam will teach you how to do that as well.

How does the course pan out?

Day One
Using Heated Rollers
Working with Short Hair
Soft and relaxed Grecian Styles
Low buns (no donut)
Finger Waves
Day Two
Short and Sleek styles – Audrey Hepburn
Over shoulder style ideas
Red Carpet Styles
Plaits, twists and quick plaited buns
Day Three
Working with Long Hair
Creating different curls & waves
High buns for long hair
½ up ½ down styles
2-in-1 styles
Time trial
Day four
Low buns for long, heavy Hair
Photo Shoot
Business Advice Session
Watch our courses live in action, on our latest trailer here! To Book onto our next 4 day course in June, go here.
“Pam is the most lovely lady and wonderful teacher. After doing this course I feel like I have the foundations to do anything. Would highly recommend!” Kimberley – 5* Hotcourses review

If you’re interested in booking onto our 4 day course or would like any further information on what Create Beautiful Hair has to offer, don’t hesitate – get in touch, today.

ASK PAM – Student Q & A with Pam Wrigley – Perfect Backcombing and Roller Setting

When you’re a member of our online course or if you have attended one of our 2 or 4 day courses, we like to make sure that you get all the support you need to keep creating beautiful styles.

One of our students sent us in a couple of photos recently, wanting feedback on her backcombing and roller setting, so we thought we would share Pam’s top tips with you so you can benefit from her expert, professional advice too! Enjoy :)  xxx

Images sent by one of our online students:

Pam’s Advice:

Hi Louise,

Thanks for sending your photos in of your work so far: first of all, well done!!

Your roller set is nice and neat with the correct placement of the rollers – just one thing to be careful of – try to make sure you keep the section lines between the rollers – i.e. the partings at the sides and above and below each roller nice and clean and straight – I know it is not easy to achieve this especially on the practice heads but, if you take your time when creating each roller section you will find it will make your job much easier when it come to styling the hair later on – so it is worth persevering.

Your back-combing  is fabulous!

This backcombing would be great when  your working with medium/long hair or when you are creating a French pleat -but when you’re working with short hair try this tip:

 When you backcomb concentrate more on the root of the hair with the comb and hold tighter onto the ends of the hair. You may have to go back over the backcombing at the root a couple of times and just work your way up perhaps 2-3inches of the length of the hair, keeping hold of the ends of the hair at all times. The result: you will get a good amount of backcombing at the root without compromising the length of the hair, so the hair still looks thick at the ends!

If you look again at the photos you sent me, the ends of the hair look thin and straggly; this is fine if you are creating something like a French pleat, but if you want to create a tumbling relaxed up do e.g. the Grecian up do on short hair – you need to be able to keep as much of the length of the hair as possible, whilst still back combing,  so you give the impression that she has lots of hair.

Hope this is helpful! I will be doing a tutorial on this in the near future but let me know in the mean time of you need more help with this and I will try and do a short video on my ipad for you : -)

Keep up the good work !!

All the best,


Courses in action! Creating beautiful hairstyles with Pam Wrigley

Happy New Year to all of our students and students to be!

Training with Pam Wrigley
Training with Pam Wrigley

We have an incredibly exciting year ahead of us and we’re so looking forward to sharing it with all of you. We’ve had a fantastic start to 2015, with our first Manchester 2 day hairstyling course of the year now done and dusted and one coming up in London next week (places are still available, book now and receive a £50 discount!) and our BRAND NEW makeup & airbrushing courses starting in February (book together for a discount!) we will soon be officially becoming Create Beautiful Training!

Don’t forget, we are currently having a HUGE January sale on our online bridal hairstyling courses, so if you were thinking of signing up – now’s the time.

Here are some of  the beautiful styles created by our fabulous first students of 2105! Amazing work ladies.

Q & A with Pam Wrigley – Gorgeous Braided Up ‘Do. Create Beautiful Bridal Hair.


Hi Pam,

I wonder whether you can help me… c37098fe1056d257a8352806fe36a18c

I have been asked to create the attached picture which looks quite simple but my client has no layering in her hair. Do you think I can still create this look? and have you got any advice on what product would help give this texture?

Thank you,



Hi Sian,
Thanks for getting in touch.
I’m pretty sure you will be able to recreate this style – it will actually be better to create this style is your client doesn’t have layers.
I would try putting some dry shampoo in the hair first to give it a bit of texture and a bit of staying power  or alternatively you can try one of the ‘spray clay’ products on the market – there is a nice one by ‘sexy hair’ which gives texture and hold to the hair and I think this will help you to create this look.
It is a lovely style – a nice, simple plait pulled out and loosened a bit – it will look great if your client has some highlights- let me know how it goes- would love to see a photo :-)
Good luck
Hi Pam,
Thanks your your help with this hair up, my client was really pleased and it stayed in all day and night.
Just a few photos for you:
front GetInline