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bridal hairstyles and online hairstyle tutorials by Pam Wrigley and create beautiful hair

working as a bridal Hairstylist

If you’re thinking about starting a new career as a bridal hairstylist – I can strongly recommend it.

Working as a bridal hairstylist is a fabulous job to do.

I’ve been doing this job for over 25 years and I can quite honestly say it is a real pleasure to go to work every day!

Everybody is happy, you get to work in beautiful venues, with people drinking champagne and putting on gorgeous dresses – what is there not to like?!!

your new career as a Bridal hair stylist & bringing up a family

Working as a bridal hairstylist also allowed me to work around my children whilst they were small. Because I was able to work just a couple of hours at the weekend and be at home during the week.

And yet I could still earn a good income.

My bridal hair styling business has changed over the years, and as my children have grown and become more independent, my bridal hair styling business has gone from strength to strength.


Working as a bridal hairstylist is also a great option If you are thinking of developing it as an aside to your regular 9-5 job.

Not only will you get the chance to be creative and to work with people, but because it is flexible, it has the potential to build and grow as you become more confident.

You don’t actually need a big cash outlay to work as a bridal hairstylist either.

HOw much does it cost to set up as a bridal hairstylist?

You can buy your bridal hair kit essentials for under £200, btw you can get more info on your bridal hairstyle kit essentials here.

And, if you decide to train here with us at Create Beautiful Hair, you’ll be able to get your online bridal hair training for just £395.

But keep an eye out for our special offers!

So starting a new career as a bridal hairstylist definitely won’t break the bank.

bridal hair stylist course research

As with all things it is worth doing your research.

As you need to make sure you find right bridal hairstyle training course, so you can get your bridal hairstyling career off to a flying start..

Please find below a break down of the online bridal hair course that we have on offer, with information on your course work and exams.

You’ll also get information on the professional insurance you’ll be able to purchase on graduation.

So you really will be ready to start your new career as a bridal hair stylist!

Just get in touch if you have any questions about the online bridal hair course, or about working as a bridal hair stylist, I’m here to help!

Pam Wrigley

Award Winning Bridal Hairstylist & Head Trainer, here at Create Beautiful Hair Ltd

Bridal Hair style online Course Work

wedding bridal hairstyle tutorials by Pam Wrigley

Learn how to create Bridal and Hair-up Styles with Pam Wrigley.

On this course you will be able to work through our in-depth bridal hair course work, step by step, getting hairstyling help and advice from Pam along the way.

Learning bridal hairstyling, blow drying and braiding as you work your way towards starting your new career as a bridal hair stylist.

With over 150 Bridal hair-style tutorials and plus lots of wedding hairstyle facts to learn, we recommend you dedicate a minimum of 50hrs to your online course work.

This will include both practical and written assessments, over 6 modules,

On graduation, you’ll receive a Habia CPD approved certificate in the post.

This will enable you to get discounted professional insurance so you can start your career as a bridal hairstylist.

What’s more, you’ll continue to get ongoing support from Pam for the remainder of your membership.

So you will feel supported as you whilst you find you feet in your new career working as a bridal hairstylist.

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Health & Safety for Bridal Hair Professionals

Module 1

Health & Safety is even more important now than it has ever been, and it must be uppermost on your mind when you start working with your brides.

We have in-depth tutorials covering health and safety, kit advice, supplier lists and product advice for a happy client, a happy bridal hair stylist and a safe working environment.

We also recommend all hairstylists, whether you are a CBH student or not, take a look at this very helpful and informative course with Barbicide.

Because it will bring you bang up to date with all the latest health and safety requirements required in the midst of the pandemic.

styling hair tsyle bridal hairstyle tutorial by Pam Wrigley

Bridal Hair Prep & Correction Foundations

Module 2

Find out how to set the right foundations & secure the hair properly to create any bridal hair style.

Learn how to prep the hair, creating different curls and waves, using tongs, straighteners or a blow-dry. We’ll also show you how to achieve fabulous Hollywood waves and soft corkscrew curls

You’ll learn how to create beautiful textured hairstyles we see on Instagram every day, they really are easy. . .when you know how to do the hair prep.

What’s more, you’ll also get answers to all those niggling concerns, such as:

When should you wash the hair? Which curling technique works best on fine hair? Discover the answer to these questions and lots more.

working with hair extensions and braid tutorial, learning how to create bridal and wedding hairstyles with Pam Wrigley

Working with Extensions & Padding in Bridal Hairstyles

Module 3

Bridal Hair Styles

You may be surprised just how many of the bridal hairstyles we see on Instagram and Pinterest have been created with the aid of hair extensions.

So, it is important that you learn how to incorporate them into your wedding day hairstyles, before you start your new career as a bridal hairstylist.

On this course, you will find out how to work with extensions and padding, so enabling you to create a wide range of amazing bridal hair styles.

In short, we have bridal/wedding hair style tutorials that specifically cover working with extensions for instagram worthy wedding hairstyles.

Knowing how to use padding will also help you push your creativity, enabling you create great wedding hair styles for different hair lengths.

working with hair extensions, braids and braiding hair tutorials for bridal and wedding hairstyles by Pam Wrigley

Plaits & Braids for Bridal Hairstyles

Module 4

Every great bridal hair stylist must know his/her plaits & braids – they never go out of fashion!

So whether you are braiding the hair for a flower girl hairstyle, or you are incorporating braids into a hairstyle you are creating for a bride, this topic needs to be covered.

With a great choice of braiding tutorials to choose from learn how to create Fishtail, Dutch, French, Waterfall braids (and many more), you’ll be equipped for any braided style.

bridal hairstyling tutorials Pam Wrigley wedding hair style

Bridal Hairstyles, Relaxed Wedding up-do’s & Vintage Bridal Styles

Module 5

Bridal Hair Styles

Everyone loves the ’I woke up this gorgeous’ look of a relaxed bridal style, but all stylists know that a lot more work goes into that then it might appear! 

Fashions are always changing – find out how to adapt the styles and make them your own.

In this section you will be tested on your creativity, and will be asked to create hairstyles for long, short and medium length hair.

When it comes to your exam work the choice is up to you.

You can create smooth sleek styles, textured up-do’s or classic bridal hairstyles, and submit the to Pam for feedback and marking.

We have hairstyle tutorials that you can watch on each subject.

And, what’s more, if there is a specific bridal style you would like to learn, simply send your photos into Pam and she’ll be able to create a style tutorial for you.

high bun bridal hairstyle tutorial wedding up-do by Pam Wrigley

Working as a Bridal Hairstylist

Module 6

Watch Pam as she works with a bride on a wedding trial and find out how she effortlessly creates different bridal hairstyles.

By now you will have seen Pam working with different hair types, fine/ thick hair, straight or wavy, Afro hair and natural curls.

However, being a great bridal hair stylist isn’t just about creating beautiful wedding hair styles. You also have to know the ins and outs of working with your clients and how to keep them happy.

Find out how to execute the perfect trial run and keep your cool on the big day.

On the wedding day it will be your job to secure the veil and the hair accessories. Luckily, we have tutorials showing you how to secure the veil, working with fresh flowers and also how to secure all things sparkly!

You’ll find tutorials covering all this and more besides, on our online bridal hair course.

weddign hair and bridal hairstyle tutorial hairstyling by Pam Wrigley

Beautiful Hair-up & Bridal Hairstyles

You’re not alone on this course!

Pam is available throughout your membership to give you tips and advice on anything from creating the right curl to the finishing touches – In fact, she loves getting your questions and progress pictures!

Join the Student Forum, send your questions, images and get feed back on your hairstyling progress at any time.

You an make the first step to starting your new career as a professional bridal hairstylist today. Follow our in-depth, step-by-step tutorials and be amazed at how much you learn!

You can also keep Pam in your pocket when you’re working with clients. Because you’ll have her professional advice available at the click of a button, whenever you need it!

Learn how to blow dry

Blow-drying techniques

Get ready for some serious blowdrying

Join us online and master perfect blow-drying techniques for a flawless finish.

Build your confidence and master a variety of blow drying techniques as you learn how to work with long, short and medium length hair.

Learn how to achieve a big, bouncy blow dry, a curly blow dry and then master the smooth, sleek blow dry.

Your clients will love a good blow dry. . . so make the most of the growing demand for hairstylists who can do a beautiful blow dry..

Professional Bridal Hairstyle INsurance

Discounted Professional insurance

Before you start your new career as a bridal hair stylist and start creating beautiful bridal hairstyles on your clients, it is a good idea to start looking at professional insurance.

Here at Create Beautiful Hair we are extremely pleased to be working with Balens, so we are able offer our graduates discounted professional insurance.

What’s more, we are the only online bridal hair course offering this service to our student graduates*.

All you need to do is complete the online bridal hair course and successfully submit your exam papers and you will be eligible to get professional insurance with Balens.

Balens were founded in 1950 and are an ethical 4th Generation Family Brokerage with 50 staff and 80,000 plus clients. They have been looking after Health and Wellbeing Professionals for over 21 years.

*refers to collaboration with Balens, correct at the time of publishing 7/3/21.


Join us and learn how to create beautiful hair styles by following our wide selection of hair style tutorials.

There are over 150 in-depth hairstyle tutorials on the online bridal hair course.

So you’ll be able to learn hairstyles for long and short hair, curly girl styles, blow dry tutorials, braids and Afro hair style tutorials.

So there’s lots to choose from!

We have 2 membership options available so you can choose a learning method that is best for you.

Including hair up, braids, blow-dry, curly girl and Afro hair style tutorials.

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Bridal Hairstyling Kit Essentials

Bridal HAIr styling Kit Essentials

Get the low down on your bridal hairstyling kit essentials

You can buy your bridal hairstyling kit for less than you think, so starting a new career won’t break the bank.
Plus you can SAVE £100 on our Online Bridal Hair Course, just use discount code SAVE100

Ekta, one of my fabulous online bridal hairstyle students, she sent me this quick message on our student forum, regarding her bridal hair styling kit list.

And her message inspired me to write this article on essential items you need in your bridal hairstyle kit.

When you’re just starting out and learning how to be a bridal hairstylist, there are a few minimum, must have bridal hairstyling kit items that you’ll need to get for your wedding hair styling business.

There is a lot of information on this page! So get ready for some serious reading :)

You’ll find out what hairstyle kit essentials you’ll need to buy, the best way to store your grips, clips and whatnots. And where you can get good quality hair extensions.

You could take a quick look in the bridal hair styling online shop to buy your good quality 100% human hair practice heads.

Plus you’ll get 10% off & FREE postage.


bridal hairstyles curls and Hollywood waves tutorial wedding hair style


Tongs & Wands

As a bridal hairstylist you’ll be called upon to create every type of curl, including soft & natural curls, corkscrew curls, beachy waves and Hollywood Waves.

As a result, curling tongs are an essential part of your bridal hairstyling kit. Whether you’re working with either poker straight hair or natural curls, fine, thin hair or long, thick, heavy hair.

So curling tongs will be the first thing to add to your hairstyling kit list.

I find the tongs I use most when I’m creating my beautiful bridal hairstyles are my Babyliss 25mm curling tongs. By the way – you will need tongs with a clamp :)

Tongs 19mm & 25mm

Wand 25-13mm

bridal hairstyles and online hairstyle tutorials by Pam Wrigley and create beautiful hair


Straighteners / Straightening Irons

Create beautiful, loose curls quickly and easily with straighteners. Ideal for finishing a half up half down bridal hair-do or a quick fix for last minute hairstyle for the flower girls!

Personally I love using my Babyliss hair straighteners, as they are both good quality and they leave hair with a lovely, smooth finish without snagging. And what’s more, they won’t break the bank!

We have a great ‘quick straightener curl’ tutorial on our online bridal hair style course, which takes you step by step though how to prep the hair before going on to create beautiful curls.

Whether you’re working with long or short hair, fine or thick straight or naturally curly, a pair of straighteners are a must have for your bridal hairstyling kit.

heated rollers practice head bridal hairstyle tutorial online kit list


Bridal hairstyling practice head

Practice Makes Perfect. . . To get the best out of your bridal hairstyle training course It is worth spending money on a good quality practice head and you need 100% human hair.

We recommend a medium or high density practice head, with hair no shorter than 12-14 inches for your bridal hairstyling kit.

We want to help you get the right bridal hairstyling kit, so we’ve searched around for great quality practice heads for your bridal hairstyle/hair-up practice.

If I had to choose my favourite bridal hair practice head from our selection of manikin heads in our bridal hairstyle shop, it would be this one

I love it because the hair has different tones in it, and as a result, your hairstyles look fab in photos. It also has plenty of hair – and it has shoulders – so it looks a bit more realistic!

Having said that, the practice heads on this site will blow your mind!!!

The have some truly beautiful practice heads,`so you’re going to be spoilt for choice!

Bridal Hair Styling Prep

Heated rollers

Heated rollers come into their own when you create classic bridal hairstyles, because they smooth out the cuticle on the hair so you get a gorgeous glossy result.

They are also great for gorgeous volume and natural looking, bouncy curls

Heated rollers will make bridal hairstyling easy, especially when you’re just starting out! If you’re not quite sure how to put them in, don’t worry! We have a full length roller setting tutorial showing you just that.

Use them on their own, or alongside your tongs and straighteners as part of your bridal hairstyling kit, for a perfect result every time.

heated roller and hot rollers tutorial and curling the hair with tongs to get bridal and wedding day hairstyles


Styling Kit:

Styling Products:

Blow Drying Perfection

Hair dryer

Blow drys are super popular at the moment, but you won’t necessarily need a hairdryer on day one, especially if you are just working on your practice head.

However, once you start working with clients you will definitely need one for your kit.

We love our Parlux hairdryers, our favourite brand of blow dry brushes are Head Hugger – they are just right for the job at hand.

Don’t for get you can learn how to create the perfect curly blow dry with our fabulous tutorials, which are available on our online bridal hair course.

What’s more, you’ll learn how to blow dry short, long & medium length hair, curly to straight. . .and straight to curly.

Bridal Hair Organisation

Fishing tackle box for grip storage

This may seem like an odd one, but staying well organised will make your life as a pro bridal hairstylist so much easier!

Try the Fox Range Stack N Store 16 Compartment Box

The best one I’ve found is the large / shallow size available at numerous fishing tackle suppliers online – you can find them here:

Selection of Hair grips/Bobby Pins & Hair Pins

Hair grips/Bobby pin Sizes

  • 3 cm, 4.5 cm and 6 cm

Hair pins:

  • Strong – approx. 4-4.5 cm and 6-6.5 cm
  • Fine – approx. 4-4.5 cm

Suppliers of hair pins & grips

You can get them in our SHOP and also from Inca uk & Banbury Postiche (always buy hair pins with tips on the end so they don’t scrape along your clients scalp!)

Wedding Hair Styling Products

The essentials

Prep, Prime & Setting Lotions – Schwarzkopf Silhouette style & care lotion and Schwarzkopf Silhouette setting lotion/Pump Spray

Salt Sprays

L’Oreal Texture spray and Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray

Curl creams 

We love  L’Oreal Liss Control and Boots Essentials Curl Cream – great for smoothing out slightly more stubborn curls!

Goldwell Style Superego Cream you need this in your kit – fabulous for beautiful textured styles

Texturising Powder – Great for adding texture, volume and body to the hair. Dust It by Schwarzkopf and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play are a couple of the best one I’ve found. 

Hair spray – You’ll need a hair spray that brushes out easily – it should be flexible on the hair so you can try different looks easily. We recommend Elnett Professional Hair Spray – regular hold – available at most beauty wholesalers. Also try Osis Session 3 – a great dry hair spray that is super strong but not heavy. It is good as a finishing spray.

Avoid regular Elnett available at most chemists and supermarkets as it can be quite wet and has a tendency to make the hair crispy.

Mousse – a medium or firm hold mouse will do the trick.

Bridal Hair Kit Extras

bridal hairstyling kit bits & bobs

Snag free elastic bands eg HQ Hair & Claire’s

Extension lead at least 3m long

Sectioning clips and curl clips

Donuts / Padding

Available from numerous suppliers.

I’ve found them nice and cheap at Inca UK – BTW – they call donuts ‘Bun Formers’.

Fabulous Bridal Hairstyles

Hair extensions

As an additional benefit of training with Create Beautiful Hair Pam Wrigley has joined forces with American Dream by negotiating an exclusive deal for her students!

Buy hair extensions and accessories at wholesale prices, for re-sale to your clients. Get in touch to find out more.

Learn Blow-Dry Online: in-depth Blow Dry Tutorials




Watch our in-depth blow-dry tutorials and learn how to blow-dry online. Join Pam Wrigley and the expert blow-dry team here at create beautiful hair for a great learning experience.

You’ll be able to practice lots of different blow dry techniques and because we have such a wealth of experience, you’ll soon build our confidence and will be blow-drying like a pro!

fabulous blow-dry step by step

We’ve got blow-drying covered. So, by following the blow-dry course work and practice the styles you’ll soon be able to create the perfect blow-dry.

Read on to find out which blow dry techniques you’ll be able to learn. And because the price of this course won’t break the bank, you’ll be able to start learning straight away.

online blow dry tutorials

We’ve have a veritable cornucopia of blow dry style tutorials for you to choose from. And because all the fabulous blow-dry tutorials are available online, you’ll be able to join our distance learning blow-dry course today and learn how to blow-dry, where-ever you live in the world.

With our wide selection of blow-dry tutorials for both long and short hair you’re going to be spoilt for choice. Which is no bad thing, as long as you have the time to learn!

endorsed blow-dry course

We are in the final stages of getting our fabulous ONLINE BLOW-DRY COURSE accredited by Habia, so please watch this space.

In the mean time you can learn all these blow dries and much more when you join the Online Bridal Hair Course for just £9.99 per month.

And there’s no contract so you can be an member for as long or as little as you like.

BLow Dry COurse

blow-dry tutorials you can watch

On this online blow-dry course we’ll be taking you step by step through learning how to blow-dry, whilst you practice working with both longshort hair.

Rather than practice on friends or family for your first blow-dry, it would be a good idea to purchase a practice head before you begin, especially if you haven’t done any blow-drying before.

This way you will be able to practice the techniques and build your confidence first, before start blow-drying for real. Because the quality of the practice head is super important, so we recommend buying a good quality practice head, it will definitely be worth it.

You will need to buy a good quality 100% human hair practice head with high hair density, so you can get a good result every time. Avoid cheap or ‘bargain’ practice heads at all costs, as you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to practice heads.

We’ve done our research so you don’t need to as a result we have fabulous practice heads available in our bridal hairstyle shop. And because we have 10% OFF an free postage so there’s never been a better time to get started.

You can also get amazing practice heads here. Although this company isn’t based in the UK they do ship internationally, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.

blow-dry long hair

Brush-in blow-dry

Volume blow-dry

Victoria secrets blow-dry

Curly to straight blow-dry

Curly blow-dry

blow-dry short hair

Smooth sleek low-dry

Choppy Bob blow-dry

Smooth sleek blow-dry

Pixie hair cut blow dry for very short hair

Plus lots of quick tip tutorials


Know your blow-dry brushes & blow dry products

We’ll show you which brushes and products produce great results, so you can achieve the blow-dry result you want every time.

With correct sectioning and by mastering the ribboning technique you’ll be able to create smooth and sleek or voluminous curls with your blow-dry.

All the blow-dry techniques are versatile. As a result, once you have mastered them you’ll be able to create a wide range of beautiful results.

blow dry tutorials online, curl blow dry and brush in victoria secret online lesson


All the blow-dry tutorials are included in our Online Hair-up & Bridal Hairstyle Course.

Join us online and master perfect blow-dry techniques for a flawless finish.

Build your confidence and master a variety of blow-dry techniques as you learn how to work with different hair lengths.

Learn how to achieve a big, bouncy blow dry, a curly blow dry. Then master the smooth, sleek blow-dry and find out which products and brushes you need for a great blow-dry result every time.

Your clients want to look good so join our online blow-dry course and we’ll help you make the most of the growing demand for a beautiful blow-dry.

We are in the final stages of getting our fabulous ONLINE BLOW-DRY COURSE accredited by Habia, so please watch this space.

In the mean time you can learn all these blow dries and much more when you join the Online Bridal Hair Course for just £9.99 per month. And there’s no contract so you can be as member for as long or as little as you like.


Join us and learn how to create beautiful hair styles by following our wide selection of hair style tutorials.

There are over 150 in-depth hairstyle tutorials on the online bridal hair course.

So you’ll be able to learn hairstyles for long and short hair, curly girl styles, blow dry tutorials, braids and Afro hair style tutorials.

So there’s lots to choose from!

We have 2 membership options available so you can choose a learning method that is best for you.

Including hair up, braids, blow-dry, curly girl and Afro hair style tutorials.

Habia endorsed bridal hair training course and hairstyle tutorials Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for Braids Bridal hairstyle & hair up course online

Everyone loves a fabulous blow-dry!

Join our online bridal hair style course &

find out how to give your clients the finished result they want,

every time.

Bridal Hair & Makeup Inspiration for Autumn Weddings

Bridal Hair & Makeup Inspiration for Autumn Weddings

When getting into the bridal hair and makeup industry, many people assume that summer is the busiest time of year but in fact, it’s the autumn months that are often the most popular with couples and wedding planners – so don’t start winding down just yet!

Autumn is such a magical time of year to get married (and one of the most expensive times of year too!) and there is so much scope to play around with slightly ‘warmer’ bridal hair and makeup looks. Summer always sees a lot of barely there, natural makeup and tousled locks and winter is a popular time for heavier makeup and more structured styles, but autumn offers that wonderful in-between ground which gives the best of both worlds. The sun is still shining, but the weather is getting colder and hair and makeup often reflects this.

In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring some of autumns hottest looks for brides – from the most sought after colour palettes to tapping into autumnal themes.

Why not practice some of the styles we suggest, in preparation for your brides? If you need a helping hand, join our online bridal hair course for expert advice and guidance at the click of a button!

Colour Palettes

Autumn comes with one of nature’s most vibrant colour palettes and an autumn bride might want to include this in her makeup look. Warm, bronzed contours; deep, rich red and berry lips all complete with a flawless base, of course! But as a bridal hair and makeup artist, it’s part of our job to stay on top of all the latest fashions, not just the obvious, and that includes colour schemes.

Pantone is the authority on colour for pretty much everything! Clothes, interiors and of course, makeup. The must-have colours for 2019 have already begun to surface, with collections titled ‘Cravings’ and ‘Classico’ providing a fantastic palette for autumn with lots of tempting reds and timeless neutrals. Stay ahead of the curve with your autumn brides and get playing with these gorgeous shades…

Red Pear

Red pear is an essential colour for autumn. A rich burgundy described by the experts as a ‘Deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices’. It’s a bold one, yes, but on the right bride this can make the most incredible lip colour. For those feeling a little less brave, keep the essence of the shade but dial it back a bit by keeping it sheer.


Cayenne is one of the most wearable colours of the season, particularly as a ‘pop’ on the apples of your bride’s cheeks for an instant health kick! The coral undertones and soft pink overtones combine to make the most, dreamy shade for most skin tones. Beautiful!

White Swan

You can probably tell from the name that this is a stunning colour for a bridal look and it’s one that is soon going to take centre stage, with many a wedding dress appearing in this warm off-white shade in 2019. Layer it up with gorgeous autumn floral tones for elegant femininity.

Chilli Pepper

A vibrant, spicy red that is possible the perfect red lip shade. This is bold but super flattering, with a luscious pink undertone. If your bride is after a striking Hollywood style  with a contemporary twist, this is the hue for you!


Cat eye flicks are always a wonderful addition to a bridal look, particularly one which nods towards vintage fashion, but black can be a little harsh for day wear and often, brown just doesn’t cut it. Enter caviar – the perfect mid black with just a hint of teal. This will really make blue eyes sparkle.

Apricot Brandy

Contouring plays a key role in autumn bridal makeup, but less is more and colours can be more flesh toned than brown. Pantone’s Apricot Brandy shade is a wonderful choice for sculpting cheekbones on fairer skin or giving a fresh apple on darker skin tones. A multi-tasker for your kit.

Bridal Makeup

Autumn wedding makeup for brides paves way for neutral smoky eyes, lightly bronzed contours, deeply coloured lips and a hint of gold – all of which have that amazing combination of sultry and girlish. Playing ‘seasonally’ with makeup is so much fun and is a great way to spark your creativity!


Summer brides often opt for natural lip shades or stick to that wonderful nude pink tone that Meghan Markle wore so well on her big day, but colder months always bring those darker shades to the forefront, which us makeup artists love!

A slightly sheer plum is a favourite right now, for A/W 2018, but all those reds on the Pantone colour chart for 2019 means that timeless Hollywood red pout is seriously on the radar. If your client has the right complexion for it (usually red heads and warm brunettes), why not play around with some orange undertones too?


2018 has been a year for the new lighter smoky eye, featuring greys instead of neutrals but both are big for autumn and heading into 2019. Eye makeup always depends largely on the rest of the face though, particularly the lip. If you’re making the most of those bold, red shades then you could always try out a more delicate eye – a subtle gloss on the lid, a precise cat eye flick and sky-high lashes (with a bit of help from false individuals set in!).


Whatever the weather, a healthy glow is a must! But this doesn’t mean you have to go without that autumnal contouring. Pale skin can look fabulous kept really clear with a pink flush, just like on a brisk winter’s day but we also love a bit of bronze in cooler months, especially on warm skin tones – but easy does it! We still want this looking quite natural, not overdone.


Eyebrows should never be forgotten. These are the frame of the face and when they’re not done, the whole look is incomplete. Autumn brides are looking amazing with a strong brow, but it’s important to remember that eyebrows are such a personal thing, so go with what your bride loves. Whatever look you decide on though, well-groomed and defined is essential!Embed from Getty Images,464349194&et=Xp4YA_ORTsFLeMHcg03B_w&

Autumnal Bridal Hair

A bride’s hairstyle comes down to so many things, so going purely by the seasons is not something you can really do, but you can certainly be inspired by what seems to be more popular with autumn brides.

Still relaxed, but with a little more refinement than your typical summer styles. This beautiful style worn by Hailey Baldwin is a great place to start!

Hailey Baldwin Hair How-to

This is a fabulous textured low bun hair style, so first thing’s first: get some texture into the hair with mouse and salt sprayNext, curl – using your tongs or straighteners – using just a little bit of Silhouette prep and prime or Osis soft glam prep prime spray. Spritz each section lightly just before you get any heat on the hair for a lovely shine.Once everything is prepped, loosen the curls softly with your fingers before picking up sections from the front. Using the twist and pull technique, bring each section back and secure using a strong hold bobby pin. These are Pam’s favourites – they don’t move anywhere! You can get them from Salon services.Keep bringing hair back and twisting and securing until you are happy with how it looks at the front then finally, pick up all the hair at the back, create a quick easy braid with all the hair, loosen, twist and secure into a fabulous low bun – e voila!

Trouble Shooting

Avoid flyaways by gently spritzing the hair with the prep and prime spay as you go along  BUT avoid ‘wetting’ the hair – just light mists of product are enough. Try to not be too close to the hair when you spray or you will make the hair wet. . . and wet = hard, crispy hair – not nice!

Bridal Hairstyling: Learn@home & keep on top of your game

Bridal Hairstyling: Learn@home & keep on top of your game

We have lots of time on our hands at the moment, with the fall out from the corona virus epidemic.

I hope you are all staying safe. . .and staying indoors . . although it is so hard, and even harder when it’s a beautiful spring day. Here in London the sun is shining outside and the sky is blue. . . . but the streets are deserted.

This blog is for all wedding hair stylists out there, those of us who’ve been working as bridal hair stylists with brides for years, and for those who are just starting out in a career working with brides and creating beautiful bridal, wedding and party hairstyles.

Let’s keep each other going, be there to support each other. The wedding season will pick up again, I’m not sure when, but if we all work together we’ll get through this really difficult time.

Online Bridal Hair Training SAVE 50%

discount code HOMESTUDY

Free bridal hair tutorials LIVE!

Here at Create Beautiful Hair we’re planning regular live bridal hair tutorials, which students can join either via the zoom platform on our online membership, or free of charge, live on Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram

Follow us for regular updates and watch our free quick bridal hairstyling videos on Facebook– giving help and advice on everything bridal hair styling, braiding and blowdrying, as well as getting info on the time & dates of the live wedding hair tutorials.

Send me your wedding hair questions and bridal hair style requests – and I’ll get straight back to you.

Bridal Hair, Tears & Time on our hands

I won’t lie, I shed a tear with bride Elise yesterday . . . my final wedding hair and makeup for I’m not sure how long.

Elise and Andy got married in church in Dorking, with a much reduced guest list, down from 300 to just 5.

But, it was an amazing day, everything was stripped right back, the original wedding had been planned for next weekend, 28 March, but with things moving so quickly with the corona virus, Elise re-planned her wedding in 2 days!

The reception was held at her mums house, for just 5 people and facebook live for the other wedding guests.

It didn’t matter that everything, including their wedding rings had the wrong date engraved on them!

Bridal Hair & Makeup

Keep on top on your game

However, even with out all the pomp and ceremony of a big wedding, Elise made sure I was free before she confirmed the new date.

Even if your brides cut back on lots of things bridal – they will still want to look gorgeous on their big day, with amazing wedding hair and makeup.

So keeping on top of your game and perfecting your bridal hair styling skills are more important than ever.

Learn Bridal Hair@home

Get everything you need for your bridal hair kit delivered to you.

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50% Saving on Bridal Hair Training

As we all have so much more time on our hands and to help you keep on top of your game we’re offering 50% off our life time Bridal Hair Online Training Course, a saving of £197.50

So, whether you want to brush up on your existing bridal hair styling skills or if you’ve been thinking of starting a new career now’s the time, and we’re here to help.

With over 150 in-depth bridal hair tutorials, covering everything from hair prepbridal hair stylingblowdryingbraiding, and setting up a bridal hair business you’ll be able to make sure you’re at the top of your game and ready to hit the ground running when we get through all this

Online Bridal Hair Course SAVE 50%

Complete the in-depth online bridal hair course work, sit your exams and get your certificate.

Graduate with our online hair up & blow dry course, get discounted insurance and start your bridal hair career.

Life-time access**, 2000+ minutes teaching material, 1-2-1 advice.

150+ blow dry & bridal hair style tutorials, in-depth coursework and Habia certification.

Bridal Hair Prep

Find out how to set the right foundations & secure the hair properly to create any bridal hair style

Learn how to work with heated rollers and how to do a hot roller set to achieve natural looking curls.

Find out how to curl hair with tongs and straighteners and how to achieve fabulous Hollywood waves and soft corkscrew curls.

Learn how to prep the hair so you can achieve beautiful textured bridal hair styles quickly and easily.

As well as get answers to all those niggling concerns:

When should you wash the hair? Which curling technique works best on fine hair? Discover the answer to these questions and hundreds more!

Bridal Hair Styles

Learning how to work long, short and medium length hair, watch Pam work with fine and thick hair, straight and wavy, and learn how to style natural curls and create beautiful curly girl hair styles for weddings and special occasions.

Find out how to work with extensions will allow you to create a wide range of amazing bridal hair styles!

Learn vintage & classic hairstyles, textured up-do’s, bridal half up hairstyles and hair down styles.

Follow our tutorials specifically designed for working with extensions for instagram worthy wedding hairstyles.

Knowing how to use padding will help you push your creativity, enabling you create great wedding hair styles for different hair lengths.

Learn Bridal Hair@home

Get everything you need for your bridal hair kit delivered to you.

Get 10% OFF everything in our bridal hair SHOP

discount code SAVE10

Blow drying

Get ready for some serious blowdrying

Join us online and master perfect blow-drying techniques for a flawless finish.

Build your confidence and master a variety of blow drying techniques as you learn how to work with long, short and medium length hair.

Learn how to achieve a big, bouncy blow dry, a curly blow dry and then master the smooth, sleek blow dry.

Your clients will love a good blow dry. . . so make the most of the growing demand.


Learn braiding & plaiting hairstyles

Find out how to create beautiful plaits & braids including French, Dutch, Zipper and Lace & lots more.

Build your confidence and find out how to create braided hairstyles.

Get lots of braiding practice, help and advice on plaiting & braiding techniques.

Create Beautiful Hair and Coronavirus Covid-19

Stay safe, stay busy and keep in touch!

We are all facing some tough times ahead due to the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic. Globally people are being asked to isolate themselves from friends and family and we are all considering how the upcoming periods of quarantine will affect our lives. We think it’s important for our mental health and continuity that we try to keep busy, stay connected and keep in touch with our loved ones and wider community over this period of chaos.

Our pledges.

Over the coming months we are promising to do our bit to keep life ticking over. We are planning to offer more of our usually paid-for bridal/wedding hairstyle content free to access via our social media pages such as FaceBook and YouTube and are offering our Online Bridal Hair Training programme at 50% off for those of you that want to utilise the time at home to learn new wedding, party & bridal hair styling skills.

Learn at home – 50% discount over coronavirus period

We are now offering 50% off our lifetime access online Bridal Hair Training with code HOMESTUDY. For those of you that want to continue their bridal hair training or continued professional development while social distancing – our Online Bridal/Wedding Hair Course offers the chance to learn how to create bridal hairstyles, braiding and blowdrying from home with video tutorials – submit work for feedback and assessment directly from award-winning bridal hair stylist Pam Wrigley. Complete the hairstyling modules and receive a Habia approved certificate at the end.

Save 50% off the lifetime access with code HOMESTUDY at checkout. Click here for more information on Onlne Bridal Hair Training.

Connect on YouTube.

We have a bunch of our classic hair tutorials free to access on our YouTube channel! We’re going to try to continue our live streams and regular upload schedule. Stay learning and keep creating beautiful hair with fab videos like this one:

Join us on Facebook.

We are planning to release more bridal/party hairstyle, braiding & blow-dry content free to access on our Facebook page – and we’ve already started! Why not check out our latest bridal hairstyle video on securing hair accessories, like the page for more updates from CBH quarantine!

Keep in touch!!!

We’d love to hear from you and maintain virtual connections while we are distanced from each other in the real world! Let us know in comments sections where you are watching from in the world, let us know how you’re doing, leave some feedback on our hairstyle videos, share your hairstyling creations or tag us in posts. Whatever you do – we’d love to hear from you! Wishing you all the best of health and happiness, we will get through this together!

All the best,

Pam and team x

How CBH Hairstyle Course Can Accelerate Your Career

How CBH Hairstyle Course Can Accelerate Your Career.

There are lots of people these days for whom life is busy, and we understand that finding part-time work, or work you can do from home, proves tricky. Instead of searching high and low to find a job that fits around the school run, why not start your own business and make your own schedule?

Tapping into the beauty industry is a great career to follow because as a whole, society is becoming far more focused on appearance. With the arrival of a mass increase in celebrity culture, more and more people want to be on trend; have matching hairstyles and super make-up without having to spend hours online watching YouTube tutorials on how to achieve the best winged eyeliner. It’s pretty much over to the experts for that one.

So, when there’s a special occasion – wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah – people want high end, expert attention to create their perfect, eye-catching style. This is an industry which will never die, so investing in learning your trade is a direct investment for your future. And when it comes to training, Create Beautiful Hair courses are a cut above the rest. If you are thinking of starting your own beauty business, or you just want some handy skills, we can help.

Why Choose a Create Beautiful Hair Course.

Firstly, we’re a multi-award winning company: we hold the trophy for Make-Up Specialist of the Year in 2017 and the Winner UK of Best Wedding Hairstylist. But while industry awards are great at demonstrating the calibre of our work and teaching, Create Beautiful Hair is about so much more than that. With a keen focus on the client experience, we offer a wide range of courses designed to help you perfect a number of key skills.

Bridal Hair-Up Styling and Make-Up.

This is a two day, on-site course with bespoke 1-2-1 training Make-Up and Hair-Up Training. We have models you can practice your art upon, including Bride, Fashion, Glam and Mother Of The Bride models. By the end of this course you will know the fundamentals of Hair-Up and Make-Up and you will feel confident creating beautiful styles for your clients.

Blow Drying.

We show you how to create different styles simply through blow-drying. These can be done on long, short or medium length hair – anything goes! Styles we teach include a simple straight blow-dry, a volume blow-dry and a curly blow-dry. So, whatever you or your client have in mind, you’ll have the ability to do a great blow-dry to achieve it. Plus, we can advise you on the perfect tools and products to use that will actually work.

Bridal Hair-Up Styling and Make-Up As An Online Course.

Our expert, online tutorials make learning your craft over the internet easy. And it gives you the flexibility you need to be able to work from anywhere and at any time from just £9.99 per month.

Braiding and Plaiting.

Braiding and plaiting can be complex styles to learn, not least because there are so many different options. Create Beautiful Hair can teach you how to do everything from French and Dutch to Zipper and Lace plaits. So if you’re always finding your fingers getting in a twist as you try to juggle several sections of hair at a time, then this course can revolutionise your hair styling life. Ultimately, whichever hairstyle you’d like to perfect, we have the experience necessary to teach you.

Where Are Create Beautiful Hair Courses Held?

We are based in London – but you don’t have to be. We have options for you. Our online tutorials are a great way to learn if you’re juggling several balls at once and you have to fit it in and around existing commitments.

However, we also have provision for you to gain your experience hands-on if that’s how to prefer to learn. As well as London we also have training venues nationwide, in Manchester and Birmingham. We also offer our courses in salons and colleges. We regularly showcase our skills at all of our training venues so that you can be sure that you are learning at the very highest level.

With Brexit looming and the cost of living climbing ever higher, we understand that prospective students may need a little flexibility with payment. If you’d rather not pay the whole amount in one go, you can pay by installments via Create Beautiful Hair or Paypal credit so you’re spreading the cost in a manageable way. Full details of our various payment schemes can be found on the website.

The beauty industry in all its glory will never die. There will always be a market for hair and make-up and here at Create Beautiful Hair we are proud to be able to offer the very highest level of training, giving confidence as you go forward into the art of making people beautiful.

Top 10 Hair Products For Stylists This Winter

Top 10 Hair Products For Stylists This Winter

The start of a new season brings a new hair care routine for you and your clients. Winter is a beautiful season but it can play absolute havoc with hair. Spells of heavy rain, cold frosty winds and having the central heating on can all have an impact on clients lovely locks.

The sun’s UV rays, pool, seawater, sand, sun tan cream and chlorine may have taken its toll on people’s hair this summer. Now as the weather changes you’ll notice that hair also changes. Beautifully styled hair needs a little more love, care and attention as well as expert advice we give on our hair styling courses to avoid it looking dull and dry in the chilly weather.  

Whether your clients need a moisture boost for brittle ends or a little pick-me-up for dry scalps, whatever the winter weather throws at them, we’ve got you and your clients covered. Check out our favourite top 10 products to make the transition to winter less harsh on hair…

Dyson Airwrap

This beauty tool is the hottest thing on the market and it’s perfect for blowdrying! The Dyson Airwrap has introduced a completely new way to style hair and will make the perfect addition to any stylist’s kit.  

It mimics a professional stylist’s technique to style and dry hair simultaneously. It comes with several different styling attachments so you can choose your perfect look. The styler also protects hair from heat damage with its thermistor which measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second to moderate temperature

This aerodynamic hair dryer will help you give your clients effortless curls, beautiful waves or a smooth sleek style.

L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod 2.0

Give your clients that ultimate super-sleek look with the L’Oréal Professionnel New Generation Steampod 2.0. With five temperature settings and a detangling comb attachment, this styling tool will make creating beautiful hair styles effortless!

With its anodized ceramic plates it uses a continuous flow of high-pressure steam to hydrate each hair strand from the inside out and it doesn’t cause any heat damage. Win-win!

Cloud Nine The O Ultimate Set

This incredible set comes with 12 O Rollers in three different sizes to create big volume with a stunning shine.

The O Pod’s unique induction technology heats the O Rollers in less than four seconds, allowing you to create volume, bounce and perfectly curled tresses in minutes. The O will give your clients that much loved blow dry effect in half the time.

The O Pod Comes complete with 12 O Rollers and Clips, Amplify Spray and a luxury black carry case perfect for stylists on the go.$PDP_MAIN_LARGE$

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment

This treatment will leave hair feeling healthy, smooth, strong and ready to tackle the winter air.

The intensive weekly treatment deeply penetrates to help repair, seal and smooth even the most damaged hair. Filled with pure plant oils and quinoa protein, it restores health, silkiness and shine to tresses.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Shampooing and conditioning hair is an industry standard but how many of you have every used a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment? Well this one is definitely worth a try; it boosts elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine all while delivering rich moisture to the cuticle without weighing your hair down. Impressive huh?

All you need to do is leave it on the hair for a minimum of 10-20 minutes or alternatively for some extra TLC you can advise clients to leave it on overnight for a deeper treatment.

The formula contains hydrolysed elastin, castor oil, olive oil and glycerine to boost hydration and lock in moisture, to leave your hair looking intensely nourished, healthy and shiny.

Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Reinforcing Milk

Your client’s hair will have been some serious heat this summer? And we’re not just talking about the heat from the sun.

All that blow-drying, straightening and curling hair can have a huge impact on the condition of tresses. This product helps to repair and protect hair with its heat-activated properties helping keep hair protected when you’re creating those beautiful up-dos we teach you on our bespoke courses! It also adds visible long-lasting shine and smoothness while strengthening individual strands of hair.

Kiehl’s Strengthening and Hydrating Hair Oil-in-Cream

This intense treatment has a unique oil-in-cream formula, which contains three times the concentration of traditional conditioners. It’s formulated with a blend of Olive Fruit Oil that smoothens the surface of hair and Avocado Oil that penetrates the hair fibres.

Recommend for after care for clients whose hair needs extra love and they will be left with locks that feel stronger, more hydrated and softer.,t_product_main/v1/live/product/main-image/28564/wmhjnrxnmpcoln7ytztb.jpg

MoroccanOil Hydrating Styling Cream

This leave-in styling cream will condition, hydrate and help fight that autumn frizz. Oh yeah. We all get it. You start your day with smooth, sleek, locks and by the time you get to the office it’s gone frizzy. Well add this cream to your hair care list and that frizz will be gone!

The cream includes pure Argan Oil, which is rich in vitamins and thanks to its antioxidant properties it strengthens hair and increases its elasticity.

It’s perfect for when you’re blow-drying, or rubbing onto the ends or for taming those pesky little flyaways.

Redken All Soft Mega Hydra-Melt Cream

This cream will leave hair feeling super moisturised without weighing it down. It’s infused with a host of beneficial ingredients, including Cactus Extract, Aloe Vera and Sacha Inchi Oil.

The leave-in treatment delivers intense nourishment and hydration to leave hair sleek and supple from the roots to the very ends.

The lightweight formula provides increased softness, manageability, control and lots of shine.×640.jpg?context=product-images/hd2/hbd/12110792556574/banana-truly-nourishing-shampoo_1-640×640.jpg

The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

If your client ‘s favourite fruit is a banana then this high street favourite shampoo and conditioner are definitely the ones for them to try (although remember to tell them it’s not edible.)

Enriched with real banana puree from Ecuador, hair becomes nourished, fragrant and oh so soft. Basically, this powerful duo is just what you need for the ultimate winter hair pick-me-up.

So to recap:

Invest in hair styling products that have heat protection qualities, try to pick products with moisturising ingredients, get a good shampoo and conditioner and use a good hair treatment/mask.

10 Start-Up Business Tips for a Freelance Hairstylist

10 Start-Up Business Tips for a Freelance Hairstylist

So, you’re thinking about becoming a freelance hairstylist? There are a number of reasons to freelance – flexible hours, freedom to choose the work you do and the chance to be your own boss. But there are also ‘cons’ – no guaranteed wage, no sick pay or holiday pay and all the behind administrative work you may not have considered.

Going it alone is a huge commitment and whilst the rewards may be great, so is the risk!

There are many factors to consider before you make the leap but with a little expert advice, you can be sure you’re not leaping blind!

Here are 10 ‘tips’ for starting a freelance hairstylist business.

freelance hairstylist

Is it for you?

Before you commit to life as a freelance hairstylist or makeup artist, you need to be sure that you have what it takes. You need to be motivated and passionate about what you do. Without a ‘boss’ encouraging you to work hard, you may find you’re taking it a little easy. You need be able to manage your time effectively and have the confidence to get up and go!

Spend some time with a freelance hairstylist or freelance makeup artist, do your research sp that you can go into the unknown with the confidence to know that that you’re up for the challenge and can put in the effort needed. As your own boss, it won’t happen unless you make it happen.

Any hairstylist or makeup artist needs to be sociable, but as a freelancer having the gift of the gab is even more important! You’ll need to be able to converse with all manner of people – clients, businesses, suppliers and the tax man, to name a few so make sure you feel able to hold your own and come across as a successful and trustworthy stylist! It’s OK if you’re nervous to start with, you’ll soon get used to it and the more confident you are with your skill-set, the more confident you’ll be, speaking to your clients.

You’ll also need to be pretty thick-skinned, flexible and reliable! Clients will expect you to respond quickly and professionally and sometimes, you’ll have to deal with dry spells. This doesn’t mean you’re no good or that all hope is lost! It takes time to build up a business, so be patient and try not to take the slow months personally.

freelance hairstylist


Before you even consider going it alone, it is essential to make sure you have all the relevant qualifications. In order to really stand out, you’ll want to be able to offer more than just the basics, so train. Train. Train!

You can ever know too much and you can never be too qualified. With the ever-changing trends, you need to keep learning and keep practicing throughout your entire career. Our online course is ideal for keeping your know-how topped up, as we’re constantly updating our tutorials.

Train From Home

View Online Course

We offer many courses that will give you that little bit more and give you the edge over a competitor and they are all Habia endorsed! Without colleagues to inspire you, it can be easy to lose touch with what’s in fashion, but by attending courses, or keeping in the loop with our online course, we can keep you on top of your game and help you stay on top of current trends to make sure you’re able to offer exactly what your clients want.

As a freelance hairstylist, you might find that you miss working with other people and this is another reason training can be a wonderful help. Our online course includes Live Webinars, so even when you’re training at home, you can still enjoy a fun, classroom environment when you feel like it.

If you have a speciality – braidsblow-drying, gorgeous updos, or bridal hair – work it! Perfect it and make it yours!

freelance hairstylist

Keep Learning!

View Courses

Behind the Scenes

As a freelance hairstylist or makeup artist, much, much more comes into play than being a hairstylist in a salon…

Don’t underestimate the administrative work you’ll need to put in (and if you need help in busy years, invest in an accountant!).

You’ll need to make sure you have the necessary insurance, you’ll need to keep your taxes in order, you’ll want a website, you’ll need to invest in advertising and you’ll have to manage your own time/bookings/cancellations.

To have any chance of succeeding, the ‘behind the scenes’ work is crucial. And to avoid any hefty tax bills, you’ll want to make sure you are fully prepared and keeping your records accurately!

You’ll need to make time for correspondence with clients. This will probably mean that you don’t get to work regular hours and instead with have to allow time in the evenings to deal with all the often boring, but essential stuff.

freelance hairstylist

Getting Started

The most important thing, initially, (once you’ve made sure you’re fully insured and have all the necessary equipment/training) is actually getting business. So how do you do that?

Figure out your ‘brand’. Even as an individual it’s important that you present yourself as a business with a consistent style. Get your business cards out there and be sure you’re targeting the correct audience on social media and beyond.

Attend wedding fairs and chat to wedding vendors, contact local bloggers and be seen at events. Volunteering to help out on magazine shoots and at events when your first starting out can really help you get your foot in the door.

You’ll need to have a strong portfolio of work for clients to even consider hiring you, so come on our 4 day course for a professional portfolio shoot, or arrange your own.

Use social media to your advantage! In today’s technological age, you need to have a real online presence in order to build a client base. Think about offering incentives to begin with, discounts or even freebies and collaborations when building your portfolio.

Amazing Photoshoot Advice!

Read Blog


When starting up as a freelance hairstylist, there will of course be a financial impact. You’ll need to invest in equipment, without a salon as a base, you’ll need everything. This is always going to be a big expense, so minimise it as much as you can by shopping the sales and using professional discount codes.

You’ll also need to be insured – Create Beautiful Hair students get a great deal with Balens! Read more about that here…

Advertising can be a big help too, when done right, but one of the best forms of advertising is having your own website with a regular blog which you can then share on social media. Google ads can also be great, but think about your competition. If you’re in London or another big city, you may find that your ads get swept away by big names. In a smaller town, you’ll have better luck.

It’s always a good idea to try and take into account your finances during down time. Put money aside, when you can, so that you are financially secure enough to weather the quieter months and at the beginning, whilst your building your client base.

freelance hairstylist

Making it Work

Do your research! Find out what similar stylists are charging – don’t go in too high but don’t under-price yourself either.

You may need to be conservative to begin with in order to attract customer but you need to make sure you’re covering your own costs. You’ll have no chance at success if you’re losing money month after month.

Think carefully about promotions you’re running. Discounts and incentives are a great way of bringing in clients but make sure the numbers work before you commit!

Making a Name for Yourself

Personal connections are everything! Social media needs to be one of your main focuses as does face to face interaction at events.

You need to have a clear and impressive online presence, so try to get clued up on how it all works. You will need be posting online regularly and with a consistent ‘theme’.

Network with other stylists. Ask clients for reviews and ‘shout outs’ online. Word of mouth is great (and free!) but can be a little slow so don’t rely on this as a means to get yourself known.

Advertise. Network. Be visible! Offer your services at events to gain access to a large target audience. Think carefully about the type of client you want to attract and focus on them. Place fliers and business cards in places you know your target market will see them.

freelance hairstylist

Building a Team

Being freelance doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go it alone completely. If you can afford it, hire someone who can help build your brand or work with others when the opportunity arises. As your work takes off, you may want to find someone help with your taxes and hire an assistant to make your day to day life easier.

It probably won’t be necessary to have a team of people at the very beginning but think about how best you can utilise the expertise of others and offer your help so you can call in those favours later!

freelance hairstylist

Finding Jobs

Don’t expect the work to come to you! Not to begin with at least. You need to get out there and hunt it down! You could consider registering with an agency who will help find you work but be careful about the associated cost. Be sure that the money the agency could bring in, covers the cost to you.

Be Brave!

It may feel like a huge risk and a scary prospect BUT think of the benefits. As long as you are savvy and do your research, you’ll likely be a success! You’ll get such job satisfaction knowing that YOU are in control. Your success will be solely down to you.

Mistakes Not To Make On Your Bride’s Big Day

Mistakes Not To Make On Your Bride’s Big Day

So, the big day has dawned for your bride, and now it’s time to do your job and flex your Create Beautiful Hair muscles to make sure that she looks as stunning as the bride of her dreams.

Lots of brides will feel anxious as they prepare for their day, so it’s important for you to reassure her that everything is under control and she’s going to emerge looking gorgeous. Her appearance is in your capable hands.

Obviously, you want to maximise your time with the bride and avoid any unnecessary mistakes or delays. With this in mind, we have collated the ten biggest mistakes that you should avoid as a bridal hair/make up stylist so your day runs smoothly as possible!

1. Not allowing enough time/not keeping to the schedule.

This is a rookie error that can really affect the quality of your work. The trial run should have given you a good idea of the basic timings, and then you can augment this rough idea depending on what the bride wants. It’s good practice to build extra time into your schedule so you can check and double check your work. Creating beautiful hair-up styles takes time. Hurrying to perfect beautiful hairstyles means you’re more at risk of making mistakes. Don’t take the chance!

2. Doing too many jobs in one day

When the wedding season is in full flow, it’s tempting to try and squeeze in as many jobs as you can to maximise your earnings. But if you’re attempting to do two weddings and a trial run in one day, you’re going to be short of time, unnecessarily stressed and secretly panicking that you aren’t going to have the time to showcase the amazing skills you have learnt over the years and on our hair-styling courses. Plan your diary carefully and as well in advance as you can.

3. Not taking enough notes after the trial run

The point of a trial run is to test out the look that the bride wants; you could well be expected to recreate the look exactly on her wedding day. So, it’s important to make as many detailed notes as you can to guide you through the hair and make-up process on the day with confidence. Don’t cut corners, even the little things should be noted down.

Get one or our wedding planner books from the shop – with 50 planner sheets – enough to take details notes for a years’ worth of weddings!

bridal hair

4. Coming back from holiday and going straight into doing a job

We all need a little R&R from time to time and having a great holiday is a perfect time to de-stress. However, after this great holiday, you’ll need some time to come back down to earth and get into your professional mindset. With this in mind, we recommend you allow at least a 48 hour ‘buffer zone’ before you put on your game face and prepare to create a stunning bridal look.

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5. Not taking a deposit

Being a hair and make-up stylist often means having an ongoing professional relationship with your bride. Money talk can be difficult, especially if the bride isn’t sure what she wants. However, I always tell my students that it’s important to always take a deposit; so that you can have more security about the job going ahead. Flaky brides mean flaky schedules and as much as we all love creating beautiful hairstyles and makeup for our bride’s, these are our businesses not our hobbies; join us today and get  free business advice!

6. Not taking a mirror

Sounds obvious, right? But it’s easy to overlook the small essentials as you make sure you pack your best brushes, curling tongs and all the make-up that you need. Arriving without a mirror means that the bride can’t see the process as it unfolds and increases the chances of you making an error that she doesn’t see until the end, which then gives you limited time to change it. Always check that your professional tools include a mirror. It’s the small things that are often missed.

7. Not taking an extension lead

Going without an extension lead means that your bride is at the mercy of power sockets. Wherever they are – she will need to be. Even if this is in the hallway on cream carpets, just waiting for a blob of foundation to take a wrong turning. Make sure you remember at least one extension lead so you can sit your bride somewhere appropriate where she can have a mirror and where you won’t be panicking about the cream carpets.

8. Going on a big night out the night before.

This is a no-no for so many reasons! Big nights out often include copious amounts of alcohol and a late night kebab. Being hungover, smelling of nightclubs and beer with shaky hands as you grip your make-up brushes is not the impression that you want to give your bride. Nor do you want to be behind on schedule or battling overwhelming nausea as you Create Beautiful Hair. This is definitely not a mistake to be making, especially because your reputation could be affected as a result if you end up with an angry bride.

9. Not having enough photos from previous work.

Each wedding is going to be slightly different, and not having enough photos from the past means that you can’t showcase your skills and end results as effectively as you can if you’re careful to build a varied portfolio that shows a potential new client your make-up/hair stylist skills. Just having a few extra photos from each project can give brides the confidence to choose you. Follow us on instagram, to get inspiration for what pictures to post to impress potential brides.

10. Spending too much time on difficult bridesmaids.

Now, strictly speaking, this isn’t your fault. Usually your client is the bride, and your remit is to style as many members of the wedding party as she wants. You want to do your best work in every case without offending anyone, but if you come across a demanding bridesmaid who threatens your time with the bride, it’s important to recognise this and deal with it swiftly, carefully and pleasantly. If there’s a particularly difficult bridesmaid, keep an eye on your timings and just let her know when it is time for you to start with the bride, re-assure her that you’ll come back to her once the bride is ready – and get her out of the hair/makeup chair. Only once the bride is all ready will you be able to get back to her. 

So, there we have it!

A comprehensive list of the top ten wedding day mistakes to avoid. If you follow this advice, you’re all set to Create Beautiful Hair and make-up, which means a beautiful, blushing bride as the end result – and another tick on your satisfied customer list.