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Soft Relaxed Bridal Hairstyles

bridal hairstyle for short hair by wedding hairstylist Pam Wrigley London

soft relaxed bridal hairstyles

How to create soft relaxed bridal hairstyles

One of the most requested wedding hair styles by far this year has been the soft, relaxed bridal hairstyle.

Whether you are working with long, short or medium length hair there is a wide variety of hairstyles you can choose from.

However, as a bridal hairstylist your job is not only to create a beautiful bridal hairstyle. Our job is to make sure each style we create is secure. So your clients can be confident that their soft, relaxed wedding up-do will stay up all night!

There are tips and tricks that will really help you when it comes to creating long lasting bridal hair styles. Whether they are smooth and sleek, or soft and relaxed.

Relaxed Bridal hairstyles for short hair

Working with short hair can be a challenge. But once you know how to create the right foundations and how to secure the hair properly your confidence will soar.

I created this gorgeous bridal hair style on Elizabeth, one of my brides. Elizabeth had shoulder length hair so I created a gorgeous textured low bun hairstyle.

By using padding I was able to make the bun appear a little bit bigger. Whilst at the same time I could use the padding to help me to secure the hair. So creating a soft, relaxed looking low bun hairstyle.

You can watch me create this fabulous wedding hair style live, here on my YouTube channel.

Tousled, soft, Relaxed hair styles for long hair

Working with long thick heavy hair needs skill. Especially if your bride wants a soft, relaxed looking up do. And it is even more important than ever, that you create the right foundations.

One of my clients Loren got ready earlier this year in The Hard Rock Cafe in London. As you can see, Loren had hair that she could almost sit on!

Luckily she booked a bridal hair and makeup trial run a couple of months before. I had allowed plenty of time and so was able to try a couple of different ideas.

I discovered I didn’t need to curl all her hair. Which was a lucky escape – as she had so much hair! Instead, I straightened all the hair – to achieve a glossy finish. And in short, created a pony tail in the nape of the neck, curled the hair in the ponytail and created the bun.

My top tip when working creating soft relaxed wedding hair styles on long hair USE PADDING!

When styling short hair padding gives bulk to the style. When creating hair styles for long thick heavy hair, padding gives stability.

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