Bridal Hair & Makeup Inspiration for Autumn Weddings

When getting into the bridal hair and makeup industry, many people assume that summer is the busiest time of year but in fact, it’s the autumn months that are often the most popular with couples and wedding planners – so don’t start winding down just yet!

Autumn is such a magical time of year to get married (and one of the most expensive times of year too!) and there is so much scope to play around with slightly ‘warmer’ bridal hair and makeup looks. Summer always sees a lot of barely there, natural makeup and tousled locks and winter is a popular time for heavier makeup and more structured styles, but autumn offers that wonderful in-between ground which gives the best of both worlds. The sun is still shining, but the weather is getting colder and hair and makeup often reflects this.

In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring some of autumns hottest looks for brides – from the most sought after colour palettes to tapping into autumnal themes.

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Colour Palettes

Autumn comes with one of nature’s most vibrant colour palettes and an autumn bride might want to include this in her makeup look. Warm, bronzed contours; deep, rich red and berry lips all complete with a flawless base, of course! But as a bridal hair and makeup artist, it’s part of our job to stay on top of all the latest fashions, not just the obvious, and that includes colour schemes.

Pantone is the authority on colour for pretty much everything! Clothes, interiors and of course, makeup. The must-have colours for 2019 have already begun to surface, with collections titled ‘Cravings’ and ‘Classico’ providing a fantastic palette for autumn with lots of tempting reds and timeless neutrals. Stay ahead of the curve with your autumn brides and get playing with these gorgeous shades…

Red Pear

Red pear is an essential colour for autumn. A rich burgundy described by the experts as a ‘Deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices’. It’s a bold one, yes, but on the right bride this can make the most incredible lip colour. For those feeling a little less brave, keep the essence of the shade but dial it back a bit by keeping it sheer.


Cayenne is one of the most wearable colours of the season, particularly as a ‘pop’ on the apples of your bride’s cheeks for an instant health kick! The coral undertones and soft pink overtones combine to make the most, dreamy shade for most skin tones. Beautiful!

White Swan

You can probably tell from the name that this is a stunning colour for a bridal look and it’s one that is soon going to take centre stage, with many a wedding dress appearing in this warm off-white shade in 2019. Layer it up with gorgeous autumn floral tones for elegant femininity.

Chilli Pepper

A vibrant, spicy red that is possible the perfect red lip shade. This is bold but super flattering, with a luscious pink undertone. If your bride is after a striking Hollywood style  with a contemporary twist, this is the hue for you!


Cat eye flicks are always a wonderful addition to a bridal look, particularly one which nods towards vintage fashion, but black can be a little harsh for day wear and often, brown just doesn’t cut it. Enter caviar – the perfect mid black with just a hint of teal. This will really make blue eyes sparkle.

Apricot Brandy

Contouring plays a key role in autumn bridal makeup, but less is more and colours can be more flesh toned than brown. Pantone’s Apricot Brandy shade is a wonderful choice for sculpting cheekbones on fairer skin or giving a fresh apple on darker skin tones. A multi-tasker for your kit.

Bridal Makeup

Autumn wedding makeup for brides paves way for neutral smoky eyes, lightly bronzed contours, deeply coloured lips and a hint of gold – all of which have that amazing combination of sultry and girlish. Playing ‘seasonally’ with makeup is so much fun and is a great way to spark your creativity!


Summer brides often opt for natural lip shades or stick to that wonderful nude pink tone that Meghan Markle wore so well on her big day, but colder months always bring those darker shades to the forefront, which us makeup artists love!

A slightly sheer plum is a favourite right now, for A/W 2018, but all those reds on the Pantone colour chart for 2019 means that timeless Hollywood red pout is seriously on the radar. If your client has the right complexion for it (usually red heads and warm brunettes), why not play around with some orange undertones too?


2018 has been a year for the new lighter smoky eye, featuring greys instead of neutrals but both are big for autumn and heading into 2019. Eye makeup always depends largely on the rest of the face though, particularly the lip. If you’re making the most of those bold, red shades then you could always try out a more delicate eye – a subtle gloss on the lid, a precise cat eye flick and sky-high lashes (with a bit of help from false individuals set in!).


Whatever the weather, a healthy glow is a must! But this doesn’t mean you have to go without that autumnal contouring. Pale skin can look fabulous kept really clear with a pink flush, just like on a brisk winter’s day but we also love a bit of bronze in cooler months, especially on warm skin tones – but easy does it! We still want this looking quite natural, not overdone.


Eyebrows should never be forgotten. These are the frame of the face and when they’re not done, the whole look is incomplete. Autumn brides are looking amazing with a strong brow, but it’s important to remember that eyebrows are such a personal thing, so go with what your bride loves. Whatever look you decide on though, well-groomed and defined is essential!Embed from Getty Images,464349194&et=Xp4YA_ORTsFLeMHcg03B_w&

Autumnal Bridal Hair

A bride’s hairstyle comes down to so many things, so going purely by the seasons is not something you can really do, but you can certainly be inspired by what seems to be more popular with autumn brides.

Still relaxed, but with a little more refinement than your typical summer styles. This beautiful style worn by Hailey Baldwin is a great place to start!

Hailey Baldwin Hair How-to

This is a fabulous textured low bun hair style, so first thing’s first: get some texture into the hair with mouse and salt sprayNext, curl – using your tongs or straighteners – using just a little bit of Silhouette prep and prime or Osis soft glam prep prime spray. Spritz each section lightly just before you get any heat on the hair for a lovely shine.Once everything is prepped, loosen the curls softly with your fingers before picking up sections from the front. Using the twist and pull technique, bring each section back and secure using a strong hold bobby pin. These are Pam’s favourites – they don’t move anywhere! You can get them from Salon services.Keep bringing hair back and twisting and securing until you are happy with how it looks at the front then finally, pick up all the hair at the back, create a quick easy braid with all the hair, loosen, twist and secure into a fabulous low bun – e voila!

Trouble Shooting

Avoid flyaways by gently spritzing the hair with the prep and prime spay as you go along  BUT avoid ‘wetting’ the hair – just light mists of product are enough. Try to not be too close to the hair when you spray or you will make the hair wet. . . and wet = hard, crispy hair – not nice!