Working with Mature Brides: Professional Bridal Hairstylist Tips

Working with Mature Brides: Professional Bridal Hairstylist Tips

Working with Mature Brides: Professional Bridal Hairstylist Tips

A great hairstylist will always tailor their techniques to suit their client and that doesn’t just apply to different hair types, it’s about age too.

Working with mature brides can present a bit of a challenge if you’re used to creating your hair and makeup looks on younger models, but all it takes is a little tweaking to what you already know, for great results.

As we get older, our hair has a tendency to get finer and more coarse, whatever the hair type and when working with older clients it makes a big difference to take this into account when thinking about products and hairstyling methods. But this doesn’t mean that your style choices are restricted – anything goes! You shouldn’t be afraid of offering your mature brides a great selection of looks, just as you would for their younger counterparts.

All of the styles and techniques that we teach on our 2 Day Bridal Hair Course4 Day Bridal Hair Course and Online Bridal Hair Course are suitable for all ages, mature brides included!

Regardless of how hair changes as we age, it is always possible to create beautiful hair. You might be surprised at what even very fine hair can do, when in the right hands.

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Although you will be taken through, step by step, how to put together some gorgeous styles on our bridal hair courses, our aim is not just to teach you a few great looks – instead, we aim to equip you with the skills and confidence to be able to go out and create any hairstyle, perfectly.

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Bridal Hairstyles for Mature Brides

When working with mature brides, the journey should start by asking lots of key questions!


  • Would they like their hair up or down? Finding out your clients preferences is a great place to start!


  • What is their venue? Is it a posh hotel or village hall? The setting will have a big impact of your style choices.


  • What style of dress will your client be wearing? Off the shoulder, low back or high neck? You’ll need to choose a hairstyle that creates balance.


  • What is the height of the groom? Some couples don’t differ much in height and usually, the bride wants to avoid towering over her other half. if this is that case, you’ll want to steer clear of tall updo’s like ballerina buns.

Choosing the right Bridal Hair Style

The hairstyle and makeup that your bride ends up choosing will naturally come down to what she wants, but it’s your job to help her find that and to give her options that really work.


When working with mature brides, there’s no need to be nervous and stick to a traditional French pleat – unless your bride wants that, of course!

Age is just a number and shouldn’t dictate style. Anything goes!

Try some low, soft buns for delicate face framing; tumbling Grecian styles for something sexy or half up half down (with or without extensions) for a soft, elegant, gorgeous look.

Bridal Hair Styling

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