Bridal Hairstylist Tips: How to Work with Thick, Heavy Hair

Bridal Hairstylist Tips: How to Work with Thick, Heavy Hair

Bridal Hairstylist Tips: How to Work with Thick, Heavy Hair

Each hair type has pros and cons and whilst thick hair has the potential for you to create some really fabulous styles, it can also be quite a challenge to work with if you’re unsure of the best techniques to use. Don’t be fooled into thinking the more hair the better: thick hair can yield fantastic results, but it absolutely must be handled right to avoid styles falling out or worse yet, not working at all!


To help you be the best bridal hair stylist you can be, we’re always sure to cover all the best tips and tricks on our face to face and online course so that you’ll have the confidence to tackle any style on any hair type (and pull it off too).

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Learn how to Style Thick Hair


In addition to the 100s of wedding hair styling videos that we have available to view as part of our online bridal hair course, we now also offer live and recorded webinars with Pam Wrigley to all Create Beautiful Hair students.

Log in now to view full length tutorials on quick hairstyles for long, thick hair and much, much more! Don’t forget to get in touch with Pam directly with all of your hair styling questions for 1-2-1 support and advice.

Secure Correctly


Securing the foundations of your style correctly is paramount to create gorgeous styles that last and it’s particularly important when working with thick hair.

As a bridal hairstylist, your brides are counting on you to put together a style that not only looks amazing before she leaves to walk down the aisle, but that lasts right up until the end of the night (through going crazy on the dance floor and everything!). Failing to secure the hair correctly is a big no-no, so you need to use an extremely strong but comfortable pinning technique that will keep even the heaviest of hair in place.

One of our signature tricks is the ‘up and over’ grip placement, which works wonders to make a hairstyle stay put: rather than just sliding the grip in (which is where many a bridal hairstylist goes wrong), poke the pin through the hair picking up the strands on the outer section of where you’re securing, pull it over the section and slide it in. This makes a far superior hold.

Be Brave with Volume


When it comes to adding volume into thick hair, you might feel like this is going to make matters worse, but in actual fact volume at the root is a must to give heavy hair beautiful movement and to avoid it looking weighed down.

Backcombing is a fab way to add a little padding into the sections that you feel need a boost but if you’re going to do this, don’t be shy! You should backcomb the hair more than you think is needed as this will be somewhat flattened by thick hair once the style is finished, not to mention later on in the evening.


Always Section


Sectioning is another pointer that is key when styling thick hair, as the heavy weight of those impressive locks won’t manage to stay up otherwise.

Sectioning hair allows for some really lovely, creative styling especially when it comes to buns, as you can use this to create some beautiful twists and turns within the style that are easy to do but look very complicated! When doing this, the trick to have it turn out looking excellent is to go with the natural direction of the hair – just give it a gentle push and feel where it wants to go before securing it with the ‘up and over’ technique covered above.

When creating high up-dos, such as a high ponytail, sectioning thick hair into two or three parts will make this style look considerably bouncier and will be a lot more comfortable for your client to wear too.