Christmas Party Style: Festive Hair & Makeup Looks for 2016

Christmas Party Style: Festive Hair & Makeup Looks for 2016

Christmas party style

Christmas Party Style: Festive Hair & Makeup Looks for 2016

If there’s ever a time to get creative with gorgeous hair and makeup, it’s Christmas! Whether it’s for you or your clients, it’s so much fun figuring out the Christmas party style you’re into for the season.

Whilst there are certain things that never go out of fashion (festive red lippie – we’re looking at you!) there are definitely new trends that appear every year and we’re loving some of the offering for Christmas party style 2016!


Here are 5 of our favourite festive looks for you to try out:

Christmas party style

Grown-Up Glitter


Yay! Glitter! Don’t pretend like you don’t love it. A guilty pleasure of all girls (and some guys) out there, we’d be lying if we said getting to wear glitter without feeling like our 13 year old selves isn’t a bit of a dream come true.

This year, Christmas party style is calling for ‘grown up glitter’ looks. One makeup trend that is really striking it the glitter lip: go barely there for all other makeup and leave the eyes makeup free but go all out with the dark coloured, sparkly pout!

If going so bold isn’t really your thing, another very popular way to use glitter right now is larger, sparse flecks around the eyes. Hardly noticeable, but it makes all the difference to an overall look.

Mussed-Up Hair


Forget smooth and sleek hair this year, for your Christmas party style choose messy, textured and matte.

Bed-head chic takes more skill than you might imagine, so don’t just ruffle it up and hope for the best! Start with heated rollers for that must-have root volume and invest in some fabulous texturising products too.

Pam loves Osis Dust It for it’s matte finish and fabulous hold. If you want to go the natural route, Tabitha James Kraan Organics award-winning dry shampoo does an excellent job as well, and smells great!


Glossy Cranberry

It’s true that a vivid red lipstick isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean that you should skip the festive lip altogether.

This year, one of the hottest colours for lips on the Christmas party style circuit is Cranberry – a subtle take on those bright tones.

Normally, for the reds, we love it matte but cranberry works really well with a glossy finish. Think lip tint or stain rather than full on, paired with sky-high lashes. This colour is so feminine and flattering – what’s not to love?

Christmas party style

Keep It Casual


If you fancy going for an up-do, keep it casual. Glamour is out this year and ‘thrown together’ fabulousness is in!

When going for an up-do, keep it rough and tousled and not so try-hard. Half up half down styles work great for this as does a swept back do with some added height.

The last thing you want is flat hair though, so be sure to give it some serious volume! Messy buns and braids are of course gorgeous too.

Smoky Eye (With a Difference)


Knowing how to do an amazing smoky eye is key to being a great makeup artist – this is something we all love to wear at some point or another. For your Christmas party style, change it up a bit by blending in a deep colour.

Burgundy tones work really well for a gothic edge at this time of year, or if you’re not feeling quite brave enough for that, try a midnight blue blended with a shimmering grey.

Go for Gold


Gold is big this Christmas! Whether that’s a golden shimmer underneath your foundation or a strong golden eye, this is one aspect of glitz we’ll be seeing a lot of this season.

Finish golden eyes with jet black, liquid liner for a really striking effect and if you’re going for dewy, gold skin, keep the rest down-played and brush up those eyebrows for a rough edge.

Christmas party style

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