Creating the perfect cat eye is always a bit of a struggle and a lot of practice is needed to make sure that both eyes are even. Luckily this year is all about the minimalist approach and the cat eye has a more subtle, paired down style. The anti cat eye is also a great way to introduce yourself to the typical cat eye style as it is a reverse of the look. The main differences are that you begin in the middle of the eye on the top eyelid and lower water line but you do not extend the line out past your eye like you do with the traditional cat eye. This look has gradually been developing over the last few seasons with variations ranging from soft, full lines to striking, defined lines. Read on to find out how to rock this trend in four easy to follow steps.


Try the trend

Step one:

Begin by moisturising and then apply your foundation and concealer as normal. You want to create a flawless looking, dewy base. Make sure that you have blended everything well, particularly your foundation around your jaw line. If you want to you can also apply a nude coloured eye shadow. Lightly pencil in your eyebrows if required but remember this look is supposed to be quite minimal.

Step two:

Take your black eye pencil or liquid eyeliner if you prefer, and draw a line from the centre of your upper eyelid towards the outer corner of your eye. Do the same on your lower lash line. You should have just created a V shape.

Step three:

Now you can fill in your waterline with eyeliner. If you are going for a more smokey effect then you can gently smudge the lines with a cotton bud.

Step four:

Finish off by curling your eyelashes with a curler and then sweep on two coats of volumising mascara.

By Gemma