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French Plait Braided Red Carpet Hairstyle – Get the look: Amanda Seyfried

Having been around forever you would think that braids must be on their way out, but then we see Amanda Seyfried at the premiere of ‘While We’re Young’ and we remember why we love them so much. This youthful look can be hard to pull off but it works brilliantly paired with Amanda’s Valentino dress and smokey eye makeup, resulting in a sophisticated and structured look.



Here’s how to get the look

Step one:

Wash, condition and blow dry your hair to start. If you don’t have time to wash your hair then a great tip is to mist over a product like a foundation mist which will revitalise you look. Follow this up by blow drying and brushing hair to refresh it for that just washed look.

Step two:

Make a clean centre parting from the top of your head right down to the nape of your neck so that your hair is split into two sections. Apply some molding wax to the sections to give your hair added texture and hold.

Step three:

You can now start to French braid one side of your hair. Begin with a section about a quarter to half an inch size. Make sure that you pull the hair tightly as you braid down the head, increasing the size of the section as you go. When you reach the bottom secure the end with a clear hair band.

Step four:

Take the end of the braid and roll it up into the desired shape and when you are happy with it fix it in place using bobby pins. You can now repeat the steps on the other side of the head.

Step five:

To make sure that the style stays in place spray over it with some strong hold hairspray.

By Gemma