We have just found the perfect spring style having spotted Elizabeth Banks at the ‘Resident Advisors’ premiere rocking a cute double bun. This style is great because it is so versatile; you can wear it day to day, to a festival, or even to that special occasion.



Get the look

Step one:

Wash and condition your hair as normal before applying a small amount of mousse to your roots. Blow dry hair using a rounded brush, focusing on producing lift at the roots.

Step two:

Next, create a deep side parting on the left hand side of your head. Take your curling tongs and loosely curl two inch sections of hair with a large barrel. Make sure that you leave hair to cool before gently brushing through it so that it has a wavy appearance. Curling beforehand also helps when it comes to forming the buns.

Step three:

Pull hair backwards leaving out a small section at the front which should have a gentle wave to it giving it the look of a soft side fringe. With the rest of your hair split it in two sections so that you have a top and bottom half. Start by pinning the top section out of the way.

Step four:

Take hold of the hair in the bottom sections and twist it up to form a donut bun at the nape of your neck and use pins to hold it in place. Now you can release hair in the top section and do the same again, positioning the bun so that it sits on top of the one you have just created. Again, when you are happy pin it in place.

Step five:

To make sure that everything stays in place mist over hair with a touchable hold hairspray.

By Gemma