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Try the Trend: Smudged Eyeliner – Learn How To Create Beautiful Makeup Looks

We recently featured floating eyeliner in our try the trend series and our eyeliner looks would not be complete without covering smudged eyeliner. We have always been led to believe that eye liner should always be used to create a clean line, but you can create some great smokey effects if you embrace smudged eye liner. You are left with a lovely soft effect which can easily be worn during the day or amped up slightly for a night out.

You will need:

* Nude coloured eye shadow

* A black eye pencil

* Smudge brush or a cotton bud

* Mascara

Try the trend

Step one:

Start by creating your base with foundation or tinted moisturiser, the aim is to produce a flawless finish. Add a touch of pale pink blusher for a light flush of colour which will warm your complexion.

Step two:

Take your nude coloured eye shadow and sweep it all over your eyelid.

Step two:

With your black eye pencil line along your upper lash line. You do not have to worry about creating a perfect line as smudging will mask any mistakes.

Step three:

Select your smudge brush or cotton bud and begin at the inner corner of your eye. It is better to use short strokes as you gradually make your way across to the outer corner of your eye.

Step four:

Next, go back the other way working from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye. When you come to the end take a look and repeat the process if necessary.

Step five:

Now you can work on the lower lash line. Take your eye pencil and line the entire lash line or ¾ of the way across if you prefer.

Step six:

Smudge this line in the same way that you worked across the upper lash line.

By Gemma