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Try the Trend: Purple Eyeshadow – Create Beautiful Makeup


Many of us shy away from wearing purple eye shadow as we often associate it with teenagers when they first start experimenting with makeup, but this trend is actually surprisingly wearable. For a girlie look go for a pale pastel shade, for something a bit more glamorous try dark and shimmery, and if you just want to go all out quirky then look to bold and bright.

Here are some top tips for rocking the trend

Keep foundation light

Apply your foundation lightly, or wear a tinted moisturiser, and keep the rest of your makeup minimal to keep your look sophisticated rather than kooky. Also remember to just apply eye shadow to you upper lid as under your lower lashes will just make it look like you got into a fight.

Choose a single tone

There are some eye shadow colours which are just supposed to be layered up and blended, but purple is not one of them. If you are going to try the trend then just opt for the one eye shadow colour.

Pick a shade which will accentuate your eyes

For brown eyes

If you have brown eyes then go for a purple eye shadow which has warmer tones as the extra warmth will really help to make your eyes pop.

For blue eyes

Now if you have blue eyes try pairing up a purple which has cooler tones. A purple which has grey undertones will work really well, and should be a great match for your skin tone.

For green eyes

If you have green peepers you can go for something a little bolder. Green eyes look stunning with a really deep shade of purple; just think of dark aubergine shades which will help you to create a classy and elegant effect.

By Gemma