Why is it that you can never get your hair looking as good as it does when you first leave the salon? A good blow dry can last you several days and it is possible to achieve that professional finish yourself; here, we tell you how:


1. Wash your hair as normal, making sure that you rinse thoroughly. Towel dry by blotting rather than rubbing hair to get rid of any excess moisture.

2. Apply volumising spray or mousse, making sure that hair is evenly covered.

3. Now you can pre-dry your hair. You can either do this by leaving your hair to dry naturally so that it is 70-80% dry or you can use your hairdryer to remove moisture before you begin your proper blow dry. If you have a fringe now is the time to dry it properly rather than let it air dry as it will sit much better.

4. Separate hair into sections and secure with clips, leaving one section out. When you start the blow dry pull your fingers through the hair beginning at the roots. Pull hair taut to reduce frizz, focusing air on the roots.

5. Now that your roots are dry you can move on to using a round mixed bristle brush. Pull the brush through your hair making sure that you point the hairdryer down the hair. Start with the ends of your hair as these dry the quickest. Make sure that you still keep the hair taut as you dry.

6. Seal the style with the cool setting on your dryer while hair is still taut. If your hair is long enough you can also roll each dry section up in a Velcro roller.

7. Work your way through each section until all your hair is dry.

8. Finish off by applying serum to tame any flyaways.

By Gemma