For the premiere of ‘The Last Man on Earth’ last month January Jones sported a rather unique look which is perfect for turning heads on a night out. The left side had soft waves cascading to her shoulder where as the right was tied back out of the way in a slicked back style which gave a clean, modern, asymmetric feel.


Here’s how to get the look

Step one:

Wash and condition your hair as normal and then leave it to air dry naturally. Take your volumising spray and mist it at the roots, on the top, and at the sides of your hair. Use a boar bristle brush and your hair dryer to smooth along the hairline and add in some extra volume at the roots.

Step two:

Now you can create a deep side parting on the right side of your head. You can also part from just behind your left ear, over to the deep side parting. Clip up the section that you have just created at the top left side of your head.

Step three:

With the rest of your hair gather it all up into a sleek bun just under the crown. When you are happy with the position of the bun you can use hairpins to secure it in place. Use a small amount of glossing cream to smooth over any flyaways for a clean look.

Step four:

Unclip the section of hair at the top left side of your head. Use a ¾ inch curling tong and take hold of one inch sections of hair creating pin curls. Leave your hair to completely cool so that the curls are set. Gently brush the hair downwards towards your face so that you create a deep wave effect that is soft and smooth.

Step five:

Finish off by spritzing over your hair with hairspray to keep everything in place.

By Gemma