Gigi Hadid arrived at the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue celebration in New York City earlier this month rocking a super slick style. Her hairstylist took inspiration from Gigi’s outfit which was sporty yet feminine, so they chose hair which looks tight on the sides giving a clean look, yet it still had volume on the top.



Get the look

Step one:

Take freshly washed hair and divide hair into sections. Start at the nape of the neck and apply mousse, making sure that you focus on the roots so they have extra grip to hold the style. Now you can blow dry your hair trying to keep it flat to your head shape.

Step two:

Next, you can repeat step one but with another section until you reach the front of the head. With the front sections apply twice as much mousse, mainly on the sides, and blow dry using a flat brush.

Step three:

When your reach the top of your head blow dry your hair with a round brush as you want to create volume here. Now apply a small amount of heat protection product from the mid shaft of your air to the ends and then use hair straighteners on this area so that hair lays smooth.

Step four:

Now that the ends are smooth spray strong hairspray to the sides of your hair, doing one side at a time. Use the flat brush to smooth hair backwards and follow the shape of your head. Do the same with the other side.

Step five:

Next, spray the top of your head lightly but do not brush it as you want to keep as much volume in as possible.

Step six:

If you are preparing this look for a night out then you can use large clips with little pieces of paper towel underneath them to hold the sides of your hair in place until you are ready to go out. Just remember to remove them when you leave!

By Gemma