Back in 2011 feather extensions were all the rage, and now they have been brought back by Shailene Woodley. For the premiere of Insurgent Shailene wore a beautiful Ralph Lauren gown and rocked a sleek crop which looked polished from the front, but when she turned her head she displayed caramel striped feathers. The feathers, which were tucked into her hair, added an edge to her classic look. This fresh take on an old trend is set to become very popular particularly among festival goers as they replace the flower crown.


Important points to remember:

1. If you have curly hair you should get curly feather extensions, as a straight extension will not blend with the rest of your hair, you don’t want it to stick out like an afterthought. This also goes for those of you who have straight hair, make sure you have straight feathers.

2. Select a colour that contrasts with your hair, so like Shailene if you are brunette you should go for a lighter or darker red or caramel. Blondes would do best to go for brown or grey shades.

3. Choose where to put them carefully. Placing the feather in the outer top layer of your hair will result in a look that is probably best suited to a young teenager. Instead create a more discrete look by adding the extensions in the underneath layer of your hair towards the nape of your neck which will look much more understated.

4. Think about using removable feather extensions. If you work in a professional office environment it may not be appropriate to go in rocking this hippie style. Removable extensions are also a great way to see if you like the look and they give you more flexibility than if you were to have extensions bonded to your hair. A clip in feather extension is also more likely to be cheaper.

By Gemma