Freida Pinto is another celeb to give the bob a try and we have to say that she is absolutely rocking it. She had her hair cut at the end of last year and showed off her new look at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where she looked stunning. Her cute bob was styled to give a modern twist to a retro favourite.


Here is how to get the look

Step 1:

Wash and condition your hair with moisturising shampoo and conditioner before towel drying a lot of the wetness off. Next, apply some smoothing cream throughout the hair.

Step 2:

Now you can blow dry your hair using a small round brush. After you have completely dried a section you can then pin curl it before moving on to the next section. If parts of your bob are too short you can curl these under rather than pin them up.

Step 3:

Leave your hair to cool before touching it as you don’t want the curls to drop out. Then spray over your head lightly with some extra strong hold hairspray.

Step 4:

Next, unpin all of the curls and gently brush your hair using a paddle brush.

Step 5:

Take a one inch curling tong and wrap a section of hair towards your face so that you will create a retro Hollywood wave. Freida has a slight side parting so the front of her hair was curled away from her face and then pinned so that it would create an ‘s’ shape once released.

Step 6:

Allow the curls to cool and gently brush through again. Mist over with extra strong hold hairspray.

Step 7:

If you would like to create extra shine then you can spray all over with some serum spray.

By Gemma