Crimped hair has become uber trendy again this season thanks to its appearance on the catwalks. To create the iconic ‘waffle’ texture you either need to use a hair crimper or if you are looking for a more natural approach you can tightly braid your hair before running over it several times with straighteners. The benefit of a hair crimper is that it is faster and gives sharper, cleaner bends to each strand of hair.


Try the trend

Before beginning you will need: • A crimping iron • A tail comb to smooth and create sections • Hairspray • Clips for sectioning

Step one:

Start with clean, dry hair and mist over it with heat protection spray.

Step two:

Separate your hair into sections, clipping up each section out of the way until you need it. Each section should be narrower than the plates of the crimper as this will make working through the sections more easily.

Step three:

Begin at the back of your head at the base of your neck. Spray the chosen section with the hairspray and then allow this to dry before combing through with your tailcomb.

Step four:

With the section that you are working on, take small slices from the bottom of the section and work your way upwards crimping each slice. When you have crimped the whole section you can then move on to the next section.

Step five:

You should crimp all of the lower sections first before moving on to crimp the top sections, and finally the crown.

Step six:

Allow hair to completely cool before touching it. You can then mist over the style with some light hold hairspray. This will provide you with hold but will not make your hair crispy. You will also be able to keep movement through your hair.

By Gemma