This is definitely a trend that will never go out of fashion. Classic, elegant, and perfect for the party season. Just look to The Great Gatsby for your inspiration. We have put together all you need to think about, from your make up to your hair, so that you can recreate this style with ease.

The Hair

Pin curls were a huge trend in the 20s. You can achieve the look by tonging small sections of hair, clipping them up and then leaving them. Once they have completely cooled release them and spray with hairspray before pinning up again to frame your face. If you don’t have enough time you can wear a pretty bejewelled or feathery headband. Accessories were all the rage so go for it.

The Lips


To achieve the 1920s cupid bow, start by applying foundation all over your lips to guarantee that you have a smooth, even base to work on. The popular shades at the time were deep reds, plums, and browns so use a lip pencil of your chosen shade and use light strokes to line and then colour in your lips. Take your lip brush and apply a similar shade lipstick to finish off the look.

The Skin

No need to bother with fake tan for this look, the 20s were all about a flawless creamy complexion. Scrap the bronzer and just use a sheer powder and pale pink blusher to highlight your features.

The Eyes

Super smokey eyes were all the rage so just think smudgy eye liner and big lashes. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of jet black mascara or invest in some false lashes. Either purchase strip lashes or get individual lashes and apply them at the outer corners of your eyes.

By Gemma