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How To Get Kylie Jenner’s Sexy Pout – Makeup How To

Everyone has been talking about Kylie Jenner and whether or not she has had at little extra cosmetic help when it comes to her lips. It is said to be all down to makeup which is good news for those of us who want to achieve an enviable pout.

We have put together a step by step guide on how you can get fuller lips by what is known as ‘overdrawing’.

Step one:

Begin by blending your concealer, which should be close to your skin tone, over the outline of your lips to hide where they naturally end.

Step two:

Brush a little powder over the concealer to set it. You can brush this all over your lips if you prefer.

Step three:

If you are after a slightly more subtle look then take a sharpened lip liner that is quite close in colour to your natural lips. Trace just outside the natural outline of your lips for a slightly fuller look. Go for a much bolder shade if you want a look exactly like Kylie’s. She is a fan of a more dramatic look and if this is what you want to achieve then just round out the upper lip and extend the outer corners right out. Remember the further outside your natural lip line you draw, the bigger your lips will look.

Step four:

Fill in your lips using feathery strokes to provide a good base for your lipstick to cling to.

Step five:

Apply your chosen lipstick on top. Kylie likes to wear matte lipsticks so if you are doing the same then slick a layer on and your look is complete. Many prefer to use lipstick with a bit of shine to it which is also fine.

Step six:

If you went for the more glossy lipstick then you can create a bit more depth by dabbing a little clear gloss to the centre of your top and bottom lip.

How about giving the subtle look a go for daytime and then amp it right up for a night out.

By Gemma