At The Art of Elysium Pre-Event Dinner for HEAVEN 2015 Sarah Hyland looked effortlessly stylish in a DKNY blouse and a pair of white palazzo pants. Her neutral style and messy high bun guaranteed that the first thing you noticed was her matte purple lip colour. This out there lipstick contrasted beautifully with her fresh, flawless complexion. This fun matte lip trend is one look that we should all be trying this season.


Why we rate it

Rather than wearing the normal glossy lipstick a matte lip instead gives you more of an edge. Purple is one of the top colours to be seen in this season so by applying it as you lip colour you are making a rather on trend beauty decision. Where as in the past you would be worrying about dry lips under a matte lipstick, they are now formulated with this in mind so they will deliver the same amount of moisture as a glossy product. Using a matte finish lipstick for bright shades will give it that extra kick, amping up your look.

How to rock it

The first step is to make sure that you have exfoliated your lips as a matte lipstick will highlight an uneven surface. You can use a soft toothbrush to do this or a flannel. Next, apply a generous amount of lip balm to make sure lips are well moisturised and to help your lip colour to glide right on. Allow it to be absorbed thoroughly before applying the colour; you can blot of any excess.

Choosing the right colour

If you are unsure about switching from glossy to matte then consider buying your go to lipstick in a matte finish. This should ease you in gently. The shade Sarah has chosen will actually suit any skin tone but if you have a darker complexion you can try bright pink or tangerine and a lighter complexion will look great against pastel shades.