Hi Pam,

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I have been asked to create the attached picture which looks quite simple but my client has no layering in her hair. Do you think I can still create this look? and have you got any advice on what product would help give this texture?

Thank you,



Hi Sian,
Thanks for getting in touch.
I’m pretty sure you will be able to recreate this style – it will actually be better to create this style is your client doesn’t have layers.
I would try putting some dry shampoo in the hair first to give it a bit of texture and a bit of staying power  or alternatively you can try one of the ‘spray clay’ products on the market – there is a nice one by ‘sexy hair’ which gives texture and hold to the hair and I think this will help you to create this look.
It is a lovely style – a nice, simple plait pulled out and loosened a bit – it will look great if your client has some highlights- let me know how it goes- would love to see a photo :-)
Good luck
Hi Pam,
Thanks your your help with this hair up, my client was really pleased and it stayed in all day and night.
Just a few photos for you:
front GetInline