One of the most popular eye makeup looks has to be the smokey eye, but many are too afraid to give it a go with the fear that they will turn out looking like a panda, rather than creating a smouldering look. Although it may look complicated the smokey eye can be simple to create, as long as your remember the golden rule…..blend, blend, blend.

A top tip we have learnt is that it is better to begin with your eyes and then do your base as this will ensure that you do not ruin your foundation when your inevitably drop eye shadow dust.


Here is our step by step guide to getting the smokey eye look:

Step 1: Apply some creamy concealer to your eyelids to give a smooth base that the eye shadow can stick to.

Step 2: Next, sweep over some pressed powder which will minimise any eye shadow creasing.

Step 3: With a black eye pencil draw a line from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. For a more undone look you can blend this line using your finger or a cotton tip.

Step 4: There are many smokey eye shadow sets available that contain a trio of colours to help you create the look. Start by sweeping the lightest colour over your whole eyelid.

Step 5: Next, take the medium shade and blend it from halfway over your eyelid, out to the outer corner. Make sure that you always blend the eye shadow up and out into the eyelid crease.

Step 6: Take a blending brush and apply the darkest shade onto the outer corner and in the crease for a deep shadow which will create the smokey look.

Step 7: Now you can pick our areas to highlight to create contrast, such as over the brow bone, so sweep a small amount of the lighter shade here.

Step 8: You now need to balance out the bottom lid so take a small amount of the darkest shade and sweep it under your eye as close to the bottom lash line as you can.

Step 9: This is when the blending comes in. Take your brush and use it to blend the shadow and soften harsh lines. Again remember to work out towards the outer corner of your eye.

Step 10: Finish off with some intense black mascara to give you jet black lashes.

By Gemma