I don’t know about you but I always get bored of wearing the same makeup each day. Now there is no need as we have put together four different ways you can experiment with your eyeliner to create day or eveningwear looks. Eyeliner can be a bit awkward to apply, getting each eye to look the same is often a bit of a challenge, but with a little bit of practice there will be no stopping you.

1. Winged.

Winged eyeliner is probably the most popular look because its style is so classy. If you are going for this look you should ideally keep the liner to your upper lid and leave the lower lash line clean. The hardest thing with winged liner is getting the angle of the wing to look flawless and recreating the exact same on the other eyelid. This style can really make your eyes stand out so it is worth that extra bit of practice to get it right.

2. Cute Colours


The easiest way to switch up your look is to try eyeliner in a different shade. There is nothing wrong with black or brown liner but trying a colour like blue or purple will really get you noticed.

3. Open Wings

This is a bit of a twist on the winged liner look as it involves your lower lashes. Draw a winged tip on you upper eyelid as normal, but then do the same thing under your lower lashes but instead of angling the tip upward you angle it downward. Again this look can be a little tricky but the finished look is definitely worth it.

4. All Around

We have finished off with quite an easy one here. All you need to do is draw a single line all the way round your entire eye. It is important to note that if you have small eyes this look could make them appear smaller, but you won’t know until you give it a go.

By Gemma