Jennifer Lopez is always a red carpet favourite and she hardly ever gets it wrong. To the 84th Annual Academy Awards back in 2012 she wowed in a shimmering silver, plunging Zuhair Murad gown. Her hairstyle had been inspired by the 60’s and it complimented the sophisticated and graceful style of Jennifer’s stunning dress.


Get the look:

Step one: Wash hair as normal and then towel dry until it is just damp. Apply some root lifting spray to the roots of your hair before blow drying it using a medium sized, round bristle brush. This should also help to add in some extra volume.

Step two: Once your hair is completely dry take some strong hold gel, about a 10 pence sized amount, and work it throughout the lengths of your hair making sure that it is all evenly covered.

Step three: Now pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it using a hair band, try to go for one that matched your hair colour or one that is clear. Then, divide the ponytail into four equal sized sections and tease each one.

Step four: Take one of the sections and loop it into the ponytail, fixing it in place with bobby pins. Do the same with the other three sections of hair pinning each one in a different direction – to the front, side to side, and to the back. This will create a complete looking bun.

Step five: Make sure that there are no loose hairs; the idea is that this style looks sleek and immaculate so you don’t want any flyaways. Apply a small amount of smooth and shine serum to combat this. To finish off the look and make sure that it all stays in place mist some extra hold hairspray all over your hair.

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