Hollywood Vintage Waves: the epitome of old school glamour and understated sex kitten in the hair world! Inspired by the likes of Veronica Lake and championed ever since by a list of celebrities as long as a wartime sweetheart’s perfect pins, this has been the one trend that never gets old. If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at this all time classic but never quite know where to start, then Bridal Hair Academy is here to help! Follow our step by step ‘how to’ guide, created just for you by award winning stylist Pam Wrigley, and watch that perfect style fall into place as easy as key lime pie.


Step 1: For best results start with day old hair and prepare with a fab setting lotion. Twist and clip the hair into individual sections about an inch and a half wide. Starting at the nape of the neck, carefully wrap each bit around your pre-heated small/medium tongs and hold for around 20 seconds – make sure that you hold the hair gently in place, rather than clamping, and try not to burn your fingers!


Step 2: Bring the hair together on the curling tongs towards the end of the 20 second hold to ensure a soft line.


Step 3: Once you have curled a section, wind it up and pin it securely into place to hold the shape and keep it out of your way. Continue steps 1 and 2 on all back sections.


Step 4: Pulling the front sections forward and away from the temples, create your final ringlets and secure them neatly in front of the ears.


Step 5: Once you have curled and pinned all of your sections, spray a generous amount of medium hold hairspray all over. Pam’s favourite for this is Elnett, but feel free to use your preferred brand. Leave to set for around 20 minutes.


Step 5: Once you are happy that the hair has been held in place for long enough, un-clip each section and allow to fall into what should be quite tight ringlets. Don’t worry if it comes out looking a bit 80s perm to start with – believe it or not, this is what we want to see!


Step 6: Using a wide paddle brush (in a perfect world, a Mason Pearson boar bristle and nylon one!), gently brush through the ringlets wrapping the curls around your hand or the brush itself and pulling through in the direction of the curls, bringing each part together.


Step 6: After brushing out, you should be left with smooth waves throughout, rather than separate strands. At this stage, you can either leave it here if you prefer this style with extra volume, or continue on to step 7…


Step 6: To finish the hair in the ‘swept over one shoulder’ fashion that is utilised so much by celeb hair stylists, keep brushing the curls out until you are happy with the amount of wave left in. Bring the front of the hair down in front of the face with a very deep, side parting for the extra ‘wow’ factor and push one side over the shoulder and one behind. Finish with a small amount of high gloss serum on the ends for complete perfection!

Et voila! For further assistance directly from Pam Wrigley or to view latest HD video tutorials, be sure to sign up for a Bridal Hair Academy annual membership. x