Classic up ‘dos are a ‘forever favourite’ among the bridal community and are one of the most requested type of styles from Pam’s clients and I’m sure for you too.

The chignon is the quintessential bridal up ‘do that never fails to make our hearts flutter! When envisaging the ultimate, dream wedding; this will always be the one hairstyle that springs to mind as it really is a true classic. shanti_smoothsleek_low_bun_short-hair_back_view

There are so many different takes on the chignon and every, single one is just as chic as the last. The basic principle is to twist and roll the hair in on itself and then tucking the ends in; the look is generally achieved by pinning the hair neatly to the nape of the neck (chignon derives from chignon du cou which translates to ‘nape of the neck’!) and from there, deciding whether to go for the ultra-neat and sleek knot (very on trend at the moment, seen on all the S/S catwalks teamed with fantastic mirror shine), the more bouffant retro style or keep it simple with a few pin curls or finger waves added in for something a little different.


The joy about this style is that it’s really not as hard as it looks. Be sure to start with a lovely, smooth base by straightening, combing and adding a smoothing serum (Tigi Control Freak serum is wonderful). tigi




If your bride doesn’t want the hair pulled tightly to the scalp, you can add extra volume by backcombing the roots very gently for some padding. The next step is to pull a section from the front at each side and secure tightly at the back of the head; now tease up that mini ponytail to add some volume later on! Secure a new ponytail, using the loose hair, a few inches from the bottom (this should be part way up the hair, not tied at the nape). Now pull the bottom ponytail up, over and through the tiny top ponytail so that the bottom of the hair is now looped inside. Secure this with pins using the ‘up and over’ technique (you will see demonstrated by Pam in our HD video tutorials)until you are happy that it isn’t going anywhere. image33

For detailing, pull out two, very small sections from either side of the chignon, twist these round into faux curls and fix them neatly on top of the bun for a glamourous, retro feel! Alternatively, you can watch our upcoming tutorial featuring a guest stylist teaching a variety of braids that can easily be incorporated for added texture.

You really won’t go amiss with these – it’s bound to please. Give it a go and let us know how it turns out!