Anne Hathaway has to be the queen of the pixie cut. Short haircuts are very low maintenance and the key to styling them is literally to make sure that you don’t over style; easier said than done I know. You can simply play with your hair to create texture by either smoothing down sections, or twisting and scrunching pieces to get the look you are after. You can achieve very different styles with short hair, which is what we have tried to show you here.

This first look was worn by Anne at the Lollipop Theatre Network’s ‘A Night Under The Stars’ and it has a real messy, punk style to it. It’s always nice to see someone experimenting with really short styles and this twisted look is very original!

Get the look:

1. Wash your hair as normal and towel dry as much of the excess water off before applying a small amount of mousse or beach spray to the roots of your hair. This look can also work well on ‘day old hair’.

2. Blow dry your hair but do not brush it out, only use your fingers to create a loose side parting as you are going for as natural look as possible for the base.

3. Take small sections of the back of the hair, twist and pin into place – this does not need to be neat! Keep the front loose and sweep back for added softness. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add a bit of volume here and pop a roller into the front/fringe for more of a quiff?

4. Finish with a high gloss hairspray for hold and a little sleekness to an otherwise disheveled style.

For the Golden Globes, where she picked up the award for Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical, Anne showed off a completely different style. Her look here is much softer and has a loose, romantic style to it. 

Get the look:

1. Start with hair that has been freshly washed and spray it from the roots to the tips with some lifting and texturising spray. This will help to create volume and texture.

2. Let your hair start to dry naturally and as it does this use your fingers to comb it into place. When hair is about 70% dry you can finish it off with your hairdryer with the diffuser attached. Make sure that you only use your fingers to create soft waves, brushing your hair will drag out all of the texture.

3. Now you can apply a small amount of styling wax to exaggerate the texture.

4. Lastly, finish off with a spritz of flexible hold hair spray to keep the style in place.

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