As well as having a gorgeous hair colour, Emma Stone is always guaranteed to turn heads for the styles she rocks. We love her look at the 2014 Met Gala where her low key hair gave her a carefree style that was effortlessly cool.

Get the look:

1. Start by spraying the roots of wet hair with volumiser spray and the mid lengths with some tousle waves or beach spray before rough drying.

2. Sweep hair away from your face to create some body and then add more body by backcombing a section of your hair at the crown to give it some extra height.

3. Beginning on the left side of your hair twist your hair into a large braid, gradually moving over to the right side of your hair, incorporating more hair as you go.

4. Tie off the braid with a clear elastic and finish off by spraying over some extra strong hold hairspray to make sure that everything stays in place. Wisps of hair will naturally fall around your face framing it, particularly if you have layered hair, which adds to the laid back look.

At the Spiderman 2 premiere back in April Emma sported a relaxed wave that was full of texture and movement.

Get the look:

1. Firstly apply volumising spray (where would we be without this product?) to wet hair and then roughly dry it with a towel.

2. Set the top of your hair in Velcro rollers to create added height. Once hair is completely dry you can take out the rollers.

3. Next, use a curling iron about 1 ¼ inch to wave your hair. Iron the first section towards your face, then the next away from your face, keep alternating until you have gone all the way round your head.

4. Finish the look with some wave spray and mess your hair up slightly to create that extra texture and movement.

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