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Create Beautiful Hair have over 200 hours of in-depth video tutorials with the multi-award winning hair and makeup specialist Pam Wrigley.

Our HABIA approved courses give you everything you need to know about becoming a freelance bridal hairstylist.

You will gain the knowledge you need to successfully style a bride’s hair as well as market your skills to other clients.

By joining our hair-up & bridal hairstyling courses you will find out how to create beautiful hair styles from DAY ONE. You can watch and learn by following our wide selection of hair style tutorials and practising the techniques.

Each course covers many topics related to becoming a skilled and effective stylist, as well as how to attract clientele.

Plus get discounted *professional insurance from Day 1.


Pam Wrigley London Hair and Beauty Awards 2017. Online Bridal Hairstyling Course Provider

Pam Wrigley, Online Course Provider

Learn with Pam & become a bridal hairstylist today!


1. Introduction Bridal Hair Level 1

6-month membership

WAS £99

NOW £49

discount code SAVE50


lifetime membership

WAS £395

NOW £295

discount code SAVE100


Monthly Payment


ONLY £9.99


Intro Level 1

  • Habia endorsed Beginners Bridal Hair Course
  • Clearly explained tutorials
  • Health & Safety and Hair Prep
  • Habia approved exams
  • Habia certification included
  • Useful tips and advice
  • Complete & get cash-back towards Level 2

Level 2

  • Full access to all content for life
  • Clearly explained tutorials
  • Habia endorsed Bridal Hair Course
  • Habia approved exams
  • Habia certification included
  • 32 CPD points
  • Over 200 hours of videos
  • Useful tips and advice


  • Monthly access rolling subscription
  • Clearly explained tutorials
  • Over 200 hours of videos
  • No Contract
  • Useful tips and advice

HABIA Endorsed Courses

Online hair-up, blow-dry, braids & bridal hair styling

With over 150 in-depth hairstyle tutorials, you’ll be able to learn hairstyles for long and short hair, curly girl styles, blow-dry tutorials, braids, and Afro hairstyle tutorials.

Whether you are a complete beginner or you have some experience in creating wedding hairstyles, we have a styling course that’s right for you.

In-depth and certified, we provide hair-up & bridal hairstyling training for all levels.

Habia hairstyle course certification

Save up to £100

Habia Endorsed
Bridal Hair Courses

Introduction to Bridal Hairstyling Level 1

was £99 NOW £49

Learn about hair prep, health and safety and record keeping, whilst finding out how to work with your clients. The beginner’s bridal hair course is the perfect start to your wedding hairstyling career. Habia endorsed.

Discounted Student Insurance available.

JOIN NOW use discount code SAVE50

Bridal Hair Course Level 2

was £395 NOW £295

The complete, in-depth Bridal Hair Styling Course.

Learn all about hair prep, blow-dry, braids, hairstyles, curly girl, business advice, waves and curls. Gain your Habia endorsed certificate and get professional insurance.

Entry requirements:

Students must have one of the following: Minimum level 2 Beauty Therapy or Hairdressing Qualification OR have completed the CBH Introduction to Bridal Hair Level 1 Course.

JOIN NOW use discount code SAVE100

Wedding Hairstyle Monthly Membership

Just £9.99pm – no contract

If you already work with hair but want to improve, the monthly membership is great for you.

You will be able to watch all the hairstyle tutorials for long and short hair. And find out how to work with straight, curly and Afro hair. What’s more, you’ll learn the latest styles and techniques so you can build your portfolio.

Please note – certification is not available with the monthly membership.

bridal hairstyling tutorials Pam Wrigley wedding hair style

Save up to £100

Habia Endorsed
Bridal Hair Courses

Whatever your level of experience, join us today and become a bridal hairstylist.


Award-Winning Bridal Hairstylist

Pam Wrigley has a wealth of experience that she shares with each of her students, so you can get all the tips of the trade, lots of help, and professional advice.

With over 25 years of industry experience behind her and numerous awards, including:

  • UK Best Wedding Hair Stylist
  • Best Wedding Hair Specialist of the Year
  • Best Wedding Makeup Specialist – twice!

in demand bridal hair courses

Create Beautiful Hair Training was established over 14 years ago and Pam has built up the business from scratch, teaching bridal hairstyles on in-demand courses around the UK and abroad.

The online wedding hair training arm of the business was established in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength.

wedding day and bridal hairstyle tutorials by wedding hair stylist Pam Wrigley

Afro Bridal Hairstyle Videos

In order to become a wedding hair specialist, you have to be able to cater for every member of the bridal party.

You’ve come to the right place. Because both our Level 2 bridal hair course & the monthly membership option include hairstyle tutorials for ALL hair types, including Afro hair

Here at Create Beautiful Hair, we have a wide selection of bridal hairstyle tutorials showing you how to work with Afro hair.

Join our Afro hair specialists and find out how to create braids, buns, style sew-in-weaves and lots more.

high bun hairstyle for Afro hair bridal stitch feed-in braids and extensions